United Airlines Almost Killed My Greyhound

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United Airlines PetSafe Program nearly kills a retired racing Greyhound on a cross country flight on July 3, 2013. Suffering from heatstroke, failing kidneys, dehydration and a urinary tract infection, the Greyhound had to be hospitalized in ICU. United refuses to reimburse the owner for the veterinary bills unless she signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement….which she refuses to do. NBC News Investigative Reporters alert the public on their November 20, 2013 program.

it's a big business but it's also a big risk putting your pets on a flight can be deadly it's a problem we expose nearly a year ago now investigative reporter at least kerchner joins us with another incident that a pet owner is sharing for the first time publicly and it's a story she was almost not even allowed to tell Alise no and that's because the airline involved asked her to sign a nondisclosure agreement but pet owner Janet Sinclair felt the public needed to know we should warn viewers the details and images are graphic she claims her animals were kicked left out in extreme heat and nearly died and she documented the alleged abuse they offload Sedona and I watched this man kick her crate six times kick it kick it kick it until it's under the wing of the plane it was July the dead of summer relocating from California to Boston Janet Sinclair says she chose to fly on United Airlines because of its pet safe program according to the airline's website the program ensures pets receive personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles and never will be exposed to temperatures greater than 85 degrees for more than 45 minutes they assured me that my animals would get up come to you know comfort stop is safety stop in Houston that I paid extra for extra so that her dog Sedona and cat alica could have a break from flying and stay healthy before the trip Sinclair says her pets were examined by a vet and given a clean bill of health but once in Houston she saw this the animals crate sitting out on the tarmac in 90-plus degree heat from the plane she pulled out her cell phone and began periodically recording its 4:06 the animals are still sitting in the tarmac as this man is about to load luggage its 425 that's the fuel truck for 58 they're having air-conditioning troubles and they had issues with seatbelts doors just to lump into cargo 58 we still sit here those problems on board caused more delays three hours after landing in Houston Sinclair says she finally boarded another plane for Boston but once again they're under the wing where Sedona and Alika I said to the flight attendant we need to get my animals off that tarmac they're not supposed to be on the tarmac they're supposed to be in an air-conditioned van when they touched down in Boston Sinclair says oh we co was severely dehydrated and Sedona was barely alive and Sedonas entire crate was filled with blood feces urine Sedona was in full heat stroke her all of her blankets were filled with blood she was urinating a defecating blood she was dying literally right in front of me her dogs meant three days in the intensive care unit medical records shows Sedona suffered a heat stroke blood clotting and a urinary tract infection problems she suffered during her United Airlines flight the cost nearly three thousand dollars Sinclair wanted that money back in this letter United argued the animal had a pre-existing health condition still the airline agreed to pay if she remained silent the investigative unit requested an interview with United the airline declined and released this statement in part saying we regret that Sedona did not have a good experience we offered to compensate miss Sinclair by fully reimbursing her vet bill but unfortunately she declined to accept the terms of the agreement I mean the only reason I can do this interview is because I didn't sign that and I won't sign that and she's even taking her frustration to social media within 24 hours of launching this Facebook page thousands began supporting her cause I still want to be reimbursed but I'm not going to be quiet he spent almost four hours in that plastic kennel and conditions well above 85 degrees in the last year the investigative unit has talked to other pet owners who've lost the animals and uncovered that more than 300 pets have died then injured or gone missing in the care of Airlines you have to go public you owe it to travelers to passengers to it's Kelly Carter is the president of the Jet Set pets.com and a best-selling author on pet travel she says non-disclosure agreements are common but more importantly shipping pets can be a gamble really think about it long and hard is it worth it for me to check my family member has baggage today Sedona and Alika are settling into their new home still Janet's and Claire is waiting for the airline to take responsibility it cost me $2,700 to save my animals life for God's sakes reimburse me and apologize now Sinclair was able to get United to reimburse her the nearly $700 she paid to ship her animals meanwhile by law within 45 days of an incident airlines are required to report when a pet is hurt lost or dies during a trip we checked the Department of Transportation's website and so far it hasn't been posted we also discovered that it's common practice for United to require that a pet owner who filed a claim sign a confidentiality agreement to Roz Jess bottom line if you're gonna ship your pet know that there are risks unnerving for all of us pet owners thank you

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  1. If the passenger accepted hush money from United, then the airline has a right to sue her if she opens her mouth. Passengers know the risks of shipping their animals. They are not meant for airplanes!

  2. Airline scumbags, mongrels and grubs. Let's start hanging a few politicians and executives till we scare enough of the higher ups to start behaving like human beings.

  3. They need to be responsible for there fuck up i will never fly that airline ever and i will tell anyone how bad they handle there issues with pets

  4. I am about to fly my pets to Chicago from São Paulo, Brazil. It is on average high 50s to mid-60s at night when we are going to fly. Hoping that alone will help the experience.

  5. Whenever I go on a plane I always take my Cat as a Support Animal since I have Autism
    If they don’t let me do that I’m sorry but I would not be taking the flight

    I’m not a Dog person but this is just horrible what happened to her Dog

  6. "Tired of your generic flight from point A to point B? Fly United Airlines, where our staff will make sure your flight experience will be a memorable one, where we abuse animals, drag innocent people, unfairly kick people out, and destroy people's property. United Airlines. WELCOME TO HELL."

    Me: …Screw that, I'm DRIVING to California.

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