WHY GIVE IT AWAY?! [Updated 2019]

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Why I give it away?
Because of a large 335 acre wild fire caused by a drone and a drone pilot that interfered with aviation firefighting efforts. Two separate incidents but the same beautiful area: Kendrick Park Arizona. My sincere thanks to the the firefighers and emergency responders for their work! Here is the link to that fire:

I am dedicated to making sure that free resources are available to any drone pilot or unmanned aircraft pilot…I have made it simple & accessible especially for teens and young adults. So, if you are a parent of a teen with a drone or unmanned aircraft then my videos are for you. If you are a recreational unmanned aircraft pilot my videos are for you. Even if you desire to be a certified commercial pilot my free professional grade study and videos are for you. Pay it forward my friends, be the learder I know you to be…

It has been a labor of love creating all these videos and the professional grade study guide for you this past year. I enjoy knowing you will put it to good use and only ask that you pass along these resources to a friend who could use some help at a price you cannot beat…FREE šŸ™‚ My end goal with all this to help our communities remain safe with well-informed drone pilots. BETTER PILOTS: SAFER SKIES

This entire effort is possible because of the FAA and all their resources. They have created a venue of almost limitless information on the FAA.GOV website, go check it out.
If you are seeking to sit for the FAA Remote Pilot exam then I hope that you are able to pass the exam with these free videos, free visually intense study guide and 125+ free questions! GOOD LUCK!

Drone Safety Academy learning portal (includes the free study guide which is updated monthly and a link to the free questions…look in the upper right hand corner for the link):

Drone Safety Academy official website:

Drone Safety Academy YouTube channel:

Share your success with us!

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hey there I'm often asked why give it away well the largest wildfire caused by a drone happened just 17 miles from my house thankfully the firefighters and emergency responders contained the fire but the damage was done the 335 acre fire came close to a church residential houses and a historical site it is because of this I've created many free resources so that anyone flying a drone may become more awake more cautious and of course safer I hope I've made a positive impact better pilots safer skies my friends

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