The Cathay Pacific Fleet

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Cathay Pacific operates a number of aircraft, in fact, they fly a large number of widebody aircraft. In today’s video, I’ll be taking a look at what aircraft Cathay Pacific fly!

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they turn right hey everyone welcome back to another pre-recorded video if you're interested in seeing updates on my move to London feel free to check me out on Twitter which is at DJ's aviation Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong and is one of the oldest carriers currently flying today being some 72 years old the airline is a part of the oneworld alliance and believes in life being well traveled which is also their slogan the airline through the years has grown its fleet seen major aircraft like the Boeing 747 leave and next-generation aircraft arrived Cathay Pacific can certainly be seen across major airports around the globe however it has a relatively streamlined fleet with not many variants flying today the focus is as you've probably seen from the title and thumbnail the Cathay Pacific Fleet the airline doesn't fly any narrow-body aircraft as part of its mainline Cathay Pacific Fleet however it's important to note that this video doesn't include any of the Cathay Pacific Group Airlines and or subsidiaries to the main carrier they firstly fly though the Airbus a330 300 which has actually seen prominently throughout Asia and previously Australia before another aircraft was introduced on the multiple services that they fly into Australia from their harbour Hong Kong that aircraft is the Airbus a350 and 900 which is set to take their future operations by storm the airline already has over 20 delivered and is continuously welcoming them in at the time of recording the airline is set to welcome in a further six more a 350 nine hundreds with over 200 seats fitted onto the aircraft they've also actually ordered and seen delivered the larger variant which is the a 350 at 1,000 this variant has some 334 seats fitted and assists Cathay Pacific on other major routes within their fleet network the airline currently has over 10 flying but actually plans on eventually having a combined total of 20 ok the Pacific moving over across to Boeing favours the triple 7 Series with that actually being the only series that they fly under Boeing name the airline at the time of recording flies just two types of the triple seven with that being the triple seven 300 and the triple seven 300 ERP at the non er variant but they've got well over fifty triple seven 300 ERP flying with multiple reconfigurations currently taking place as well the aim is to install more seats on the variant Cathay Pacific as you're probably aware is also planning on welcoming in 21 of the Boeing triple7 nines from 2021 which will further boost their capacity on certain routes the actual configuration for the triple 7 9 though is yet to be announced and will likely be announced closer to the official delivery that is the fleet of Cathay Pacific I hope you did enjoy this video and I do very much look forward to you all joining me in the next one one more thing before I go thank you very much for your continued patience as I move over to London these are all pre-recorded videos that I am currently making in May and June to make sure you don't go without content see ya

24 thoughts on “The Cathay Pacific Fleet”

  1. Just flew their A350-900 from San Francisco to HK in economy. Best economy class experience ever on a long haul–decent leg room and seat width. I used to fly their 747-400 on a regular basis before they replaced them with the A350 &777. So much room–especially compared to the 777-300ER on the return flight. I think I prefer the old 747 economy vs the 777-300ER, which is too cramped.

  2. Great video as always, but a few corrections.. Cathay’s slogan is ‘Move Beyond.’ Cathay has 3 variants of the 777 – The 200, 300, and 300ER. The 200’s are on their way out with only 1 left. They’re actually adding 300’s with 3 coming from Emirates this year for a total fleet of 17 by year’s end. The 777-9X will be be replacing 300ER lease expiries as it stands right now. Unless the lease contracts are renewed, there will be little growth on the Boeing side for now; mostly just capacity increases from the B779’s. It’ll be interesting to see what aircraft will be chosen to replace the 330’s in the future. The 330NEO or 787-10 both appear to be suitable replacements and both offer fleet commonality. As for replacing the bulk of the 77W fleet, I could see it being replaced by further A35K orders (maybe the ultra fan re-engined one), but this decision is far off considering the young age of the 77W’s.

  3. Can you maybe make a video of converted cargo planes vs the normal cargo planes? Like the 747-400BCF and 747-400BDSF vs the 747-400F and the 777BCF vs the 777F. I really don't know much about and I really don't know if it's enough to make a video out of it but it's just an idea!

  4. I expect the 777-9's to primarily serve their routes from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, San Francisco, maybe New York City and London. The airline already uses the 777-300ER for quite a while on these routes.

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