The crisis in military aviation

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A Fox News investigation reveals the U.S. military saw a 48 percent increase in on-combat aviation crashes between 2014-2015; Lucas Tomlinson has the exclusive for ‘Special Report’

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  1. we spend 600B on the military budget. the world's total combined military spending is 1.6T. theres no fucking excuse on why our military isnt top of the line. stop blaming others and look at yourself

  2. The major martial difference between a liberal admin. and a conserv. admin. is that a liberal wants a small military arm and wishes to use it everywhere. Conservative wants to have a large military arm and wishes to use it nowhere. Classical reactionary response versus deterrence. Putting it simply. Your walking your dog down a dark, unfamiliar street. Which would you rather have, a shiz-tsu or a bullmastiff on the end of the leash?

  3. I spoke to a retired Air Force aircraft mechanic who obtained the rank of master sergeant (E7), and he told me about how much of a boondoggle the F-35 jet is. The jet is a big fat money pit that not even Tywin Lannister would tolerate.

  4. Obama and Secretary of Defense Carter have eliminated the top ranking military officers who won't willingly kowtow to the big lie about readiness. The exact same thing happened under President Carter. Once again our brave warriors are needlessly paying with their lives. Obama and his ilk belong in prison.

  5. i guess bombing and destroying Syria and Libya is not enough. they need new jets to destroy Latin America and the rest of the world too.

    it's a good thing they don't have the money to get the new jets so say no to them.

  6. Seriously the F-15C, F-16C/D, and F-18C/D need to be replaced! The F-35 is too expensive, useless, bad performance, failure Avionics, unreliable Turbofan engine, $400,000 HMDS doesn't work properly, and is pieces of junk.

    The Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps have a choice to make to the alternative to the F-35:

    1) Upgraded and install new parts to old legacy 4th Gen. convert to 4.5 Gen.
    F-15C and F-15E upgraded to F-15 2040
    F-16C/D upgraded to F-16E/F Block 70/72
    F-18C/D and F-18E/F upgraded to Advanced Super Hornet

    2) Air Force to build more F-22 to replace all F-15C Model.
    Example: (300 F-22 built and upgraded today avionics)

    3) Buy British Eurofighter Typhoon T2, French Dassault Rafale B/C/M, or Swedish JAS 39E/F Gripen.
    Price Tags:
    -Eurofighter Typhoon T2 $115,000,000
    -Dassault Rafale B/C/D $80,000,000
    -JAS 39E/F Gripen $65,000,000

  7. Trump was right on Multirole Fighter jets were the air force taking parts from planes graveyard in AZ and flying old aircraft.

    Age of USA current Multirole Fighters:

    F-22A Raptor – 27 years old
    F-15E Strike Eagle – 31 years old (Immediately Replacements)
    F-15C Eagle – 44 years old (Immediately Replacements)
    F-16C/D Fighting Falcon – 42 years old (Immediately Replacements)
    F-18C/D Hornet – 38 years old (Immediately Replacements)
    F-18E/F Super Hornet – 21 years old

    The F-35 Lightning II is too expensive, too costly, can't turn, can't climb, can't run, angle attack lower than F-16, radar glitch causing pilot to turn off, unreliable F135 engine caught on fire, HMDS aren't working properly, stubby wings, and body crack design.

    The F-35 cost $180,000,000.

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