The Aviator (2004) Official Trailer

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I care very much about aviation fastest man on the planet he saw the future I'm gonna leave this Howard Hughes has bought TWA let's build a plane that flies above the weather across the country across the world if you do that you could lose everything I want he lived the dream welcome on a little adventure set burn do y'all I have heard some disquieting rumors about mr. Hughes I'd like to know everything there was to know if he held on my remote places you have you madman he thought nothing could stop him you have to be very careful my investigators have turned up a lot of dirt you want to go to war with me you know sometimes I get these crazy ideas about things that may not really be there I'll have him dragged here to Washington I want to see the whites of his life you're on a street fight and I'm not gonna lose them he owns panic he'll come but he does not own the sky beyond the world I want them follow something drove him the legend something consumed in their touching things beyond the genius the deadline is now completely unrealistic now I want to see the blueprints again from elbow prints from the oppression of Levin is the truth behind the I'll get a doctor no one sees him like this sometimes I truly feared that I'm losing mama and there's nothing there Howard you married me you're too crazy for me she'll go faster The Aviator

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