Ukrainian airlines plane crashes in Tehran shortly after takeoff

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A Boeing 737 passenger airplane crashed in Iran’s capital of Tehran with 176 passengers and crew on board. CNN’s Richard Quest has the latest on the technical difficulties that reportedly brought down the Ukraine International Airlines flight. #CNN #News

50 thoughts on “Ukrainian airlines plane crashes in Tehran shortly after takeoff”

  1. Trump now has blood on his hands. His decision to assassinate Sulimonii, which generated Iran's response to airstrike the base in Iraq, caused the Iranians to mistakenly fire on the airline believing it was an incoming American missile. Decisions have consequences, planned or unplanned. Trump is to blame.

  2. Contributory negligence. Ukrainian airliner was warned by Iran civil aviation chief to delay take-off, and consider another route. Just like flight 370 a few years back, that advice was ignored! One would think Kiev would have become wiser? Maybe they are hoping to draw US dummies into fighting their war. Bad Idea, Washington has a bad record over the last 50 years regarding that matter.

  3. Imagine if Ukraine or Canada SHOT down planes with missiles then responded "ooops that was an accident"? No really imagine what would the world respond like? Iran gets a PASS why?

  4. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau intelligence just confirmed, it was hit “Accidentally” by Iranian surface-to-air missile. His interview is already posted.

  5. I am praying for people and families of that aircraft. When will be time when we all say truth and not afraid of it, accept it. Malaysian airlines were crushed on Ukrainian land. Blood is already on Ukraine – really sad.

  6. Anyone know why there were so many canadians on that flight to begin with? Nearly a third of the passengers canadians? On a Ukrainian airlines. Wtf is going on with that

  7. The US-Iran crisis: The plane crash came after Iran launched strikes on Iraqi bases housing US troops. Those strikes were retaliation after the US killed a top Iranian general last week,

  8. Interesting that the video of the supposed missile striking the aircraft, just happened to be filmed by what I'm guessing to be an Iranian citizen, who just happened to be outside, in the dark, with his cell phone, filming airplanes. Not just any airplane, but the exact airplane that was supposedly shot down by a missile. And low and behold, he happened to get even the crash on film. Wow. What are the chances of that?

  9. US News covering this completley different… Foreign outlets have already been posting the question as to "WHY" plane? There were 100's of other planes that took that flight path. Why was it a "Ukrainian" plane and not the Iranian, Pakistani, Indian or Russian??? Iran knew exactly what they were doing

  10. The Iranians made the same mistake the US did in the 80s shooting down a civilian airliner by mistake.
    The Iranians understandably have used the tragedy in the 80s as a propaganda tool. That’s why despite the obvious conclusion they won’t admit they shot it down.

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