That's What Will Happen to Earth and Us In 1,000 Years

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Bright Side found out whether our future is doomed or bright – here is a list of the most exciting predictions for a new millennium. You could expect super-fast computers, but a house that you can disassemble and put together in a minute? Wow.

One year ago in his speech at the Oxford University Union, the legendary Stephen Hawking proclaimed that humanity can only survive for another 1,000 years. We wanted to know whether our future is doomed or bright, and so we compiled the most exciting predictions for a new millennium.

Humans will live for 1,000 years 1:07
We’ll be able to transfer our minds to different bodies 2:01
Humans will move to another planet 3:11
We will all look the same 4:35
There will be super-fast intelligent computers 6:11
Humans will become cyborgs 7:05
We will all speak the same global language 8:55
Buildings will assemble and disassemble on command 10:12
Nanotechnology will solve the energy and pollution crisis 11:41

– In 1,000 years, medical engineers could design remedies for each component that causes tissues to age. Gene editing tools are already here, which could potentially control our genes and make humans immune to a disease.
– In 1,000 years from now, the only way for humanity to survive might be to establish new settlements in space.
– Humans will develop a larger forehead, larger nostrils, larger eyes, and more pigmented skin.
– In 1,000 years from now, computers are predicted to match and overtake the computational speed of the human brain and solve tasks that take a normal computer a decade to solve.
– In 1,000 years from now, merging with technology might be the only way for humanity to compete with Artificial Intelligence.
– Linguists predict that 100 years from now 90% of languages will disappear due to migration, and those that remain will become simplified.
– In the future, humans are likely to be able to create a virtual world around them, using the concept of utility fog.
– 1,000 years from now, nanotechnology will be able to clean up environmental damage, purify water and air, and capture the energy of the Sun.

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  1. Sometimes i wish i was from the future so i can live for a long time and i want to be along to see all of the mind blowing technology too bad i'm going to miss out on it oh well 🙁

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