today show plane 2

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today show plane 2

swarmed with emergency vehicles and sirens basically we're very sensitive to this kind of thing in this neighborhood Elliot have you of course because of the incident that occurred in the early 1990s have you seen any any evidence Elliot of people being taken out of the building you say that emergency vehicles are there understandably so but of course the major concern is human loss I mean do you know if there were many people in the building another one just hit something else just hit a very large plane directly over my building and there's been another collision can you see it I don the shot oh my something else has no I just saw a plant starting without a building we just saw a plane circling the building a second to go on the shot right before that there we have been another impact can you tell I just heard another very loud bang and a very large plane that might have been a dc9 or a 747 just flew past my window and I think it may have hit the trade sire again to be honest Elliot I didn't I didn't get the impression that it was that big a plane like big for the air I did see a plane go by a second ago though and it has now impacted the building I'm trying to see if it's the different tower I think it's one was World Trade Center one and it looks from what I'm seeing on television like it may have been building this is a piece of tape and we may actually see another plane into the picture here in a second I wonder if there air traffic control problems let's go back to Jennifer Oberstein who is talking to a second ago Jennifer did you see this happen hello did you just see this happen Jennifer Matt I've never seen any it looks like a movie I saw a rock or two playing like I'm dead going immediately headed directly into the World Trade Center it just blew into it into the into the other tower coming from south to north watch the plane ride into the World Trade Center it was a jack it was a very large plate of going south what passed the rick scott mccloud us being built in Battery Park it was White House almost hit it and then went in this is so shocking of course to everybody watching hi I've never seen anything like it it literally blew itself into World Trade Center obviously now we move from what what appears to have there it is right there again I'm looking from south to north and it would empty book the one on the right that appeared to be at least a 727 we saw the second ago here it here comes the videotape that we just showed you you will see what appears to be a large plane it could be a 727 right there maybe even bigger flying right into the side of the World Trade Center it was at least a 727 eye it was a jet I couldn't believe my eyes watching it right above me and now you you have to move from talked about a possible accident to talk about something deliberate that has happened here we're going to immediately check with air traffic control in the area to find out if they had contact with either of these planes before the accident but what we've just seen is about the most shocking videotape I've ever seen but the odds of two separate planes

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  1. The patriot act, the unnecessary iraq war, the great recession of 2008, and now we have a new cold war with Russia and they're defending Syria and iran, all since this day. I would have never imagined that so much would have occurred because of this stupid fucking day.

  2. Goodness, I’ve never seen this footage before. I was 5 or so when it happened so I don’t remember the day off but I’m 21 years old now and this is the first time I’m seeing actual footage of the planes going into the World Trade Center and all the chills have just went through my body watching the second one hit the building. It’s just mind boggling, I haven’t the slightest clue how people felt seeing this live but I bet it’s about 10x how I feel seeing it 17 years later.

  3. This footage does not get any less sickening the more you see it over the years. Such a horrible thought that there were people throughout both towers observing the chaos around them before both collapsed.

  4. I am continually amazed that when all pilots are trained to steer away from civilization if they are in any trouble that I actually can't find anyone that understood or even mentioned terrorism from the 2nd the first plane hit. I said terrorism from the moment I saw impact but well I didn't understand the terrorists were George Bush and Cockhead Cheney til later but seriously what did these boobs think? That the pilot was playing checkers with the co-pilot and looked up at the last second and screamed DOH! Not to mention planes never flew near the towers and for gods sake even if they did you think one would be that low even if they were coming in for landing ? and had they took off they would already be at several thousand feet. 911 proved something else, tv people are rather stupid but then again they could have been reading from scripts passed out by the white house

  5. I worked 3 blocks away . A clear blue sky , beautiful late summer morning that changed our Nation forever. I lost many friends . To all victims and their families , RIP . The children of the victims are entering adulthood. Many grew up without one of their parents.

  6. would still like to know why the usa government murdered that many people…couldnt just be to cover up all those trillions of dollars that went missing through the pentagon could it?

  7. To this day in 2018 it still amazes me how many armchair "experts" wearing tinfoil hats know exactly what happened here.
    Like they were there and part of or had insider knowledge of some great evil scheme..
    If you do not know building materials, chemistry, aerospace engineering, psychology, physics, structural engineering and do not have degrees and qualifications to speak on such thing please keep your dick suckers shut. The WORLD does not have time nor patience for retarded meth induces conspiracy theories..

  8. It’s amazing how people were so in denial that this was intentional while they watched it happen. The first woman on the phone said “I wonder if there’s air traffic control issues”

  9. Imagine if a jet airliner really had hit that tower. Can you picture the crumple and crunch of hollow aluminum on steel and concrete? Tail section and wings plummeting to Earth- ghastly. Without the Hollywood magic, take an aluminum bat to an I-beam or try to throw a soda can through a metal grate. I fell for the trick, too, at the time- just like that story about the jolly man and his elf slaves. I wasn't applying critical thinking skills- just believed what was easiest to believe at the time.

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