Why SLU Aviation?

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Ever wonder what sets Saint Louis University apart? Find out why our students chose SLU to pursue aviation.

it's different from any other career field in any other course of study I mainly fell in love with it so I want to do it for the rest of my life I guess yeah you know this is something I really really feel like is important something that's interesting what if I don't like this you know I sort of took a leap of faith transferring here and I really wasn't sure that I was gonna like it moving from New York City to Missouri I was a little apprehensive but I fell in love with the city almost immediately I fell in love with the school almost immediately it was awesome because I was really bad at it and I liked that it was something that I could go to fly back every day and get better at instructors are phenomenal and they each care about you individually the students care about each other and the way that they work and it's very a very unique environment in college they talk about a lot of other schools like their pilot factories I think they're just churning out a very specialized education and expertise in the aviation field and we want to be people who care about things other than that you want to be able to have a conversation in the cockpit we have this side of canvas we have a side that's not the airport we have a side that is building you up making your heart better making yourself better and it sets us apart from any other aviation school you might find it makes the world a lot smaller more connected to each other we're one planet one human race and I would be in a pilot I feel like I could be part of it there is so much that I can do with my expertise in this subject and with my privilege in my education that I can do for other people this is a part of my identity and this is where I go to school this is where I feel like I belong I feel confident in calling myself a pilot like I know what I'm doing and I think back to how it was that first week and the transition is just sort of incredible you

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