The Red Pill

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When a feminist filmmaker sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs.

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  1. I don't like to ask for help, however I am just now going public with my story and my ex. I am like tons of guys that have gone through a divorce and family law court of being screwed. I am asking for help to buy a motorhome to live in so I can afford to be closer to my lil girl. Anything will thank you so much Fellow Red Pill for keeping me alive longer so my daughter knows me her dad.

  2. I have to say, hearing some of these stories, I teared up. I thank you for your work, and it is time to truly achieve equality for all persons, regardless of gender, or other arbitrary factors.

  3. the divorce subject is very personal to me. when I was about 3 my mother took me and ran from Dayton, Oh to a small town in Ohio. later, my dad told me he looked for me three days in a row without sleep. my father fought for a year, and got to see me for 4 hours every weekend. when my mom came back to Dayton, she let my dad see me every weekend. she told me he was a bad man (which she doesn't admit to.). so when I was about 8, my mom, me, and her boyfriend moved to Kansas. once again he fought, and got to see me a couple times a year for a month or two at a time. when me and my mom came back to Ohio I used my knowledge my mom fed to me, and pieced together he was a bad man. finally, after thousands and thousands of dollars, I realized he actually was a good father, so I went back to court and gave custody to my him. I remember hugging him so tight afterward the hearing.

  4. So basically for feminists, if a person doesn't hate males and think men are scum, you are a sexist, racist, homophobe.
    OK, Got it…
    Or if you don't think women should get special treatment, meaning truly treat them as equal to men, , you are a misogynist pig, as well.

    Ddon't let them tell you they don't want special treatment either. Cause they do. If you don't kowtow and praise them you are a scumbag poop. Don't open the door for me cause I can do it myself. But if you don't, you are a prick that hates women.

  5. I was so amazed by this film. In watching a Q&A panel of many of the principle participants in the film it hit me that the questions of people who had just watched it showed they were literally beyond where they were before they watched it. The ground has shifted. This is an important film and must be seen by everyone.

  6. Rape Culture? The biggest perpetrators of rape are Muslims men in Europe. But, let's not talk about the daily attacks on women over there from these animals. Because liberals and feminists refuse to acknowledge Muslims as oppressive to women's rights.
    In our Western society run by mostly white men, women have all the rights men do. In Islamic countries, they no rights at and are second class citizens that are killed for being raped.

    Where's the video on that, feminists? Huh? It doesn't fit your narrative so you lie and say it isn't true. Liars.

  7. It's really sad to see what this world is coming to and scary to think about what could be coming in the future. Feels like we've learned nothing from the countless examples of humans discriminating and demonizing each other over rumours without evidence. This is the first I've heard about people speaking out for men's rights amongst the overwhelming amount of people who don't want to listen. And they say their voices are the ones that need to be heard. Advocating for equal rights is going to end up being considered hate speech.

  8. This is undeniably insightful. This lady is brave. This probably severed a lot of relationships in her life and we are forever grateful. Now, how many third wave feminists can watch this and still keep down their dark path?

  9. I'd love for this documentary to be shown in every gender studies course at least in the US just so they can understand both sides better and just realize and maybe choose which side they want to fight for or at least who they want to advocate for and associate themselves with.

  10. What a fantastic movie. It was hard not to cry during some of the stories.

    I could tell you were really pressed to fit everything in. I'm sure you could release a follow up documentary to great success.

  11. On the one hand, I've heard all of this before. On the other, I don't think I'll ever hear my family. or even my wife pretend to care about the rights I don't have. Cassie, I don't think I'll be on the winning side of the mens' rights movement, because I favor it. But thank you for this.

  12. Thank you for this, Cassie. Honestly, thank you. It is so hard to show people the legitimacy of male issues in today's societies, but to have this…it helps show that there is some truth to the troubles of men. Not to say that the troubles of women do not exist, but it isn't right to simply ignore the problems on the other side. Please, continue showing people that there is never just one "righteous" side in these issues…there are grays in every debate, there is no true "black or white".

  13. I am a mother of a 30 year old son. We are a typical middle class family with a retail store that we have built over 30 years. To try to make a long story short, he had a couple month relationship 8 years ago, and as a parent, you step back and try not to be judgmental as to who your children chose to hang out with, and let them learn from their mistakes. Every other family member besides me had misgivings about this girl and amongst ourselves discussed that something was definitely off. For example, the first thing out of her mouth when meeting my older son and his two children, was "I'm infertile. I can't ever have kids." At one point, she said she had to go to emergency because her extreme ovarian cysts and endometriosis that caused her infertility were painful. Our son is a caring individual and naively believed every word but still refused to have sex with her without a condom. It turns out that when her stories of infertility weren't working for him to have unprotected sex with her, she went the next step and bought a turkey baster. As soon as her scheme worked (no doubt she pregnancy tested herself), she started acting crazy, was wearing a helmet she made of tin foil on her head "to protect herself from aliens," had locked herself in the bathroom, crying that she was cutting herself and my son called the police to help, and they removed her immediately, not letting her take anything other than a purse she had with her in the bathroom, and took her to the hospital for evaluation. I started looking through some belongings she had in a spare room, and there was the turkey baster and three used condoms. We were in extreme shock already, and the biggest regret of my life is that I never immediately called the police back to bag that evidence. It went into the garbage. The next day the police contacted us to say that the psyche ward said there was nothing wrong with her and that she had been put on a bus to go back to the place she came from. Well her devious plan had worked and now my son has been put through emotional hell. He has completed one university degree and is working on a Masters with a plan to go on to a PhD but the issue is that despite showing the courts that he only makes money from summer jobs and supports his education costs with Canadian and Manitoba student loans, the court refused to calculate child support based on his actual tax returns showing he has made less than $15,000 every year while doing his Bachelor of Science degree which is about all you can make over the four summer months, but have impuned that he should be working a 40 hour a week job all year long, and based child support payments on that larger amount. I don't know many people that can work a 40 hour a week job while doing a Masters degree. So it sits with him in arrears, with threats of them taking away his driver's licence and passport. He is in such despair and depression that he is threatening to take his own life, and his Masters advisor has given him a leave from his university work, so that he can get emotional help and a new lawyer to keep working on reversing the impuned amounts. There is a terrible irony here that when he turned of legal age at 18, he told us that he never wanted to have children, and was going to get a vasectomy. I told him to go to a doctor, and the doctor refused and told him that he would never find any doctor who would give such a young man a vasectomy. In hindsight, I wish I had gone with him and insisted that if a man can vote at 18, he has the right to decide if he wants a vasectomy. So to other young men out there who don't want surprise children, to protect yourself from that ever happening, here is my advice: Bank your sperm if you think you might want children at some point, after you get your education, a good job, have a home, and a loving relationship, whatever – and get that vasectomy. But don't tell women that you have banked sperm ever because the devious ones could still forge your signature to steal it. Or don't bank sperm, and get the vasectomy – they are easily reversed anyway. It's the ultimate protection for young men to protect themselves from the manipulative extortionists out there that are looking to have sex with a guy so they have a monthly child support payment coming in for the next 18 years. MEN NEED TO HAVE A UNITED VOICE ON THIS ISSUE WITH SOCIAL INJUSTICE SUPPORT GROUPS FOR IT IN EVERY MAJOR CITY AND I AM ONE WOMAN UNITED WITH THEM.

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