X Plane 11- How To Fly Real Flight Routes With X Life

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This video will show you how to set up real flight routes for X life. Here are the links for X Life plugin , Real Flight Routes and charts and airports info. If you wanna get notify when new videos are uploaded to this channel, please feel free to subscribe.

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hello everyone in this video I will show you how you can fly a real route with ex-knight so let's get into it right away first this is the ex-life website where you can download the plugin and do have a free version but what i want to show you here is this airports map so these are the airport you can fly in between any of this so first you might want to check which airports are available for ex-life this is the Europe and this is the United States and then choose which flight you want to fly so for this video I chose Los Angeles and we're going to be flying to Phoenix actually I'm not gonna be flying but I'll show you how to set up ex-life to fly this this route okay so for this we're gonna go to flight aware so origin airport operates enter Los Angeles and then destination kph X Phoenix search right so we have a list of flights here some of them are done already the one on the green some of them are still super scheduled so for this video I'm gonna show that see you can pick any one you know let's get this American Airlines 779 its Airbus 321 I do have 18 I loaded the Airbus 320 from JA design so this will be closer to what I'm flying so let's click on this ok so here on the right side if you scroll down you do get the flight data so you have altitude field at 27,000 and then this is the route so the first one will be this seat the last one will be the stars now this one I believe they're the transitions so you might want to keep on eye on this but we're not gonna go into this I just want to keep everything simple so seat and star these are the two important things they have to remember I just wrote it down so I don't have to come back to this screen and then okay was filled at 27,000 and then the flight plan doesn't matter American Airlines you wanna go 779 if you wanna do it exactly how it is okay so now we're just going to click on decodes so now we have the entire route so here let's bring this over to the side and I'm gonna bring a notepad now you can you can use any software that will allow you to save a text file I am on Windows so I use notepad all right so here what we're gonna do we're gonna create the flight the route for ex-life so first we're gonna put KL x naught which we have the caps lock on KL x space you're gonna enter seed and then the C name which is the old T as s where you can find it right here do TS s okay so from here basically what we're gonna do we're gonna enter everything from from the seed everything in there including the star so whatever it's between do TSS and hydr are we're gonna enter every single Waypoint so to do that it's klx then seed do TSS so now we we told that that's the seed then space and then we're gonna enter dct the thing is stands for direct I'm not positive but that's I mean if you want to go like really into advanced mode here will be you will have to enter the Airways but to keep it simple and it's gonna work just use dct so we're going to use this city space and then the next one which is wi i LD LD space and then against dct space and then next on be l ck d space again dct space c st y CS t wy s TW y space d CT space and then c and e ry ry space d CT b l h see the h-space DCT space s co l e s c or l e space direct again a CT Spink pink space v CT space s an RR a as a space v CT space swon this w or and space direct hyd RR h yd r RS and that's the star so now gonna do a space and then we're gonna enter star space and then our destination Airport which is kph axe em jacks okay so now what we're going to do you may click on file save as now go to your explain folder see there explain 10 or 11 it doesn't matter go to resources go to plugins look for X life click on X life and then flight plans now we're gonna name this file and this is important the name will be KL ax your departure Airport and the arrival Airport kph tax with no spaces just your departure and your arrival Airport so I'm gonna save it I already have this flight line so I'm gonna click yes if you do have just click yes to overwrite what you have now let's say you want to come back on another time and then you check the flight plan and the seed and the star changes and the route is the same then you just gotta go to that X life folder flight plan look for you know your your flight plan and just come here and change the seat and the star and then save it and you're good to go if you don't have it then you have to enter the whole thing so now we save this you can close this and close that and let's get inside the aircraft and let's say a few works let's go ahead and power the aircraft really fast batteries alright that's good okay so let's get to the FMC now we're gonna go to X life and get the flight plan now if you have the free version you will not have this icons on the right side so you have to do go to plugins X life flight plan when you click on that you should get the same screen idol okay a rival airport you know put kph X flight level towards two-seven-zero 27,000 callsign al 779 did fly this before oh yeah I did so just here you enter the callsign now here what we need to do let's click on import Klan from dot txt file so once I did that I got the fly the fly plan that I just said we're going to export this now if you fly with chart design 320 or 330 you can do this you can just export this to the FMC just click on that button and it will enter the entire route automatically so now also we're going to send plan to ATC all right stinking a little bit so you should get this green message which says the flight plan was submitted to ATC successfully all right so from this point it's let me see if it works let's go to send out a meter first one zero one six said that really fast let's go to delivery and let's see if it works a al 779 Los Angeles int hell delivery cleared to Phoenix Sky Harbor – runway 2 5 left by a Delta Oscar tango Sierra C initial altitude 20,000 feet squawk 7 5 6 6 very good read back correct contact ground on one three three point nine zero zero when ready for push and start read back again so at this point you go to klx departure runway 25 left 25 left here what if I have left and do TSS – now see here it does ask you the transition this flight it did have the transition and I close it so the transition was see an e ry and insert now when you get to your destination obviously ex-life will give you the runway we close to top of descent you'll call it in it will give you the runway and the same star that we just saved on the fire now and then you just have to click on your destination Airport select the runway the ATC ex-life will give you let's say ILS 25 left and then you know select our star which is h yd r r1 novia and then we are coming for B lah I'm not gonna go into that and then that's how you set up your f MC and now you have your flight planned and you can fly with ex-life alright so I hope this helps guys until next time happy flying

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