Uganda Airlines Lands in Nairobi| NBS Live at 1 News Bulletin 27th Aug 2019

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use our tweet CBA time for more live at one well it is a very good afternoon time to get the or righteousness done buttons all tied up and so we're ready for NBS live at 1:00 my name is Samson custom and we do know that later on of course as the minutes continued to roll down the Uganda Airlines CJ 900 Bombardier will be touching down in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport will be live there once that happens it happens in it tooks this bulletin will stop it and then go alive for now let's just look at the stories that are doing rounds in current affairs the release of a milky Nene and dismiss of their account appeal by DPP which content which was contested but which contested the appeal of Sheikh kamagra and six others of the mother of sheiks Mustafa Bahia and Hasan kyria is the story on which iron namaha is and she is going to give us the details here Irene is a very good afternoon it is that cross appear did you call it that is going on what is the latest see you son son actually right now we are other Trade Towers where the Court of Appeal is and what has just happened is that the Court of Appeal upon hold up could have a pure led by the Deputy Chief Justice elfin so we need Allah has just ordered for the survey yesterday that has been in incarceration since 27 sent illegally the the computed for his release after they discovered that emerge Nana has been held as a remand e on charges of aiding and abetting the ADF a tourism group however the deep that the documents on which prisons was holding a milk mini had been amended and the church had been consolidated with terrorism over which he was acquitted and right here other court is the family of a multi many who are in a of course and we are just going to speak to them briefly his father and some of the other family members are here and we just need to know how they feel about this particular decision separatist and senior level awkward and Elko NV s CB to Saba political we don't gentlemen adhara so cannabis rocket Ronda yomijima embalmed amid the Italian Tsonga Condon agony hyuna neighbor motor car input in a single engine you do comedy anime infinity insula eco-tv Jose area Cathy Kira grantee muginami Chari Moochie Guevara motika never prosecuted more all right as you can see a happy father right there that his son has finally been released after a very long time but as you alia mentioned still in the same quotes we had the court of appeal dismissed crucible that well was solved by the DPP and the reason this particular Christopher was dismissed is that the DPP felled them their grounds for their appeal very late yet they had received the record of the trial courts at an earlier stage at the end of last year but I only felt their bronze for the appeal this year I know last week and and so based on these the courts the Court of Appeal found that the DPP had acted an seriously in doing so and this missed the appeal in which they were contesting the acquittal of sheikh yonis come again and six others of the mothers of Shea's mustafa-bhai gir and has interior tell you you are the winner fashion wise this afternoon I just like your blouse it's done wonders for me and I guess probably a few others out there watching NB is live at one Irene amateur reports for us on martyrs court now a section of members of parliament have expressed satisfaction on the operations of Uganda Airlines whose maiden flight husband if you are go with talking minutes here and we're be linking up with Member of Parliament come on Wanda malanga hiigara East to pick his views honorable but is a very good afternoon thank you so much for joining us here at NBS Uganda Airlines is in the skies in a few moments it will be touched touching down in Nairobi you seem to be very excited about Uganda Airlines can we know why thank you so much sir Kazuma yes we excited and more particularly as a Ugandan the ganon earrings has been off the skies for quite some time and it has greatly affected our country we have resolved all the issues that surrounded its various start operating we believe now that it has started it should be able to do it very well and most importantly we hope the government has granted listen because this give a gun and has not been operational areas aid but now it has fixed all the challenges yeah well you're talking about fixing all the challenges in all do you mean all a B what are some of those challenges that you're happy have now been fixed was about financing which has now been streamlined the second one was about management and then the third one by the commitments by Ugandan feel proud of their own airing for example our fright from Amina while our route from Nairobi to I mean to not enter an IRA has been one of the most expensive routes in the world I mean in the world world the moment we fixed our interval Nairobi then we shall have sorted out a lot of things most of the trust that would be aiming up in Uganda we are not able to make it because it was cheaper to travel from New York to Antony I mean to to Nairobi than flying from Nairobi to go to enter a so now if that one is the sorted out they need that link will definitely promote tourism industry doesn't mean all about that then you're gonna find quite a number of excuses for you to be going to Kenya if for no other reason zipper because Uganda Airlines is going there and it is a national courier not necessarily oh we have budgeted for all these foreign travels we have been paying for the fares in other ends there is no reason as to why we cannot pay for on Aaron we are knowing that even the matter we pay will remain here then one last one so and you remember we operating a cash budget okay well no reason that you know there is no money to pay for the for the freights that the Lenin officials will be using one last one there is going to be Rolex on there there is going to be cut to go on there would you like also to have a sham way on Uganda Li yes would you like to have a shower on Uganda Airlines well he's missed that one now that there will be cut to gone Rolex on there some could even want a subway on Uganda Airlines I have no problem with having a subway on Uganda errands I'm very short daniel attire who is at Entebbe International Airport would never have a problem with a shall we if he knows what a shower is Daniel retire you are at Entebbe International Airport departure cities and the reflected jacket has given way to a fantastic blazer that you are wearing would you mind eating a subway on Uganda Airlines if you know what a shalwar is at all very much love you have a Ugandan dish from the West also only you can an Airlines well I think we're going to be experimenting with all the Ugandan foods I hope that is callow very soon I don't do the Uganda Airlines menu very much love to have that too I hope these Malik Wang also added let's just experiment with all the you Canada justice let's throw Uganda in their faces everyone should see what kind of beautiful food and great culinary desire designs that we have as you Ghana's now right here a few moments back the Uganda national Korea that you're gonna allies took to the skies for the very first time I called it Uganda Airlines flight number one that's with the little airline language that I know I know flights are numbered and if I was the one choosing numbers are certainly named that one flights number one its history that was made right in our eyes and if you were not here it was right in your screen there life on NBS but it's also important to note that this is a commercial airline and therefore we are we as Ugandan so I've got to use this airline to ensure that it stays afloat but then again the airline itself is also now the jury is out there for it because before it was all about preparations and now operations have started you Ganon's have known that this thing can actually fly all the way to Nairobi now when the Flyers when the passengers start getting into these planes and paying for these tickets then the real work begins because that is when you have got to prove your mark you've got to prove that you are in the market not just to to joke around or to be a joking subject like one of the passengers on this flight loves to say moses corona so Uganda's got to compete with lots of other regional players in this transport airline market like KQ like european airways but also with run air which which also has a line of these Bombardier CRJ s so it is quite important for uganda to compete but also competes favorably with Samsung well thank you very much Daniel attire who is Forrest at Entebbe International Airport departures and keep the airport clean luggage courier assistance and a lot of information going on at Intel International Airport which is going through a fantastic expansion program I have been there a few days ago and it's good to see that the expansion is on and there's a lot of water and security is also being managed very well at Entebbe International Airport where a few minutes ago I think about 40-something minutes ago Uganda Airlines took off the ground went into the sky with the hope of landing into the Nairobi and if we are to go by the time 45 minutes then we should be talking about Uganda airlines being flown by captain michael ET and a Ugandan son of a former minister here that should be touching down on the tarmac at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and maybe we do have images are yes that Uganda Airlines that has touched down on the tarmac in Nairobi Adamo Kenyatta International Airport that the picture there somebody here has already said that if you are a skeptic if you are in this area if you are one that hopes that things you can and won't work then tonight you might have an heart attack because apparently things are going very very well as far as Uganda Airlines is concerned that is how live television works we are working with what we can't control satellites and connections sometimes that happens but the good thing is that Uganda Airlines has touched down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport thus very much in Nairobi it means one that Uganda Airlines can lift off and can land especially when you Ganon's are in the business that's very good news a while ago you saw members of parliament excited we are back in the short there that's Uganda airlines fly the crane to the Paul of Africa it does say on the plane Uganda Airlines they tear their does have a crested crane and just bring in Daniel retire my colleague he and I are very positive about these things and one of the things Daniel and I agree on is let's test Ugandan coronary let's test you Garin cuisines whether it is Mara Kwon whether it is Gwen OH whether it is male WA as long as it's a you got on dish let's just choose a day they dare to go west a dare to go east a dead goat Centro Daniel what do you think about my idea here that I'm sort of fronting that let's just have a day for every region to boot a cuisine or a bit of a variety on Uganda lines as far as our offers a concern meal wise what do you think about that Daniel or suddenly I think it is an awesome idea but also you've got to speak to culinary experts and shapes especially aromatic shapes if you understand what I mean as I said I am an airplane fanatic and I certainly know that at certain altitude certain foods test differently so it is quite important to note that particular recipe that is used on airlines to sure that the palette the tongue also has some enjoyment while you also up there enjoying the flights but this has demystified I think this first flight has demystified lots of things first its demystified that you canons are clumsy well there was talk oh you canons are clumsy they can't fly planes weaker we can barely make a car that drives well he is my quality hyung a captain ugandan here born here and he has flown a plane to nairobi safe and sound everyone is okay and he has a you can an airline that has also flown well there is a lot of negative energy when it comes to you cannons and their products and I think that is why there is boo-boo you don't hear you know there is no campaign for Americans to buy their own products because they certainly love their own products they love everything that is made in their country and they try to ensure that they support exactly that and that's why I say Dalia that I'm going to take it upon myself to to book a ticket on the Uganda Airlines and fly the crane to anywhere that I will be flying now certainly be one of those you can and so support this one because we've got to give the airline the benefit of the doubt certain things will certainly not go right I think at the start because just like anything which is starting and because we are novices in this industry and because we have lots of competition and it's a highly reviewed market we expect some bad reviews in the start there but I think how the Uganda Airlines management deals with that initially will talk a lot to the survival of this airline for the upcoming years or for the maybe to vindicate those that are naysaying on social media well right now the plane has landed as I said earlier we were with Sampson in this broadcast we said 45 minutes just and the plane is in Nairobi touches down quite quickly that's the magic of air transport from Kampala to Nairobi using the road and take about nine hours if I'm not mistaken but now in just 45 minutes the team of journalists of government officials of dignitaries and celebrities I've already touched down II Nairobi and I hope for the Kenyan sake that Cola Moses does not get anywhere near the Turkana or the Maasai Mara because you'll certainly kick that one out of Kenya Samson well Daniel time for us that is a team of Uganda government officials greeting their colleagues on the other side of the border there and waiting to meet them it is very very official and very warm experiences and welcomes here caribou I think you could hear someone saying there as you can an officious greet I think that Minister Monica assume Antigua if I'm not mistaken leading the team of officials there as they continue to do their East African grilling things on a big day for East African relations on a big day for East African transport on a big day for East African trade on a big day for East African relationship building because I can tell you there will be you Ganon's flying on that plane to go and marry some pinions and some Kenyans flying backwards to come and marry some Uganda's that's how we've been doing our things here I wonder whether Daniel retire will also be flying on the plane to go and find he is a future wife Daniel is there any chance that now that we have a plane you will find some in-laws in Kenya Daniel well fortunately for me some said I do not have to get on a plane to find my future wife I think I've already found that one and well for purposes of security I will not be telling you who that is but you certainly be hearing from me quite very soon well as you said I agree everything with everything that you said especially with the trade because now this is an East African community that has Wanda that has that Tanzania Burundi South Sudan is also joining this is a talk of DRC also wanting to join this East African Community Kenya and Ethiopia another fast that just this guest sure it's good diplomatic relations too for the first flight to Uganda to be going to Nairobi because it could have gone to their s-salam I mean could have gone to Juba it could have gone to any of these other destinations that we have lined up in Mogadishu but we chose to go to Kenya and I think that is testament of the kind of relations that we have with this country that means that if I'm just to put it on a layman's perspective Kenya is our best friend because when you have something good you have to tell your best friend that hey I got these brand-new planes they're super they are nice they're fast they can get here very quickly and I'll bring my you know passengers over for you about you also be doing good business here so I think it is a good diplomatic gesture first of all but it's good for the economic emancipation of this East African region because of course we are trying to integrate as East Africa we have an anthem that we play all over we are trying out this economic integration the standard gauge railway all of these projects I think and even these airlines will give us a stand point on the continent as East Africans you know a bargaining chip because now this airline will bring in money to Uganda skq – for Kenya and I think it's good because the better you transport your goods and people to all corners of the world then the easier it is for the for your people to go and do trade but also to bring in various commodities into the country so it is quite important for Uganda not only to build these roads that we have the road network that we are trying to do with the Uganda transport master plan which ends in 2023 6 2015 that's why you've had a lot of road infrastructure networks in the country and this is actually also a mode of transport though it is one that is quite expensive many people say it's for the elites but now that should certainly be demystified because we are dining on your phones the one that normally people call Couture Chee you can use your mobile money to pay for an airline ticket now who does that that is something that is really that has we that is trying to demystify this notion of the airline market or flying being something for the elites I think it is it is quite interesting to see the national airline in the skies while also touching down in Nairobi and tomorrow will also be a big one because the first commercial flights will be tomorrow and certainly that will be the the that will suddenly be the the big one and it will also be the start of the new Uganda Airlines two more planes are expected just before the end of next month in September to Bombardier crj900 I expected and then after that we also expect to have two Boeing's that and these are very big planes if you solar if you watch the broadcast alia those are the kinds of planes that various big airlines that various carriers are using now to transport their people and their cargo and various also other travelers all over the world these are intercontinental flights and that's something that the these bomb bodies we have right now cannot do but it's also just interesting it is it just makes me curious the thought of having a Rolex on a plane I thought of having some Kotoko on sittin in my economy seats it is quite something that we are yet to see and it's something that I think the people in Nairobi should tell us because they did they have certainly enjoyed that Rolex and Kotoko that is if that was part of the menu that they left here with but for a short 45-minute flight I think a Rolex would do because it is a Ugandan snack we had Ugandan music in the plane we have a Ugandan captain in there diversifies lots of things first as I said alia Ugandan czar not so clumsy we can actually fly planes secondly Ugandan cabin crew can actually do a good job Ugandan can fly on their plane you can and scan on their planar or so Ugandan food can be eaten on planes and you know served in the best way possible now the experience I cannot tell you all I can tell you about is the mood that was at entering here as I said there was a celebration when the plane lifted off when just went into the skies there was a celebration the tarmac there and had audience was made up of journalists so right now for us here at Intel it's business as usual other flights who keep coming in and we await the of the Uganda Airlines back from Nairobi well then it I did see I think minister said a boomba it definitely was and I also saw John matera it should be I think public service and secretary to cabinet they are also so mister and remove a huge in the property business as some of the persons who were traveling on that flight very positive moments eighties as you gonna Airlines now it is confirmed has touched down safely touched down been brought safely on the tarmac by captain Michael it's young and he does know how to land his planes very very comfortably not some of those pilots who land and you think there's enough quick that just met you on the ground micro it young is a very very nice pilot to fly around with he was raised in a younger after all let's just raise up a brick right about now then we'll come back to these matters until they are done we're still live that's our DNA here at the Pokemon Center we'll see in a bit after my water as well take yours and a few push-ups I'll see you in a bit [Applause]

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  1. Uganda airline is for business , anybody from around the world can use it ,so,the local dishes may not favour those who are not African,even me i can't order for what i eat from home i may need something special,menu issue should be reviewed , even Kenya airways are not doing it

  2. Am proud that at least it has flown however am still concerned about the management hope the flight attendants will not abandon passengers as it's seen in other government entities including hospitals 🧐

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