United States Marine Corps Aviation – ALL USMC AIRCRAFT types featured and explained in one video!

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United States Marine Corps Aviation – ALL USMC AIRCRAFT types featured and explained in one HD video!

“The aerial platforms used can be broken down into three categories: Tilt-rotor, rotary-wing, and fixed-wing aircraft…”

Seven aircraft featured in order of appearance:

MV-22B Osprey, AV-8B Harrier II, KC-130J Hercules, F/A 18 Hornet, CH-53E Super Stallion, UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper.

Official release: Aviation Aircraft; Marine aviation provides the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) with the operational flexibility it needs to accomplish its mission across the range of military operations. This video showcases the different type aircraft within Marine Corps aviation.

Credit: Sgt. Manuel A. Serrano, United States Marine Corps.

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Marine Corps aviation marine aviation provides the marine air-ground Task Force or Mactan with the operational flexibility it needs to accomplish its mission across the range of military operations it extends the operational reach of the mag tap and enables it to accomplish operational objectives designed to achieve strategic goals the aerial platforms used can be broken down into three categories tilt rotor rotary wing and fixed-wing aircraft tilt rotor aircraft the marine corps is currently utilizing one tilt rotor platform the mv-22 bravo osprey the Osprey was first fielded by the Marine Corps in 2005 and replaced the course fleet of ch-46 echo sea nights and ch-53 delta sea stallion helicopter the Ospreys primary function within the marine air-ground Task Force is to serve as a salt support by providing rapid insertion and extraction air evacuating aerial refueling in a tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel also known as trap the Osprey has a 425 nautical mile combat radius can cruise at 262 knots and is capable of carrying 24 conveyed quick Marines or a twelve thousand five hundred pound external load the aircraft also has a strategic self deployment capability due to its 2,100 nautical mile single aerial refueling range fixed-wing aircraft the Marine Corps uses a variety of different fixed-wing aircraft mission dependent deciding which platform would be most effective the aviate bravo harrier ii is a key component of the marine corps concept allowing marines to be supported in austere conditions and expeditionary environments the aviate bravo harrier ii is the only fixed-wing vertical short takeoff and landing aircraft in the world its ability to take off vertically makes it one of the most maneuverable combat aircraft and service the Harrier has undergone a series of improvements that have increased safety range and lethality like every aircraft in the marine fleet this aircraft is used for multiple missions which include attacking and destroying surface and air targets escorting helicopters providing reconnaissance and applying offensive and defensive support with its arsenal of missiles bombs or 30 millimeter cannon [Applause] [Applause] the kc-130 juliet achilles is a versatile four-engine tactical air-to-air refueling and assault support aircraft which provides the only organic long-range fixed-wing assault support capability to the marine corps it provides tactical air-to-air refueling for fixed-wing rotary wing and tiltrotor aircraft assault air transport of air landed or air delivered parachute personnel and equipment the kc-130 J Hercules provide multi-sensory imagery reconnaissance capabilities and the capacity to carry more than 12,000 gallons of fuel and simultaneously refilled two aircraft at about 300 gallons a minute [Applause] the f-18 Hornet is a jet aircraft that is used by the Marine Corps as both a fighter and attack platform all f-18s can be configured quickly to perform either fighter or attack roles or both this force multiplier capability gives the operational commander more flexibility in employing tactical aircraft in a rapidly changing medicine the fighter missions are primarily fighter escort and fleet air defense while the attack missions are force projection interdiction and close and deep air support rotary wing aircraft [Applause] the ch-53 echo Super Stallion is one of the largest and heaviest helicopters in the United States Marine Corps and is currently being transitioned to the newer platform the CX 53 kilo King stallion the largest and most powerful helicopter and the Department of Defense inventory a typical load would be a 16,000 pound m198 howitzer or a 26 thousand pound light armored vehicle or enough combat loaded Marines to lead an assault or humanitarian operation the ch-53 echo super stallion is compact enough to deploy on a Fabius assault ships and has the armament speed and agility to qualify as much more than a heavy lifter the helicopter is fitted with a ford extendable in-flight refueling probe it can carry three machine guns one at the starboard side crude oil one at the port window just behind the co-found and one at the tail ramp providing fire support from the air the most versatile platforms that the Marine Corps has in use is a uh-1 Yankee venom this aircraft also known as a super Huey is equipped with a wide range of weapons and mission support configurations the uh-1y Yankee is a Marine Corps primary utility platform this aircraft can perform various tasks to include visual reconnaissance close air support and combat assault support the Huey is comprised with a crew consisting of the pilot co-pilot crew chief gunner +8 combat equipped troops the Huey has received many upgrades throughout its service and still remains a workhorse for the Marine Corps based on the Vietnam War era aah 1 Cobra the ah-1 Zulu Viper also known as a super Cobra is a Marine Corps primary rotor lean ground attack aircraft the ah-1 Zulu attack helicopter provides rotary wing close air support anti-armor armed escort armed and visual and constants and fire support coordination capabilities under day and night and adverse weather conditions the Marine Corps is replacing the two bladed ax 1 whiskey with the ah-1 Zulu which features a new four bladed composite rotor system performance matched transmission and a fully integrated glass cockpit the Marine kh1 is a perfect example of why the green aviation has been called flying artillery

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  1. I love all of these awesome aircraft and the United States Marine Corps Aviation Combat Elements of their Marine Expeditionary Unit-Special Operations Capable ( MEU-SOC ). The United States Army Aviation units are awesome too but if I had to pick, the Marine Corps would win because they have Rotary wing, Tilt Rotor, and Fixed Wing Aviation Squadrons. The Army is all Rotary wing, with the exceptions of the C-23, C-12, and MC-12W Liberty ( originally Air Force ). The Marine Corps has it all and can move anywhere in the world with the United States Navy Amphibious Assault Ships and Aircraft Carriers.

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