Women in aviation. Interview with an ATPL program student.

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Nguyen Hoang Hoai Thu is an ATPL program student at BAA Training and she shares her experience of choosing a pilot profession. Watch the video and discover what it takes to be a woman in aviation.

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so hi my name is Greg Wainwright ho I'm 19 years old I'm from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and I'm studying ATV I interpret it right now in the young age I was so fascinating about aviation so after I've gotta jet so after graduate high school I thought I applied to be a cabin crew but one of my relative suggests me to go straight to pilot so here I am I think the biggest challenge that I had at a hat face and still facing right now is all the opinions because when people when people hear the word Thailand they instantly think about pilot more than woman about doing it so after my people so when people hearing that I would go in to become a pilot there was super stuff they were super surprised and they would doubt if like a girl like me can able to do it so but and even my parents didn't believe me at first but at the end they understood and they have faith in me now and also my sister my brother and some of my friends are still supporting me now I think the best part is about flying like if I can say like conquering the sky controlling your air or night craft and exploring new things new places and experience and I'm really looking forward trying I think in crowds who like I'm really interesting about the knowledge that I'm getting every day and but sometimes get really stressful because the hue amount of knowledge you are studying but once you understood that everything gets better and I'm really happy about that and I hope in 10 years I was sitting in confident like commanding my aircraft and taking my passengers to their destination safe and south and that will really that would be really amazing in part for very long period women have been underestimated by a majority of people and they will think they will really have a wrong conception of a woman that they only fit doing the house works and take looking after babies and the men is like have have more ability to do the hard-working and greater job but but I think right now there are more and more women who are pilots are flying out there right now taking their passengers to embossing their passengers and everything – and they finish the job perfectly as a members or even better I think my suggestion to all the woman who want to stay in to take into the skies stop thinking that you cannot do it because you are girl because the nature of the job isn't it's not reflected to the sexuality but it's reflected to your to your passion to your ability into your effort so so no matter it doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl which job are you taking if you if you really want to do it you can do it so that's my opinion to all the girls right now it's really awesome it's really beautiful and moreover is the people here the Lithuanian is really friendly and the like the sensuality here is safe and like yeah it's perfectly for me

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