The aviation industry and the fight for the best pilots: City, – shaping opinion

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Captain Tilmann Gabriel is the Course Director for City’s MSc programmes in Air Transport Management and Aircraft Maintenance Management. He has extensive experience as a former Lufthansa airline pilot and pilot trainer and executive manager with Etihad and Qatar Airways and has commented extensively on aviation developments for City.

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okay tilman gabriel i am supposed to count three two one global aviation is continuing to be a massively growing business to have the right people managing and driving it is a key factor I grew up in carpets that were very labor some where you had to constantly check instruments mechanical instruments you constantly had to adjust the engines for best fuel flow today it's different because the autopilot does the work so to sit in a dark cockpit nothing to do but watching can be very boring this industry is growing every 15 years a hundred percent every 15 years we double the airline traffic and to fight for the few pilots available it has already begun what do we have to do to determine how a cockpit has to be interesting enough that our young sons and daughters and granddaughters are taking these jobs

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