Top 10 WORST airports in the United States. The Fixed version.

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Top 10 WORST airports in the United States. The Fixed version.
I uploaded this video yesterday and left the house for the night while it was uploading. I didn’t realize I had uploaded the wrong version that was missing #4. Here is the correct version.
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what is going on everyone who likes to
travel I know I do I went on 17 trips this year for more than three days each
time sometimes by car a few times by train and most often like most people by
plane there's almost 90,000 flights on an average day in the u.s. at air
traffic Staley peak there's over 5,000 planes in the air over the u.s. it's a
lot of planes that can be landing or taking off from Mobile's 20,000 private
and public airports in the US just under 3 million people take off and land in
the United States each year a majority of those three million people hate the
whole experience buying tickets going to the airport getting through the airport
getting on the plane getting off the plane getting to drink at your
destination finding out that your bags are in Atlanta and you're in New York
it's never a good time half the time the average person promises they will never
fly again 90% of them break that promise a couple months later for one reason or
another hands down the worst part of the whole experience is the airport most of
the time they're big and they're confusing they're like little cities
some of the major airports you would think were designed by a person that is
clinically insane they're the worst and that's what today's list is all about
the bad ones so sit back put on your neck pillow and watch my top 10 worst
airports in the US number 10 MCI Kansas City Kansas City International Airport
is about 15 miles from downtown and is one of the worst airports in the country
the whole layout is very odd in all of the good places to eat or get some
coffee or on the wrong side of the security which doesn't really help
anyone you see all the checked-in passengers buying a lunch at a gift shop
and that's not right I've been to MCI three or four times lost my bags twice
when I left MCI they ended up someplace else didn't get on the flight with me
never understand that on top of that I remember the road going into the airport
being in bad shape like they were doing construction but
there was no construction going on yeah that one kind of sucked on top of it
they're getting right do this big expansion for it because it was built in
like 1971 and all the airlines are protesting at the price of the remodel
it's weird it's not a fun Airport to go to number nine msy New Orleans Louis
Armstrong New Orleans International Airport serves about 12 million
passengers annually the main complaint from the passengers are that the
restrooms and overall cleanliness of the place sucks either the custodial staff
doesn't care to do their jobs properly or they're understaffed whatever what
kills me about this one is that it's the biggest complaint it's been the biggest
complaint for years and it's a relatively easy fix
retrain hire more or fire all the employees and start from scratch if they
have a contract with an outside company they're not living up to their contract
unless in their contract someplace that says leave the place relatively filthy
now I've been through this Airport a few times most recently in 2016 and I
remember the whole place kind of look and run down not just the restrooms and
it's too bad that this place is named after such a talented man
and it just it just sucks number 8 be OS Boston Logan International Airport is
located in East Boston and has about 40 million passengers annually parking is
absolutely horrible it's actually a joke if at all possible it is recommended
that you take an uber or a lift to the airport don't park their spots on the
first couple levels are always fool has to be expected however the parking
garages don't have elevators so when you're parked a couple floors up you're
lugging all your stuff downstairs I still have a hard time believing that
one the first time I went I thought that it was just we weren't around the
elevators where we parked so we just went down a couple flights of stairs the
second time I asked the friend who drove me both times actually where the
elevators were and he said they won't give us elevators because we're Irish I
still don't know what he meant by that I mean he is a comedian so he could have
been joking I don't know but anyway if you don't know this Airport entering out
of the tunnel is a bit confusing also it's been about eight years since I've
been through Logan and I've heard it's gotten better but it still kind of sucks
according to the locals number seven Oh Rd Chicago the Chicago O'Hare
International Airport was opened in 1944 and today sees about 80 million
customers annually the main complaint is about the TSA agents many complain they
racially profile passengers and are just plain rude which never makes for a fun
experience or a good reputation I was there in October the problem with this
one is it's just too damn big they're constantly doing remodeling and it can
get confusing for people that aren't familiar with no hair especially when
you're trying to leave if you're trying to grab a bus a taxi or a train that
whole thing gets confusing everyone stares at these machines they have that
sell tickets it with total confusion nobody gets them it was really weird I
watched this for about 20 minutes actually step back and kind of watched
how people connected with these because I'm computer literate I know how to work
a machine I was having a really hard time I didn't understand it at all
whoever made these machines they need to be fired number six phl Philadelphia Philadelphia
International Airport sees about 30 million visitors annually so here's the
deal you have a job you work in a climate-controlled workspace it's a
fast-paced job which of course makes the day go by faster your pay is decent
you'd expect a TSA agent to be a little bit Pleasant and professional not in
Philadelphia many passengers complained that the agents are often very rude and
unprofessional I was in Philadelphia in June there right they are rude and they
are very unprofessional the last time I flew into this airport prior to June was
about 20 years ago and I remember nothing about it after my experience in
June I think I may have been blocking some things out the whole place feels
outdated it's confusing and all the restaurants and stores and all that
stuff way overcrowded this in my opinion is the worst airport that I've been to
in the u.s. number five ewr Newark New Jersey do yourself a favor and never
have a delay in Newark Liberty Airport for any longer than maybe an hour the
lines here are rific ly long for everything check in bathroom security
coffee anything you want you re waiting in line
you should also expect to have to stand the entire time because they don't have
any seats it seems like no available power outlets no free Wi-Fi it's like in
1970s Airport when it comes to technology
this place is devoid of all innovation and customer service the best thing to
do this airport is to mow it down grow a forest then set the forest on fire so
that that way when people look at this place although remembers the forest fire
not the airport it's typical place in New Jersey though number four FLL Fort
Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in Florida is one
of the absolute worst in the country if at all possible I recommend that you
use the Miami International Airport it's ten thousand times better and it's only
about a 30 to 45 minute ride away passengers complain about the food
options the employees and how unorganized this entire Airport is this
is the type of place that will drive you to drink on a holiday weekend go on the
day before Thanksgiving and you'll probably need a therapist and some
lithium just to get on your plane I flew in here once about seven years ago and
that was it for me number three LGA
New York LaGuardia Airport is one of the three main airports in New York and sees
about twenty eight million passengers a year this is the airport you go to when
you need to get a plane that same day and all the other flights and all the
other airports are completely booked visitors often complain that it's very
dirty the food options are horrible and there's often leaks in the roof and
holes in the carpet it's so bad that our past Vice President Joe Biden referred
to it as a third world country back in 2014 watch any sitcom or TV drama about
New York and you will eventually see jokes or comments about how bad
LaGuardia is I've never been to this Airport so I asked a New York friend if
it's as bad as its reputation he said no it's much worse he said that every time
he goes to LaGuardia he feels like he went to a business that's closing down
like they filed for bankruptcy and it only has a few days left till they close
forever and stop typing I can comment if I haven't been there it's called reading
and researching as a matter of fact I did just comment without being there I
get that all the time okay if you've never lived there how come you say that
how can you can't say anything you've never lived
oh really if you've never experienced anything you can't say anything about is
that what the mentality is here how are we getting books about the Revolution or
the Civil War or historical things like that those writers and movie makers
never were in the Civil War or the Revolutionary War how's it happening
it's called research stop typing number two
lax Los Angeles Los Angeles International Airport seized roughly 85
million travelers a year and that's their problem if you break that down
that's about 230,000 people going through that Airport every single day a
lot of people for one Airport lax is way too crowded never expect your experience
here to be a quick experience even if you're just picking up a friend LAX has
a thing where it almost seems like it's an all-day affair every single time I
grew up in LA and flew in and out of LAX too many times to count
and it sucks I know the place really well and it still sucks you think I
could get in and out now it's almost impossible the thing I do like about LAX
is the horseshoe design it works I'm sorry it works if you don't have a
quarter of a million people going through it every single day if this
place was designed like some of the other airports in this country it would
be shut down because of safety issues this place has got a great design but
like I said just too many people too many people if at all possible go to
Long Beach Airport and number one JFK New York John F Kennedy International
Airport was opened in 1943 and now sees 57 million passengers annually JFK was
built with the idea that every airline needed their own terminal the problem is
that worked in the 1940s that doesn't work here or now today JFK has terminals
one through eight two of which have been demolished in the past five years
because of the poor design of this Airport it could take passengers up to
an hour maybe even an hour to have to travel between terminals and stop typing
we are talking about the average person visiting JFK not some dude that works
there knows how to get between the terminals in 30 minutes stop
so obviously the biggest problem with JFK is the design and it would seem to
be too expensive of an undertaking to fix it they should probably make one of
those artificial islands and make a new JFK entirely and
the old one down I'm all for keeping old buildings they have history they tell
our story when it comes to an airport that's design is causing such major
issues it needs to be dealt with I like New York I despise this Airport all
right so that's my top 10 worst airports in the United States hope you guys
enjoyed it thanks for watching my channel I appreciate it don't forget all
the links below hit the like button tell me what you thought hit the subscribe
button if you already haven't everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

26 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST airports in the United States. The Fixed version.”

  1. Yes….. the Philadelphia airport sucks. I think I was food poisoned there in March 2019…. if you have a layover, you have to take a bus to the other side just to get a bite to eat or browse the overly priced stores.

  2. Why are nearly ALL of the shitty airports in Jewish/Zionist/Democratic controlled cities or locations? JewTowns!
    For nearly all of the list, every new airport name was in a JewTown!
    I am not a coincidence theorist.

  3. O-Hare. What a fond memory. Flew from Denver to Upper Michigan. The connecting flight was fifteen minutes apart on opposite ends of the airport. had to wait overnight for the next flight. Sat in a U.S.O. area and they were charging for everything. Watch Hari Crisna going by all night. Then had to get on a prop job and went up down stopping at every minor airport.

  4. FLL is actually really nice. Thats my main airport and you used a older photo of FLL. It has 2 runways now and is much more modernized, so maybe do more research 🙂

  5. I've been to all the airports you in your list. You managed to voice all my concerns and then some. I would rank some differently is all. Newark and Philly are my least favorites. Philly I hate because I was almost hit by construction material falling from the ceiling. Newark because there's never anywhere to sit down or eat. I know Canada is not in your list but Toronto airport seems to be one of the outer circles of Hell. Montreal sucks too. I think they racially profile people there.

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