The Beauty of Aviation | A Short Film

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Aviation…. A passion that is global and not restricted to one country. It can be a hobby that forms into a career. Relax, kick your feet up and watch this 3 minute film titled “The Beauty of Aviation,” showcasing not only the aircraft but the beauty behind the camera. The shots that are not often seen in videos or pictures, ranging from a gorgeous sunset/sunrise to your view while at the airport.

Aviation has been a hobby and a passion of mine for more than 11 years now. Having the opportunity to visit in my opinion the best airport in the world (London Heathrow) opened my eyes to just how big the Aviation community was. A park was crowded with people just to watch the planes land.. and this just makes me smile. I don’t always think of the aircraft when seeing a plane but I think of the people onboard. The smiles, tears and happiness that airplanes give them. It’s the start of a journey, a trip, a holiday… It’s the transport back home, it’s your gateway to exploring new cultures and more.

We may get given funny looks while planespotting or talking about aviation in public but that shouldn’t stop us.. the friendships and close bonds I have formed since starting this channel have blown me away. I never knew there were so many aviation enthusiasts around the globe and doing this YouTube thing has enabled me to talk to people 14,000 kilometers away. Writing this I hope I can continue to produce for many more years to come aviation content on this channel and meet up with more and more spotters across the globe that all share this one passion..


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46 thoughts on “The Beauty of Aviation | A Short Film”

  1. What an amazing video buddy! This is a beautiful film of the beauty of aviation! You put some amazing catches in the video and the music matched great as well! I really like also the words in the description below the video! I fully agree to them. You often get smiled from other people when you say that aviation or planespotting is your hobby and passion. Especially in school I couldn't tell that my class mates and this is really sad I think. Aviation, traveling is such an amazing hobby, but many people haven't seen that so far :/ I hope this will change soon and films like this will help to change so thanks for this amazing film man! 🙂 I hope you have a great day and many greetings from Germany, Düsseldorf!

  2. @ 2:44 Wow Kenya Airways at least am proud seeing my country's flag carrier. The airline just launched direct flights from Nairobi, Kenya to New York and is the 6th in Africa to have direct flights to USA

  3. Being called an showoff anf bullied because from the age if nine i almost knew how to operate an A350.. but that didn't stop my dream of becoming a pilot. Im the closest to my dream than I have ever been and this video is inspiring. Despite the bullying I will follow my dream to become a pilot and nit a shity 17 year old gamer like my ""friends"". And also I had no friends until i found the only other aviation expert in my school and now we both know a lot about aviation. When people ask my about hobbies etc they expect me to tell them videogames or something but i tell them proudly that im a planespotter and that I don't play many videogames. Follow your dreams and only listen to a true friend's opinion.

  4. Beautiful. Let me tell you something. Anyone who wants to be a pilot does it out of passion and beauty of the job, not just to earn big bucks. If you want to do a job like this one here, I guarantee that you aren't doing it for the money, you're doing it for the beauty of the job, but hey, that's just what I think. 🙂

  5. Incredible video! I read what you said about Heathrow and I was wondering if you had been to Kew Gardens as there are bridges in the trees that let you get a spectacular view of the flight paths overhead that lead to Heathrow. It is an incredible feeling to see a 747 just a couple hundred feet above you. Again, fantastic video!

  6. For all of you who wants the song name I found this: Tragedy is invisible by Jason little, but it some kind of garbage hardcore technomix but some parts can be heard inside this "garbage" wanted to find some clean version on youtube but I could not. So if anyone could find this song like it is in this video "clean" please do it. Thank you. Just start where i ended 🙂

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