What is the Boeing NLA?

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The Boeing New Large Airplane? What is it exactly? In today’s video, I take a look at the Boeing NLA, discussing why it failed, the A3XX and the demand for widebody aircraft in the 1990s!

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33 thoughts on “What is the Boeing NLA?”

  1. The "Super Jumbo" class just isn't commercially viable. Only a tiny fraction of the over-all public need to fly long haul. In order to make a 747-400 or an A380 pay you need to fill 90% of the capacity 90%+ of the time. That is a niche market of business and first class, not your average joe-blow public.

  2. At some point, high-demand city pairs (JFK-LHR, HKG-LAX, intercity China, Japan, India) will need a large aircraft capable of carrying 600+ passengers at a time. My prediction is that it will be a twin-jet with HUGE engines and it will be a clean sheet design, composite aircraft much more efficient than the A380 and much more comfortable than the 747.

  3. Well, I didn't hear any comparison to the A-380 in regards to any aspect, either technically or in any other aspect.

    On a related topic, the A-380 cargo and military tanker versions have an excellent "business" case, and Airbus is pursuing these variants. US aerospace industry companies are integrally involved in these programs as well….

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