The Aviation VFX of Sherdil

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A short behind the scenes look at the aviation visual effects of the 2019 film Sherdil. The film features dogfights between CGI Pakistani JF-17s and Indian Mirage 2000s as well as retro F-86 Sabres and Gnats.

***It has been brought to our intention that the borders of Pakistan represented in the map graphic at 00:42 are incorrect. This is an honest mistake and no offense is intended. Youtube does not allow for videos to be re-uploaded or modified, please accept my apologgies.***

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All aviation VFX created by IndependentVFX

Featuring music from the motion picture by Shani Arshad
Sound design by Kashif Ejaz

Sherdil Movie Trailer:

NK Pictures:

I'm Scott Newman from independent VFX and I created the CGI dogfight sequences in the film Cheryl released in 2019 shuttle is a pakistani feature film that tells the story of rivalry and friendship between pakistan f was pilot harris mustafa and his counterpart in the Indian Air Force during 2018 I had the privilege of travelling to Pakistan and visiting an active Air Force Base for a week during the production of shuttle I was able to get up close with the jf-17 the main fighter aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force this was incredibly helpful for reference purposes when it came to creating the 3d CG model used in the film many of the flight sequences in the film make use of CGI aircraft including retro Pakistani f-86 sabres and Indian Air Force Nats which depict scenes set in 1965 modern-day scenes of Harrison fan in the cockpit were filmed with the actors inside a real jf-17 on the ground against a chroma screen the f-86 saber cockpit scenes are complete blue screen composites with the same technique being used for some angles of fan and Harris the modern Indian fighter aircraft portrayed in the film is a mirage 2000 but Indian fighter ace Arun Bharani was filmed in a Pakistani Mirage for the external appearance of these shots was then changed to be more in line with the CGI Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 all animation was done using Lightwave 3d with the exception of a missile hit where I teamed up with a Houdini artist for the creation of the explosion smoke and fire in some shot CGI landscapes were used as foreground elements or as background elements in high altitude shots but for the most part backgrounds with photographic plates of Pakistani landscapes or high-altitude clouds all compositing was done in Adobe After Effects and was finished in log sheet color the final grade was then handled by a post-production house in Pakistan I was incredibly fortunate to go up with the camera team in an MI 17 to shoot background plates this flight was truly breathtaking with some incredible views as we travelled into the valleys of the Himalayan mountain range yodel was written and produced by maman Khanna of NK pictures the film was directed by us via free with cinematography by DOP Ricci Butland my time in Pakistan was very short but the hospitality and warmth of the Pakistani crew and Air Force personnel was truly memorable doing the aviation VFX on shuttle was a great experience and of course being an aviation junkie it's always nice to work on something you love you you

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  1. You guys did an awesome job. The FX scenes are really (REAL) they are fluid and flow better than Top Gun. The CGI too is so realistic. Outstanding Oscar worthy work (not nomination, but win) Keep it up.

  2. Dear brother, Sherdil is in the screens of Pakistan. I watched it with my complete family. It was full of action, comedy and romance. I highly recommend you to go and watch it. in the cinema as I enquired, I was told that this would not be available on YouTube for next one year as the movie is still on screen. Lastly as it has aviation action, I think you will not be able to feel it on the TV screen too.

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