Vietnam based 'Bikini Airlines' to soon launch operations in India | Oneindia News

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Vietnam based ViertJet Air also known as ‘Bikini Airlines’ will soon launch operations in India. As the name suggest, the air hostesses of the airlines dress up in Bikini or swim suit. The carrier would reportedly commence its operations between July to August this year. The airline has announced direct flights from New Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City.
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hello welcome this is vanity news and I am Akash Vietnam based low-cost airlines with a jet air would soon launch its operations in India run by a women entrepreneur the Airlines is popularly known as the bikini Airlines as the name suggests the air hostess of this Airlines dress up in bikinis and swimsuits unlike other Airlines the carrier would reportedly comments its operation between July to August this year the Airlines has announced direct flights from New Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City the Airlines is one of the most controversial airlines in the world as some countries are against the concept of bikini hostesses and experts believe that its operation in India would surely create a role in 2017 the airline's transported over 17 million passengers with the total revenue of 986 million dollars a 41.8% rise from 2016 according to the latest data available the airline presently operates about 60 routes both domestically and internationally and hope to have a fleet of 200 aircraft by 2023 earlier this year the airlines were slammed on social media because of its cheap PR stunt it has come under fire for sending models in swimming costume to join footballers heading home from China though the Airlines has grabbed headlines by stopping some of its inaugural flights with air hostesses in nothing more than a bikini many online users said that it was inappropriate to send the lingerie models to accompany the young men but that's all for now but for more news and updates log on to one in a calm and please don't forget to share this video also don't forget to subscribe to one India news channel

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