The Aviator – Towel

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11 thoughts on “The Aviator – Towel”

  1. 4AM in the morning.
    I remember this scene, out of the blue, for absolutely no reason…
    From a movie I only watched partially…
    Brain, why? Is my life slowly flashing before my eyes and you thought you'd casually slip that in there?

  2. I always thought this scene compares the reality of being Crippled. One of the body exact & one of the mind. Society feels the need of caving in to crippled pple because it shows or feel sorry for them. They both need help.

  3. I watched more of the movie passed that point and i finally understood. Thank you for your comment. I could relate to Hughes but i got over that eventful ocd. I still have ocd but what i was ocd "ing" about stopped cuz i forced myself too.

  4. Have you seen The Aviator? Hughes had obsessive-compulsive disorder. I can't speak for him, but my interpretation of this particular scene is that he was in the middle of an obsessive-compulsive ritual (hand washing a particular way). When such rituals are interrupted, it is greatly stressful for the OCD sufferer. What seems like a simple request for help is actually hugely stressful for Hughes because he lives by a different set of rules which are beyond his control.

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