The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) – Aviator to Hospital scene (Equation) (小王子:飛行員入院)

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The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) – The Aviator to Hospital scene (Equation)

After the aviator almost gets into a car accident with the girl in his car, her mother learns of their friendship and forbids the girl from distracting herself from her studies again. The girl secretly visits the aviator to finish his story, which ends with the prince sacrificing himself to a venomous snake bite to reunite with his beloved rose. The girl is upset by the sad ending and angrily regrets meeting the aviator.

Towards the end of the summer, the aviator is taken ill and is hospitalized. The girl, wanting to make amends with him, runs out into the night to find the prince. She flies the aviator’s plane to an asteroid populated exclusively by adults who joylessly work for the star-hoarding businessman from the aviator’s story.

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  1. We watched this a while back in our philosophy class and I just can't get over of how this movie introduces death and growing up. This film and beautiful and really meaningful in my opinion, it reimagines the book 'little prince' and took it into a whole new level to try and fit with modern themes but still keeps its previous narrative.

  2. When I first watched the movie I cried for like 30 minutes after this scene I had to pause it. My friend was also crying but she got over it quickly and was joking with me about how I was too emotional. Idk why this scene got me so bad… I guess because the aviator reminds me of my grandpa too much.

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