US Navy Aircraft Carrier Planes Attack Tokyo Targets Gun Camera Footage WW2

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U.S. Navy aircraft carrier planes of Task Force 58 strafe Japanese ships, aircraft and factories near Tokyo in 1945 during World War Two. Quite a bit of good wwII gun camera / GSAP footage in this one.

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maybe films of task force 58 under vice-admiral mark a mature as it proceeds through heavy seas on its way toward the Tokyo area objective is to tie down the Japanese air force so that it can't intercept the large force of transports landing craft and supply ships heading northward for landings ownio Jima approaching the target weather conditions continue adverse 16 February pilots leave the briefing room on their way to the planes takeoffs are imperiled by the heavy seas fifteen hundred planes take part in the attack heavy storm clouds blanket the Tokyo area mount Fujiyama one of our planes strafe the ship in the harbor here comes an enemy interceptor Japanese aircraft factories are struck heavily the attack continues for more than nine hours the next day it's followed up with another attack blasting more than eight hours throughout the attacks the enemy offers only slight resistance our losses amounts to nine fighter planes and four pilots for Japan's largest and most important engine and assembly plants receive devastating blows during a two-day strike you strafing planes caught on the airfields about 2,000 are found on the ground altogether 659 enemy planes are destroyed in the air and on the ground you you

11 thoughts on “US Navy Aircraft Carrier Planes Attack Tokyo Targets Gun Camera Footage WW2”

  1. Even if they didn't destroy the ship, it still rattled the hell out of the crew's nerves. I've been shot at by mortars, RPGs and small arms but I don't even want to know what it's like to be on the business end of a strafing run. Each plane has at least six .50 cal machine guns, putting about 100 rounds per second on the target. Keep in mind, just one .50 cal bullet is enough to take you out of the fight. Get hit in the arm or leg, and you lose that arm or leg. Get hit in the body or head and you're going to die.

  2. Interesting to note that "1500 planes took part in the attack"….almost five times as many as attacked Pearl Harbor a mere 3 years before. Yamamoto was right.

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