What Do Pilot's Experience When Flying Through Hurricane

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What do pilots see as they are flying through a hurricane?

acting out a hurricane Irma and the eye of this massive storm our digital anchor Matt URIs giving us a new appreciation for those who study these storms so closely you may have seen it video of Hurricane Hunters flying into the eye of Hurricane Emma it's being shared on social media throughout the day and as luck would have it our very own Doug Dunbar and I'm pumped about this interview a licensed pilot his own right has been on this mission a couple of times let's just set aside the fact that you probably volunteered to go along for that ride sure to explain what they're doing up there when they're there so first of all these pilots and the crews on board these c-130s know exactly what they're doing think of the jet stream on any given day we fly in regular commercial airplanes and wind up there sometimes at 140 hundred and fifty miles an hour so erm is a little stronger than that is it turbulent when you're in the storm clouds yes there can be a lot of turbulence and it can be a bumpy seven eight to ten hour ride that's reality what is crazy amazing though when you see all of this in this driving rain and the turbulence that's going on onboard this aircraft the minute you get into the eye of the hurricane if you have ever ridden one out and been in the eye you know this sudden calm comes about you and if you've seen on Twitter or Facebook they called the stadium effect you suddenly you feel like you're the only person sitting in AT&T stadium and Jerry has opened the roof and that's it you're not the only person we got a big crew in there yeah it's clear it's calm the crew in the airplane let me explain a couple of things to you pilot navigator and also the first officer what's interesting in the cockpit the pilot focuses solely on heading and altitude because they're riding in rough weather what you'll see when you see the navigator in the middle that person's work in the throttles of the airplane worried about airspeed watching the instruments co-pilots back in everybody up there on his left side or her left side but at the same time all the communications on board goes through the copilot typically and that person's communicating with a crew of anywhere from 12 to 15 in the back of the airplane and the point of all this it's kind of helped determine the strength the hurricane it makes me think of the movie twister 20-something years ago yeah dropping that right in the middle of the tornado to get this date and how important that is yeah so if you look at a circle they draw an X in there and they'll fly that X a minimum of twice to get drop signs in the middle of the eye of the hurricane a minimum of two if they've got more time and more gas they'll make more passes as needed next time you go out once you take me deal well it's up to them would take you if I could yes she's daily back to you I think that would be amazing right but terrifying

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