Top 10 General Aviation Aircraft for X-Plane 11

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In this X-Plane 11 video, I will provide you with my list of the top 10 general aviation aircraft for X-Plane. Please do note that this is my list (my opinion). Also please note that I am not doing any paid promotions here. I have paid for all the aircraft shown in this video.

Note: All aircraft shown in this video are available for purchase at the X-Plane org store with the exception of the TBM 900 which you can find at the X-Aviation store.

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Oh their friends and followers and welcome to the top ten list of general aviation aircraft for x-plane 11 just to kind of give you guys a little bit of context on how I've done the ordering and in this video I've based my ordering on authenticity of the 3d model the flight model where I was able to find real world pilot accounts of the aircraft the features that have been integrated such as the control panel rain effect when defect F mod sounds and so on and so forth so this is pretty much my list of the top 10 you don't have to agree with it but I hope that it would give you a little bit of an insight on what's available in explain 11 and there is a variety of excellent aircraft that is general aviation aircraft for explain 11 that are not mentioned in this video but this is what I considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to general aviation aircraft for x-plane 11 our first aircraft in the list of the top 10 is no other than the Arab ask diamond da 62 the da 62 is a modern twin-engine aircraft by diamond industries it features a sleek design high performance and low fuel consumption as you can see Arab ask has done a masterpiece of an aircraft with the diamond da 62 beautifully textured aircraft a very authentic 3d model the diamond da 62 buying era best features an advanced flight model by ex aerodynamics very closely matching real performance based on available public data it also features a customized fade act ECU with test procedures as well as simulated oxygen system ice protection system custom coded standby attitude module fully functional breakers new laminar oxygen system many many more features the number nine spot has been awarded to one of my all-time favorite general aviation aircraft for explain 11 the air foil apps Cessna 172s V the Cessna 172 is a four seat single-engine high wing fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company and airfoil Labs has built this model to very closely resemble its real-world counterpart both in terms of looks and flight characteristics it features interactivity features and free walk-around mode and they were the first to develop such a feature and also dream engine sound more than 140 sounds real aircraft recordings 3d sound distribution Doppler effect and atmospheric attenuation the flight model features very accurate flight model tested and approved by real world cessna 172 pilot and flight instructor as well as high quality 3d model textures and animations and a very sophisticated menu system though the Cessna 172 interior features high-resolution textures I still feel that it could use a little bit of work but in my view this is probably one of the best Cessnas ever created for a flight simulation platform the number 8 position has been awarded to the ASD G Super Cub now the Super Cub comes with the reality expansion pack by sim quarters which really makes this aircraft a living and breathing aircraft it's been optimized for I explained 11 you get three individual flight models engine performance data has been provided by Titan engines by Continental and its features also 3d landing gear animations 4k textures full PBR and individual reflections inside the cockpit – included selectable cockpits for the 150 horsepower model as well as high-definition CSS for online flying the interior of the Super Cup by ASD G has been carefully modelled to look exactly like the real air cry a very very authentic look extremely well detailed and it's got some really nice sounds extremely immersive aircraft if you like Cubs this is your cub 4 X 1 11 the number seven position has been awarded to the Piper Cherokee PA 140 original by V flight air the Cherokee 140 original version is a Piper Cherokee PA u 28 – 140 modeled after the real world Cherokee 140 with the tail number of November three four six six kilo located in Texas USA this V flight air masterpiece of the piper 140 has been tested by three real world apakah one forty pilots and additionally I've had access to a real world pilot that has vouched for the flight characteristics of this model the interior of this Piper 140 by V flight air is again an authentic replica of the real aircraft and has been modeled with high resolution textures great attention to detail very very immersive aircraft I highly recommend this aircraft if you like Piper's and if you like general aviation aircraft it remains to be one of my absolute favorites for x-plane 11 and it will bring hours of enjoyment to your flying experience in descend ladies and gentlemen number 6 position has been awarded to the Marchetti SF 260 this is probably the most famous Italian light aircraft it's been a great success as a military trainer and aerobatic aircraft it's nicknamed the Ferrari of the skies thanks to its slick appearance and high cruise speeds this marvel has been the collaborative work of Xavier Rowland and sim coders which means again that this aircraft lives and breathes the Marchetti SF 260 is an extremely fun aircraft to fly it requires your attention all the time its features realistic takeoff landing cruise and overall performance realistic aerobatics realistic stall behavior impressive spin behavior realistic roll speed at both high and low speeds as you can see it looks absolutely phenomenal in terms of the 3d modeling and the texture work as you can see Xavier Rowland has done a phenomenal job modeling the 3d cockpit this is one very immersive looking 3d cockpit a high-tension to details high resolution textures good use of PBR and if you like gauges this aircraft has got a lot of gauges and trust me this aircraft is immense fun to fly and the number five position ladies and gentleman has been awarded to the V Flight air piper pa-31 Comanche this aircraft is 100% compatible with x-plane 11 it has been purpose built from the ground up to take advantage of all the new features available in I explained 11 the twin Comanche by B flight air is an extremely immersive aircraft it features accurate fuel system flight characteristics beautiful f-mount sounds and it is extremely fun to fly this aircraft is one I particularly like from the V flight air suite of aircraft it's got one of the most advanced and easy-to-use control panels as well making the setup of the aircraft for your flying a breeze if you like general aviation aircraft definitely this aircraft will bring hours of enjoyment to your flying experience and explain 11 and the number four spot ladies and gentlemen has been awarded to the just flight pa-28 our arrow 3 the arrow 3 is a four-seater piston engine aircraft equipped with a retractable tricycle landing gear and constant speed propeller it's an ideal aircraft for touring and instrument training the piper era 3 by just flight features realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real world performance and handling data and input from Aero pilots it also features an authentic sound set custom sounds and a comprehensive manual just flight while a relatively new comer to the explained arena in partnership with rhonda designs they have produced some very good aircraft for x-plane 11 this aircraft is my absolute favorite out of their fleet I believe it's a very immersive aircraft very authentic in terms of how it looks and how it sounds and according to justified it was developed based on real-world data and input from real-world pilots the King GERD 350 by air foil lab sits comfortably in spot number three this aircraft is a study level simulation of the real world counterpart but you don't have to be intimidated by the complexity of its startup procedure or systems airfoil Labs has developed a next-generation control panel menu here that allows you to move to any state that you wish this is specifically useful for those of you who do not want to go through checklist or complex startup procedures airfoil Labs has purposely built this aircraft with performance in mind and considering the complexity of the systems and the superb 3d modeling and the textured work this aircraft is FPS friendly it is by far one of the very best aircraft ever made for explain and in my view it is the best king air 350 built for a flight simulation platform ladies and gentleman spot number two has been rightfully awarded to the Spector Aero SB 30 by Mat flight studios this aircraft is a true and realistic rendition of the real world counterpart both in terms of visuals and flight characteristics and behavior it responds differently to different weather conditions and you have to really take care of your engine and know what you're doing if you want to fly this aircraft successfully it has a walk-around feature and it allows you to simulate just about everything a real-world pilot would do with this aircraft the SB 30 by Mat flight Studios interior has been built to look exactly like the real aircraft and I have a lot of pre she asian for this aircraft and how it handles up in the air and in different weather conditions as you can see high-resolution text and use of PBR for reflective materials in the aircraft's interior ladies and gentlemen the number one spot has been awarded to the undisputed number one general aviation aircraft for exclaimed 11 the hot start TBM 900 this aircraft is a true rendition of the real aircraft both in terms of 3d model and the flight characteristics the sounds of this aircraft has been recorded from the real aircraft making it really in my view the very best creation of a general aviation aircraft for a flight sim platform the TBM 900 by hot start has been built to match the real-world aircraft in just every aspect making it one of the very best study level simulations of this aircraft and a flight sim platform the aerodynamics the sounds the systems the avionics everything has been modeled to look exactly like the real aircraft and it is the very first aircraft that features synthetic vision for explain 11th this aircraft is really something very special and I highly recommend it if you like general aviation aircraft this aircraft will definitely challenge you to challenge your skills and will definitely bring hours of enjoyment to flying experience well folks this pretty much brings us to the conclusion of our video today I hope that you found this video insightful and I do want to stress out the fact that there are many excellent general aviation aircraft for excellent 11 that were not mentioned in this video this list of top 10 is my list of top 10 so you may not agree with me and that's perfectly fine I hope that you've enjoyed this video and I hope that it was an informative video until next time please take care of yourselves and each other and I will see you all very soon thanks for watching and bye bye for now

31 thoughts on “Top 10 General Aviation Aircraft for X-Plane 11”

  1. Hi, Thanks for your videos. You influenced me many times for buying an aircraft 🙂 ! Just a question: Where is the place we can see in the video and what is your addons/ settings for having a such beautiful rendering?

  2. @Q8Pilot
    Please STOP spinning your aircraft over and over again!

    Especially in the counterclockwise! It gets nausea and makes people puke! (No joking!)

    Or if you do have a need for some weird reason to spin aircraft then please do it clockwise.

    At least people will do less vomit!

  3. Congratulations, great video. In my opinion, two fantastic planes were missing: 2nd Place Embraer-110 Bandeirantes (Dreamfoil Creations) and 4th Place Epic E1000 (Aerobask).

  4. I love X-Plane! The TBM 900 has fulfilled my dreams of flying this bird ever since I saw the TBM 700 on the cover of Flying magazine in 1989. I flew GQYI Piper arrow III in real life so I absolutely had to buy it! I am a big Javiar Rollin fan so buying the SF-260 was a no brainer. I have to get that twin Comanche but I already have more planes than time to fly.

  5. Interesting video, thanks 🙂 While we will all have our own top 10 I think that all of the planes you mentioned that I have bought would make my top 10. I would, perhaps, put the Cherokee 140 at the top of my list – while it's obviously not technically as advanced as the TBM it has something very special. That begs the question of why I don't have the vFlyteAir Twin Comanche – something I will rectify soon. It makes me very happy that there are so many excellent GA planes in XP that only 1 Just Flight plane made your top 10!

  6. Thanks for the video.
    I'm fairly new to xp11 and I'm still a noob when it comes to flying.

    Luckily I have a veteran teaching me and he recommended for me to get the King air, which I now own.
    I love this plane, it's really lovely to fly.

    He's also recommended me to get the tbm900, lol.
    That's gonna be my next purchase 🙂

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