Trump Lunatic Flips Out On Plane

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50 thoughts on “Trump Lunatic Flips Out On Plane”

  1. Hahaha, great video. It's about time someone put liberals in their place. How much you wanna bet the ones being quiet said, "If Donald Trump wins, I'm leaving the Country". Fucking hypocrites and liars.

  2. All of you sound DUMB how do you let two parties separate you & cause you to despise one another. Neither Trump or Hillary care about you individually & never will. People cling on to false hope like a disease. You guys spend all of your time defending them. For what? Running the country is nothing but business wake the fuck up!!!!!!! I'm not a fucking democrat or a republican I'm a human being & no one who runs the country will define my character. So fed up with America get a fucking mind of your own!

  3. Goddamit I'm begging for this to happen to me. I mean I am PRAYING this happens. because unlike the nice folks being quiet, I'm the one who'll go to jail for assaulting this cousin fucking hick

  4. You and one other asshole on a plane full of people are Trumpsters. Yep. Sounds about right.

    Hillary's popular vote is up over Trump by two million as of this writing and there's still more counting to do. A tiny, tiny number of people wanted Trump to be our President, yet these jackasses bray like they got a mandate from the people.

    Trump didn't win the election. The Electoral College picked him, not the people.

    Remember this in 2018. Get out there, vote, and put Congress back in the hands of the people.

  5. I don't know whether to give a thumbs up for the video because it shows what fucking morons trump supporters are or give it a thumbs down because of the douchebag trump supporter in the video…. either way this guy should be banned from the flight.

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