The Aviator – Best Scenes (Part 1)

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This is part one of my compilation of what I consider to be the best scenes in the film.

and you leave the big ideas to me oh yeah horse cigars cigarettes incense oh my I thought you're over at the Brown Derby with Trixie no no Teresa right yeah Margaret exactly what happened to Margaret she lost her she's got that settled I'm sorry Velma this is Howard Hughes Howard and I were just discussing how he wants me to pull a camera out of my ass cigarette oh no thanks I don't smoke the cumulonimbus formations about that your speak look like giant breasts full of milk I want clouds damn it yes clouds that look like giant baths full of milk cannot exactly be guaranteed for any particular location so you might have to wait when we'll wait San Diego Riverside it has been oh that's what they don't know that it is costing me five thousand two hundred and seventy one dollars a day to keep those planes on the ground you find me some goddamn clouds huh nice day yeah very funny oh that's anyway that's the vulgar press I'm sure you read much mr. Hills uh I try to stay up to snuff on the trade journals yeah snuff these would be flying magazines what what was that oh he's a little damn possibly going better I think you read flying magazines but trade journal on engineering aviation we read books that is Alexander well well palliative ask to be the trade piece his mom because he's designing a new airplane oh really Deut oh well uh it's quite exciting actually it's a it's a spy plane for the Air Corps a twin-engine plane with some I must admit some rather unique design features you see it has these these two booms let me build a birdhouse yes nothing nothing mrs. Hepburn nothing then why did you speak I can't abide people who speak but I have nothing to say did you go to mechanic school learn all this you know airplane got no no I didn't let it know well Howard just a flew round the world in three days enough about airplane and dogs apparently I don't know how'd you make all that money oxen we don't care about money here mr. Hughes well that's cuz you have it would you repeat that you don't care about money because you've always had it how did you excuse me I'm speaking okay thank you alright some of us choose to uh work for a living speaking of which I have more of that death airplane guff – ten – excuse me Jean Harlow and Sheridan Irene Dunne flood it Colbert Rita Hayworth Betty Grable and the lovely Miss Jane Russell now all these shots saved from Miss Russell were enlarged from pictures that received mr. Brean seal of approval and as you've probably noticed by now they all contained memories I'll ask my associate to join me now may I introduce dr. Ludlow Branson of Columbia University dr. Branson is a mathematician of some note yes and he will now demonstrate that in fact miss Russell's mammaries are no more prominent than any of these other filings dr. doctor you forgot your calendars the gentleman mr. Hughes let us commence by calling this memory exhibit number one now you'll see that the length of the actual cleavage MMA is 5 inches and quarter now if we move you see how this term means me it's when do you care about the scandal rags how the great time there's a picture of you with another woman is like a slap in the face don't you understand that no that's overstating it just just a joke Thanks Ginger Rogers Linda Darnell Joan Fontaine and no but thank you guys my god sake crackerjack candy honey they don't mean anything to me oh very nice well you're the one that said that all men are predators right I mean it's all in Darwin remember and am I to expect this behavior to continue after the wedding what is really bothering you hey mister women for the publicity huh don't you eat ice cream of a bowl like everyone else in the world

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  1. I'll probably get it for saying this…but I have yet to understand why Cate Blachett was given such praise for her Hepburn. Of course, she looked nothing like her, which isn't totally a bad thing, but other then some spot-on gestures, I saw a fairly exaggerated try at it, and not something that felt real to me. Her accent, for one, made me grind my teeth! Of course, Katharine Hepburn was a total unique. Not easy to recreate.

  2. Leo is so brilliant he can speak Chinese…I love that old man…Howard paid him twice what he was making in the beginning of the film and he was part of Howard's crew for the entire 20+ years…that old man was cool as s**t…I wanted to reach through the screen and choke the s**t out of all of those morons at that estate…Kate Hepburn's annoying family…I can't believe how rude they all were…Howard put those dumb asses in their place…but I was on the side of the censorship board ^_^

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