The CHEAPEST FLIGHTS in Australia!

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If you’re trying to stretch your travel budget as much as possible, here’s my secret to finding the cheapest flights in Australia.

It’s really simple and in this video, I’ll demonstrate step by step how you can both find and virtually book your flight in less than 5 minutes.

The secret? Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee. If you find a lower comparable fare online and it satisfies their Terms & Conditions, they will not only match the price, they’ll beat it by 10%. I’ve been using this little trick for years and it’s saved me quite a bit of money.

At the time I shot this video, the Price Beat applies to domestic flights within Australia and also international flights leaving from selected Australian cities. Check out Jetstar’s website to get the latest T&C’s and the Price Beat Guarantee here:

The T&C’s I look at the most are to make sure the two flights are within one hour of each other (for domestic flights in Australia) and that you apply for the Price Beat more than 7 days from when you plan to fly.

Simple steps on how it’s done:

1. Find your flight on
2. Find a similar and cheaper flight with a competitor
(Usually but check to be sure)
3. Check the flight satisfies the Price Beat Terms & Conditions
4. Apply for the Price Beat
5. Answer a few simple questions
6. Wait for the confirmation email & Pay

And you’re pretty much done.

0:09 How to find cheap flights in Australia. Secret revealed
0:47 What is Skyscanner?
1:10 Using Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee (in less than 5 minutes) on the Jetstar website
1:52 Using Skyscanner to find the cheapest flight
2:41 Using Tiger Airways website to find a comparable online far to Price Beat
3:42 How to use the Price Beat Guarantee
5:36 The recap

Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of the deal carefully and happy travelling!

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hey it's Brian today I'm going to give you my little secret for how to get the cheapest flights in Australia or from Australia to another country overseas what is the secret it is Jetstar's price beat guarantee pretty much what they do is they say that they'll beat any competitors flight less 10% and on top of that you get the flow we did stuff it's what I use regularly it's it saves me quite a lot of money I've used it for years and I'm actually really surprised that a lot of people don't know about it today we're going to make things a little bit more interesting and try to do this within five minutes it's that simple let's give it a go jump in I want to give you a heads up that I use inside course Skyscanner and if you're not familiar with it Skyscanner is a site that consolidates all of the different prices for flights hotels or car hire I mainly use it for flights but it's a really good point where you can compare with which flights are the cheapest so that's a heads up okay now let's get started I'll start the clock now all right so I want to fly from Melbourne let's go tell the marine the best Airport to Sydney okay I'm just looking at a one-way ticket and let's find the 17th plot times okay so according to this this is all the flight times and the prices well prices have gone up looking to fly sometime late evening Saturday so maybe around 7 o'clock now what I want to do is jump on the sky scanner I want to go from Melbourne to Sydney to b-17 what I'm expecting is the cheapest flood is going to be on Tiger Airways Tiger Airways is usually the cheapest budget operator within Australia and I'm constantly every time I do be some constant and comparing against fire but let's just use Skyscanner to double-check that we're sorting by cheapest first and it is target Airways $88 and even if it's with Jetstar you can't profit Jetstar so you have to find a competing airline it's like it's tigerair so let's jump onto the Tiger Airways website we type in the same origin and destination I went to Sydney one-way on the 17th okay we've got the times and the prices what we're looking for is somewhere around mid evening late evening so this is the one we're looking at here $89 625 which is within the one hour time window that we were looking at the Jetstar the seven o'clock so that qualifies for the project and if I wasn't using jets if I was using jet star I would be paying $109 but if I want to fly tiger I would pay 89 but what I can do with this prospect guarantees get an even cheaper flight and flow it gets tough let's do that to qualify for the perfect guarantee we've already checked that we do it's it's within one hour of the competing flight what I do is I go down to the bottom of the website I go to traffic guarantee and I went for the apply Now button long we're against the clock we're two minutes 52 it is and then we just have to ask a few questions is the departure date more than seven days it is a left yes ready to face right away yes I am crying what a mystic the one way either one Clinton one adults number me okay so I'm flying from Melbourne coumarine to Sydney 17 kid it's I just got you 17 and just like that it's done so they will check it out they will send me an email back and all I have to do after that was pay if we include the payment it'll take a little bit longer won't take very long what we have to do click on a link and pay for it and that's it you've got the cheapest flat on the market ok so we did it under five minutes it's that simple all you have to do is go in Jetstar's website find a flyer that you're after go to a competitor's website find the flight that you're after and just as long as those two flights within one hour of each other should be fine just make sure you read the Terms & Conditions I've done that many times and it works great to save some money for an extra five minutes effort I definitely think it's worth today I've saved around nine dollars that's not a whole lot of money but if you do this on a regular basis if you go flying to state quite a lot it would save you a lot of money over the course of time and at the same time if you're going overseas where the flights are going to be much more expensive it's going to save you a lot more money that's pretty much all the time I have for today thanks for watching if you like this video or found it helpful please press the like button below please subscribe to the channel and catch all the next time they do

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  1. Fantastic video on this topic.
    Linked your video to the end of my video, as it will get you an even cheaper flight!

    Hit me up for More Aussie Money Saving tips.

  2. I think you did a fantastic job with your The CHEAPEST FLIGHTS in Australia! video that I have placed a link in my end screen and encourage all to view it after my video: …..which will result in everyone getting access to an extra discount when booking Jetstar flights!

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