Uplift | An Aviation Film

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Uplift – An Aileron Aviation Films Production


A short Aviation Film with our favourite shots from the last months 🙂 We hope you enjoy it!
We are currently working on a few bigger projects so stay tuned 🙂

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Music: Audiomachine – Through the Darkness


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36 thoughts on “Uplift | An Aviation Film”

  1. Ja. Wun. De. Bar. Cinematic, beautiful camera quality, and just all round impressive. It's videos like these that help to keep me inspired and motivated to push forward and achieve my goal of flying long haul while discovering our planet Earth. Please, keep them coming, you're part of my fuel for success. 🙂

  2. Pilot 👨‍✈️, i don’t know how I started to love this world to love this job, this is create in my inside , i very loving aviation 🥺🛫😍😍 , pilot my dream life…..😔😔🛫

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