Traveling With A Baby

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Surviving a flight with your baby- from leaving your house to landing in your destination city!

hey guys it's money for modern money and thank you so much for tuning in to my very first video post for my blog it is just before 4:00 in the morning and we are headed to Hawaii today we're going from Phoenix all the way to Honolulu and we need to pack we need to get cha cha ready to go also need to have our milk ready to go I have it in this little cooler here with all our formula right just a bunch of things to do around the house before we leave but this first video blog is all about helping you parents at home as far as surviving with a little one going through an airport and hopefully landing in your destination city safe and so yeah we've lots of bags we have a stroller and I need to put in a car seat okay so let's get started the very first step is making sure all of your luggage and carry-ons are piled at your front door or whichever door you're leading from okay babe okay I'm gonna grab cha-cha the very last step before leaving your house is waking up your baby especially if it's an early morning flight like in this case made it in the car didn't we Ted you look Jessica to harbor and the first thing I do is I always put chapter in my baby carrier my baby bjorn is what I use so I'm able to draw lots of luggage inside the store itself okay getting through security is probably the hardest part I always make sure that if there's anyone behind me that seems frustrated then gonna be taking a while I let them cut in front of me it's really just not worth the stress my first step when going through security is removing all of my liquids I keep all of mine in a reusable clear toiletry bag that I then have organized in my snap pea files which I'm pulling out right now so my camera couldn't stay on me so here you're going through security what you can't see is my stroller is just too big to go through the scanner so they always test it separately and have it waiting for me on the other side yes okay so now that we've made it through the next step is getting your breast milk or baby formula tested you can see here that this TSA person is putting each bottle into this machine that somehow tests the contents of what's inside this is to make sure that everything is safe to go on the flight another quick tip try to ignore all the unhelpful comments your hobby or partner may make I love you though so right now we're waiting to get on our flight and I got the gate checked baggage or claim at gate tag for the stroller which is what you need or else you might lose your stroller and that's definitely not a good thing but we have it and we are going to attach it to the stroller handles right here we're all set to go thank you so here we are boarding now that they've announced family boarding which is typically after premiere in first-class but if you're flying Southwest be sure to keep in mind that you will not be able to board family boarding until after group a boards so this is the last challenge before getting on is collapsing your stroller now never ever be afraid to ask for help if you're flying solo can you just pinching that for me okay the hard part is done here we go I absolutely love Hawaiian Airlines they're always so sweet for takeoff and landing I always have cha cha sucking on something whether it's a bottle or a Pasi I tried to time it just right so she eats as we land in takeoff this helps with air pressure on our little ears so we made it two hours into the flight and cha chaan needs her diaper changed and this is how you do it on a plane on most aircrafts there are only select toilets that have a changing table so ask which one that is before takeoff the table is always above the toilet and just unlatch it I usually put my changing pad down with a cloth on top of it and seriously change her as fast as humanly possible but it still takes forever especially with a poopy one that I'm dealing with right here – oh well in six hours we had three outfit changes – poopy diapers and just one tantrum so overall a pretty successful flight okay there we finally made it we're in the airport we know our stroller we're gonna go to the baggage claim right now I have one passed out baby and mommy survived didn't get any sleep but she survived thanks for tuning in to my very first video blog and Pete posted to my blog of modern money for more bye Aloha

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