When IndiGo receives call from Pakistan aviation director

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The IndiGo flight operations centre at IGI Airport received a call on Monday-Tuesday midnight, just after the airline’s Dubai-Delhi flight landed in Delhi via Pakistan airspace. This was the first flight by an Indian airline after the Telem entry point into India from Pakistan side, near Ahmedabad, was opened on Sunday evening. The caller was director of Pakistan civil aviation authority (CAA). “Janaab, aap abhi tak jag rahein hain (Sir, you are still awake!), the IndiGo duty officer who received the CAA director’s call told him. ‘I was monitoring the flight. It has landed safely. Aapko zubaan di thi (We had given you a word). Eid Mubarak’, the Pakistan CAA director said to our person,” said a senior IndiGo official.

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