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Eleven Typhoon aircraft from the RAF’s XI Squadron have been deployed as part of Operation Azotize – the UK contribution to the NATO Baltic Air Policing in Estonia. Military presence in the Baltic region aims to protect and reassure NATO’s Eastern Member States – the nations most at risk of an attack from Russia.

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take a closer look at just what this fighter jet can do this typhoon is practicing to WoW crowds at an upcoming display and whilst he gets his maneuvers absolutely perfect preparations are underway on the ground for these pilots to take their typhoons on a vital mission 11 fighter squadron are about to head out on operation as a ties the UK contribution to the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission in Estonia it's a really significant four-month period for 11 squadron for the Royal Air Force conducting Baltic Air Policing missions over NATO countries is a key key role for us as part of a NATO country to reassure the Estonians to deter any Russian aggression and to ultimately protect their skies and so just give us a sense of what exactly it is that you'll be doing day-to-day whilst you're out there so the next week is a taking over from the German air force the German typhoons have been there for months and then starting off in a couple weeks time will then be on quick reaction alert much like in the UK rotating airborne in a matter of minutes to intercept any aircraft that should not be over any airspace military presence in the Baltics aims to protect and reassure NATO's Eastern member states the nation's most at risk of an attack from Russia a reassurance and deterrence mission for NATO to reassure the countries in and around the Baltic with our presence there what is the capability should the worst happen yeah so the team is obviously very well trained to deliver cure a we deliver it day in day out from the UK and we've done this mission before we've done this mission as saying we've done it elsewhere in Europe so they're well trained to go up and intercept and intervene aircraft if indeed an aircraft into the airspace that they need to go investigate earlier this month five Apache attack helicopters deployed to Estonia under Operation Cabret the order to deploy was given by the defence secretary who in February confirmed the UK would be upping its contribution to NATO's enhanced forward presence is the third time that typhoons have been out to Estonia the first was in 2015 and then again the following year it's a really really important teacher that we're fulfilling there are many other squadrons around the NATO countries that take their time do the job 12 months a year it's awful understand for the next four months so it's important it's significant it's essential really I know you've got to get ready to get in the air what's the mood like amongst 11 squadron right now very much looking forward to it once the Jets have gone and we're airborne at 35,000 feet on the way to saying there will be have smiles on our faces well it's taken months in the planning and once the final checks are complete these pilots from 11 Fighter Squadron will head straight to Estonia to a mari Air Base where they will begin their four-month deployment and then it was time to leave five typhoons were prepared always one extra just in case of any problems but all went smoothly for Wing Commander O'Grady and his fellow pilots 11 Fighter Squadron now bolstering NATO's mission keeping a watchful eye over skies that are tightly monitored around the clock these four typhoons will now be part of that protection on standby to respond to any stress that might be out there

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  1. It's not as if Russia is invading its neighbours, stealing their territory, murdering reporters and dissidents, shooting down airliners and being run by a fascist dictator or anything like that.

  2. 'what is the capability should the worst happen? uhhhh..the team is obviously'you can tell that the group captain was trying to obfuscate a clear answer.

  3. We interfering again in other countrys. Get our own soughted 1st. Our leaders want a war and will Start with Russia and bring on WW111. Our little island wont survive that one.

  4. Stupid waste of money. BRI is the future for UK and Europe. Leave the Yankees behind their wall. They have never missed an opportunity to stab the UK in the back.

  5. Let's see in August the INF treaty is going to be dead, once it is terminated the following would definitely happen full scale development and preparation for production of land based Kalibr (2,500 kilometers), Kalibr-M (4,500 kilometers w/ one tone warhead, Zircon hypersonic missile (1,000 kilometers), Iskander M missile with possible extended range and possibly KBM's new SRBM that has a potential range of 1,500 kilometers which was presented to President Putin when he was touring "ERA" and Kinzhal and Kh-32 missiles which will undoubtedly be deployed. Now given Estonia's proximity, well let us just speculate on what will happen.

  6. Cdr Paul O'Grady has much to learn other than the hallucinations he's been told.
    Especially with recent visit by the Estonian President wanting to discuss bilateral opportunities with V.Putin.

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