twenty one pilots: Interview with ADN Radio

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Interview Date: March 30, 2019

are they Amy Oh first of all welcome guys to chill a second time here a house that to be to come back here three years from three years it's good it's always it's always cool to go to a new place but then I feel like coming back is even better because you've already got the chance to experience it and feel out how you know the culture is a little bit and how the crowds are and so now I feel like we have something to anticipate and last time we were here we played early in the day and now we're playing at night and so if it's anything like last time then I think it's gonna be really awesome that was three years ago now you come back like hit like what like as one of the headliners of these festival how does your life change during three years yeah a lots changed but a lot to say the same to you know we I think that the one advantage we've had is that we've been playing in front of thousands of people in our head for a long time you know when we played at the very beginning we always imagined what this could be you know we never we never really put a ceiling on it and so now that we're here once we work through the natural nerves of being a headliner and being in front of 90,000 people there's something to be said about the amount of time we spent preparing for it and so we feel prepared and we're glad that we put in the work and the time to feel that way because we know that if we didn't feel that way that we could go up there and get crushed so now you come back with a new album this is gonna be the first time that you play sounds like crow Rhine how you feel about that it it's it always is you know I think like when you're touring and travelling and playing a lot of the same songs it's nice to it's refreshing to have a new album for us as permanent you know for people listening as well but when we're performing it is nice to have new songs and songs that we like so you had to play some of these new songs from the new album it feels really good and it is kind of an added excitement going onstage you know with fresh material from your old songs there's one in particular that that sounds a lot in our radio that it's right are you gonna play it tonight right I think we'll play it well I don't know we'll find out you don't want to give anything away yeah let's have a band meeting yeah yeah yeah so so there's this guy he's got a microphone in her face he wants us to play ride okay yeah yeah I'll practice it between now like once we're done with this little do you want to vote yeah okay so I vote no okay I vote yes so I guess we're doing it one that we always have one that we disagree and to see this whole thing has been a ploy everyone thinks that I make all those decisions maybe it's me it's him the evil genius last night you were in Argentina today many sites to talk about your your show that that you did yesterday it seems like it's a real great show so we just want to see what we crushed it last night so what you've been hearing was probably us on our other accounts just spreading the word to other peoples a leaf in espanol Oh huh see this oh ha this is the set last night in Argentina we crushed it I didn't know where you're going with that but I like I like that I think Tyler would be a good like elementary school teacher because I think there's a lot of a lot of good visuals that happen in his brain to explain things like that for example any you know I think I think young kids trying to learn things would learn a lot better people like this guy was out there teaching them you see this nut I found on the ground acorn I think this is a hook this nut is the festival this festival is off the hook you guys that is there the idea to come back to Chile now in our own show we would love to I don't I don't know when or how but I do we're talking about actually and we we do really want to make that happen so hopefully sometime soon but you will need to find like a great place for all the things that include your show right yeah no we we like to try to play I know that a festival show is not necessarily a like a headline show at a regular tour and we appreciate all of our fans who've spent a lot of money on a festival ticket just to see us and that's something it means a lot to us it's really hard to get to every country and especially just with the amount of time it takes to travel and you know with us trying to I don't know maintain our health – it's hard to get do a tour everywhere so in a sense we like to think that doing a festival in the country is kind of like our way of saying hey we want to come see you we want to we want to meet you guys we want to play a show for you guys but we also understand that you know it's they're sacrificing a lot by spending a huge dollar amount on a ticket at a festival to see us and so we appreciate that guys so have a good show and yeah eat tonight and at this side of the world and how a great show thank you very much yeah we're looking forward to it we love to that thank you

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  1. Lejos una de las peores y a la vez, una de las mejores entrevistas a Tyler y a Josh. Es sabido que no les agradan mucho las entrevistas de la prensa y aquí se demuestra el por qué. Por un lado, el periodista totalmente obcecado con el lugar común y muy poco receptivo al estado de ánimo de los chicos (quizás por nerviosismo). Y estos, por su parte, con puras ganas de echarse sus risas, jugar, "wear" en buen chileno. Sorry man-periodista, pero te perdiste una buena oportunidad de hacer una entrevista memorable.

  2. Tyler and Josh, you're the reason this festival was off the hook. And to the Clique, I think it is important we show them equal respect. twenty one pilots is just as much Josh as it is Tyler and just as much me as it is them. The Clique is a huge piece of our society and I encourage all of you to dig deep into the message.. I have found something special with this band, it is hard to put the feeling into words but I honestly believe this is the most important band in the world. The fact that we are not afraid to talk about our problems makes us stronger as a community and it is important that we encourage others to open up as well. God bless you all <3

  3. I hope, someday interviewers will stop asking questions like "how does it feel ____" It feels good, it feels cool, it's always like that, there's nothing special you can get from this question now that the band has been for so many years. Someday, yeah…

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