Takeoff from the world's most dangerous airport: Bhutan Airlines A319 Business Class (Paro to Delhi)

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Join me on this flight in Business Class onboard a Bhutan Airlines Airbus A319 from Paro (Bhutan) to New Delhi (India). Considered the world’s most dangerous airport, Paro is nestled in a deep valley and surrounded by sharp Himalayan peaks of up to 5,500 m (18,000 ft) tall.

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25 thoughts on “Takeoff from the world's most dangerous airport: Bhutan Airlines A319 Business Class (Paro to Delhi)”

  1. Amazing experience man and nice quality footage. I didn't know about VQPR until Youtube suggested your videos. I tried it on flight simulator and crashed twice. I needed to pray facing the monastery to make it work the third time.

    As a passenger, usually I don't like the A319. I find it a bit too sensitive to turbulence and, in Europe, you can find very young first officers on the right seat of many A319s. These glorified teenagers never heard about a stabilised approach and many of them fly these A319 like they did with their Cessna 152 six months earlier. I am glad to see that in Buthan only the best of the best can get close to that plane.

    My next challenge now is to land a 747-400 in that airport 🙂 If such a plane ever manages to land there, I think it won't be able to leave unless cut in pieces and shipped by road.

    Thank you for this amazing channel!

  2. Hendra Gandhi is the first prime minister not Gandhi. Gandhi is a symbol of freedom who led the struggle. Another thing if you are not happy being in Bhutan dont bother you should stay what ever you are stupid.

  3. Do you always indicate prices for those who are interested in that information. For instance the room or villa prices per night or any valuable information like your 1st class and business class ticket prices. I’ll appreciate the feed back.

  4. Comment that Delhi is the most polluted city on earth is objectionable. There are many such cities on earth. Everyone wants to use, cheap labour of Asian countries and blame asian cities.

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