Tail Section + Engine – Frantic Helicopter – Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Part 2

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Alrighty, Its time to add the back end of the helicopter and start working on the engine. Im going to put it on the top in the middle so that we distribute our weight properly. Then Im going to put all the pipes in ready to fly! As always, I hope you guys enjoy the video!


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all righty okay it's time to move on to the back side of this thingamabob e so we actually have started building this thing I really don't like the front I don't appreciate the front at all I think it looks pretty poopy so we might end up changing that but for right now we'll leave it as it is so that's okay we'll leave that as it is today we're gonna be working on the back end we're gonna try and merge it so that it goes into some sort of tail and then once we got the tail we'll probably end up building something for the rower to sit on and we'll maybe put some landing gear on it as well in fact we should probably start with the landing gear very soon if not right now so what I want this thing to sit on is one fixed landing gear at the front all right okay this is kind of strange I think probably one fixed landing gear at the front which is gonna go from here and it's gonna merge in sort of forwards which is kind of a weird way of doing it but it I'll leave it like that and we're gonna go ahead and put a skid on it okay because the the skis are quite nice will have some probably big ones actually cuz the small ones are probably too small this is a small one and it's probably too big actually that landing gear is far too big if we're gonna put a big ski on there is that about the right size I feel like the landing gear with one at the front looks whaling really really weird all right kay delete that put that there and we'll go ahead and put one in here there we go feel like that looks a little bit better maybe it should have a wheel a wheel and two skids should we go with that that's probably a good idea maybe just a wheel anyway let's have a little like Oh wheel we go have a little look at the caster Oh coaster there we go well see what that looks like down here so we'll literally just delete this and put this here there we go yeah I feel like we're gonna go with a wheel over the other stuff I'm not so sure how to make this look good so yeah we'll leave it kind of as it is and in fact actually you guys I'll make it go backwards slightly yeah I guess that works that does take us very low to the ground though but yeah we can keep that like that we'll leave it like that alright cool the back landing gear is gonna go a little bit further back then this is currently so we'll go ahead and make this a tiny bit bigger probably about a seat bigger so we can actually add one more seat in here which is great because we can do more missions that way which is fantastic we'll go ahead and put this in real quick we'll build that across all right nice we're going to most of these as well will do exactly the same thing on most of them uh what am i doing I always press the wrong button when I'm rotating things alright cool that's all good we'll go ahead and do this and we go ahead and connect that together like so well then build in the rest of the floor and we'll delete the extra there we go fantastic yes all right cool continue with the rest of these as well all right there we go fantastic and do the same thing here as well there we go OOP and one here as well OOP and we couldn't lure all of these in I say Kolo them in we're gonna fill them in there we go fantastic believe that like that not looking so bad right now I mean it looks very weird it does look very very strange but we're gonna keep it like that because we have to all right cool so now that we got that sort of sorted we're gonna try and merge all of the bottom pieces into one area meaning that we're going to go like this and we're gonna go sideways okay we're gonna go like this way until they all merge together basically so this one's gonna go sideways until it gets to probably that point that point right there then this point is gonna go upwards into that point there we go in fact actually that one can go straight across right there that's good then this one can go straight across right here as well although that'll sort of make it merge a little bit weirdly but we'll do it anyway and we'll see what it looks like there we go the bottom piece also needs merging in but that's easily done because we'll delete these and we'll put one of these in each side there we go we'll put that basically in the middle to stop anything leaking out and we'll put some things in the corners so that they don't leak either there we go fantastic so that's the back piece sort of merging together which is good as good news right there and yeah from there in fact actually I want to go back out I want to go out one more with this so we're gonna delete this Pete this bit right here and we're gonna come out one and then we're gonna continue up again there we go probably two actually we go two and then we'll merge it together like so all right cool go straight across yes yes very good there we go go all the way across there and we'll go ahead and fill in all of this as well fantastic and we go like this all right nice and we go ahead and fill in this piece as well there we go now I do kind of want the backend to come up a little bit better than that so as we go backwards we're gonna go up as we go backwards we're gonna go up is that a good idea I think that's a good idea so we're gonna go from here and we're gonna go up slightly okay well like this we're gonna then go out again obviously like this and then we're gonna go up again using this piece right here which makes it look slightly nicer I think so that's pretty good go ahead and connect all of these together there we go beautiful beautiful and yeah we're all good there we are all a okay all right cool um cool cool cool cool cool nice now what do I need to do I need to sort of merge these together as well so that they look pretty too cuz obviously it needs to look pretty as it goes backwards there we go leg it go over backwards and make it go in which – there we go fantastic and from there I think we are gonna come down as well we're not gonna have like a big stick come out of this end although it would look alright wouldn't it that would look fine like that but it's it's not gonna happen I'm not gonna do that I want it to come down at least one before we end up doing that I do want it coming out a little bit though so yeah we'll do that there we go and then we'll sort of merge them together from there so we'll do something like this and we go sideways yeah all right cool delete most of this cuz most of it is unnecessary and we'll go ahead and make this go across like so there we go fantastic we then need to make this piece come out a little bit as well so we'll put one of these on yes very good and we need it to come out also which is weird but yeah I'll do like that somewhat like that that's good nice okay so we were also working on the landing gear as well the landing gear is going to come off the side and it's gonna go downwards now this might get in the way of the folded or or the sliding door so I don't really want to put it all the way on the side I want to put it sort of underneath on the side and so we're gonna end up putting it right here that seems like a good place for it we go ahead and do this and we go ahead and try and merge it down so that it looks alright all the way down and we're gonna put a ski on it because that's what it needs that's exactly what it needs alright okay cool how am I gonna do this Oh am I gonna do this alright okay cool put that right there put this right here put this on there as well and then do this and this yeah and then we can probably put the ski on the bottom of that does that sit flat no we need to put the ski on the bottom of here there we go alright that should that should sit flat now yeah I think so alright cool press play it bounces definitely bounces but yeah it's sitting flat which is fantastic that's exactly what we want if I go ahead and I jump inside of here right now which I can't do because we're a little bit too high off the ground I'll jump in there we go we can walk around and yeah we've got enough room in here to do whatever we want any exercises we want to do we can do them which is fantastic go ahead and do this well we don't actually have a place for the engines to hide just yet so that is something we need to work on because the engines definitely need to go inside somewhere unless the engine can go on the top and sort of squeeze in but I don't think it can I don't think it can do that so we might have to sort something out there but other than that we're good to go alright cool this is gonna be the tail rotor thingamabob II there we go that's actually probably a little bit too fat a little bit too fat for a tail rotor thingamabob II so we're gonna make it a little bit more skinnier than that a little bit more skinnier er that cool do this and we go ahead and do this as well make it all fit make that fit there we go good I will do this piece and then we'll go out from here which is kind of skinny and we'll make it go backwards quite a bit there we go I never really know how far to go back on on helicopter rotors but that seems like a good amount so yeah well we'll leave it like that that seems fine that seems fine to me there we go beautiful like it all right it's looking just fine oh we're then gonna come down like one or two and we're gonna do a flat piece like this we're then gonna delete some of it and halfway across we're gonna make it go upwards there we go because I feel like that looks pretty neat pretty neat like that there we go and we'll go ahead and fill that in like so and we do sort of need it to come to a point as well so we'll have to make you come to a point somehow how that's gonna happen I have no idea how that's gonna happen all right okay cool fill in this fill in this piece as well because we need to and fill in the bottom piece of this so that it fits there we go all right cool we do sort of want this to look nicer so well delete that we'll go ahead and do this some sort of thing there we go we'll do that and we'll attach it on like so there we go all right cool looking very strange like an extremely strange because it doesn't really match up with the back end of this too much it doesn't really help that it doesn't connect properly so we're gonna go from here and we're gonna try and merge them together yeah like that there we go there we go all right now we're talking all right cool fill that in and yeah that makes it look a lot nicer with with some sort of system like that all right cool go ahead and fill us in man I'm not good with helicopters every helicopter that I've built so far then I've only built one looks – it looks so rubbish but yeah this is looking I mean it's not looking too bad it's just not looking the best that it possibly could so yeah we'll have these to merge together this will go in itself like this and then it will go on there fantastic and I'll have it continue across here from there out the back yeah and that'll make it a little bit smaller which is perfect it's exactly what we want and then from there we'll go out a little bit more and that'll be like where our V rotor goes if we have a figure out I don't really know how to do this properly but uh yeah we'll do that we'll go ahead and delete most of this and we'll have these go across there we go in fact actually we'll go ahead and have one of these as well we might as well cuz it make it look nicer there we go fantastic and we'll have it sort of just merge together with itself right here all right cool that's perfect and we'll have this bit be sort of deleted there we go all right delete that and that and we'll put these pieces on it there we go one there and one there there we go fantastic we've got the little V rotor thingamabob be ready to go awesomesauce all right cool we do need to work on the doors and things things like that now we also need to make it look I don't know there's something about helicopters that I just can't do I don't know what it is but there's just something that I just it's not possible for me to do so yeah there we go anyway the V that L is on so that's good okay so looking at this engine right here we I'm not really gonna be able to fit it too well are we look at it it's massive um can I somehow slot it into the roof slightly possibly that'll be great if I can delete a bunch of this we might be able to put it in there and yeah of course it goes through the floor right okay that's okay that's fine because what we can do is we can make this like this on the inside and we can delete a lot of the floor on the outside so that's okay alright cool delete this and this and we go ahead and fill them in there we go yeah that makes it look much nicer especially on this side so we can put this on here Oh like so alright okay cool and then obviously we need to fill in this so we need air we need fuel and we need coolant all of this can be done so we'll do it there we go we'll delete most of this and we need the coolant to go in there basically I'll have the coolant go here but further back it might as well go all the way back here because it can't there we go we'll have the coolant fit literally actually the coolant will go back there so what we can do is we can go ahead and fill this back in and we can have the coolant sit in there that's good that's good alright cool so so far we're doing all right as for how it looks in the 80s dad really like weird looking helicopters so with a big block on the top it should look fine don't look completely fine look normal there we go alright cool put that on there build it across and task I have it sort of merged together with the front a little bit so we'll delete your bunch of this well delete a bunch of this as well and we'll have it I guess merged from down here uh would work so it merged from here there you go all right cool build it across yeah yeah that looks all right that looks fine nice completely fine we also needed to merge at the back as well which is probably where it's gonna be a little bit of a trouble shooter thingamabob eBook yeah well leave it like that there we go good don't you this thing we go ahead and fix it across yes like so and we're going to do something like this yeah not bad not bad that totally like covers the engine I don't know whether this engine is gonna be out of power the helicopter literally no idea but hopefully it does hopefully it does just fine we're also gonna have it poke forwards a little bit as well what I mean by that is we're gonna have something like this on here and we're gonna have it go up there we go and then we're gonna have it poke forwards so it's gonna go on here there we go and that's poked forwards beautiful turn these around and we'll bash them all in bish bash Bosh they're all in beautiful looks alright I suppose what we could do as well as we could delete a bunch of this to save on weight and we'll push it outwards sideways sigh lightly there we go and we'll go ahead and connect that right there we connect this right here might as well put it on there right may as well make it look bit might as well make it look fit there we go a couple fit it in it doesn't need to come up slightly though which is like my main concern with this is that we go a little bit too high and it starts to make it look even worse so yeah we're gonna try and not go as high as we can we're gonna go as high as we possibly want to which is about this high there we go so the way I positioned this is so that the main rotor is gonna be above the center of mass which is right there for right now so that's good that is a pretty pretty good little hole right there for it to go up through well leave it like so right okay so the fuel is gonna go straight down the air and the exhaust can actually go out the sides that's okay where is the air on this out in the front isn't it uh okay alright well that's fine because it can go like straight forwards and it can literally go right there if it wants to which I think it should you'll hold on let's go and get some pipes we need to work out how to get the pipes down into the fuel situation thingamabob e all the way down here so we'll delete your hole all the way at the back so that we can sort of inconspicuously high-dollar pipes that would be great if your tanks gonna go all the way down there and what we want to do is we want to have pipes like this enclosed pipes so that we can actually make our way up without being able to see the pipes that is kind of what I want to do so the first things first we're gonna go like this Thanks actually why don't we just delete this and this Oh actually just delete that one that's okay angle I'm gonna put an angle piece in there feel like that's the right way and we're gonna put an angle piece in here and we're gonna have it go like literally just straight up from there that's probably fine probably fine all right cool go to it and there it is right there so the fuel is gonna go straight in that is beautiful we're gonna go ahead and make it go upwards okay upwards again and it puts again actually you know what we need to make it flat so that they don't interrupt these aha jeez Louise okay angle go forwards there we go this angle is then gonna flip us upwards alright cool and that angle is gonna put us in fantastic good go ahead and merge that nut and this and this yeah there we go beautiful that's gonna work our coolant is gonna work as well because purely because it's gonna just fit right here so we go down we'll come out we go straight straight yeah and then we'll go down again angled down fantastic I'll go ahead and attach all this together and we go across from there there we go all right nice yeah beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful that is all good right there all good right there go ahead and put this piece in so that we don't see the floor and we're gonna put these pieces on there as well like so and we're gonna put this piece on the back end pointing downwards yeah like like so alright fantastic so that sort of merges together a little bit weirdly but it does merge and that is fantastic this goes down into the fuel we do need coolant to come onto this so if we go ahead and get a heat sink II thingamabob II heat radiator we can literally just go ahead and plumb that in literally just like that there we go that's plumbed in that's good and it'll work it will work for what we are doing right now okay cool the other thing that I thought I was thinking that we could do is we could go up here we can block up off this little area okay and we can put in some like Arctic clothing and diving equipment and stuff like that right there and that will do fine okay yeah fantastic yet we also go ahead and put one of these in and we'll go down the sides with one of these just to make the corners a little bit less corner II fantastic good yes so so far so good it's looking a-ok we don't have any fuel in there at the minute but that's okay and we don't have a rotor on here either already air supply so we need to figure out the air supply I feel like I'm just gonna put it right there let's just put the air supply right there that seems like a good place for it let's go ahead and get air and we'll see if we can fit one of these on we'll see what it looks like at least yeah doesn't look too that doesn't look too bad at all not too shabby man all right cool we're just gonna ship them on there that'll make yourself fit and then once they're fitting we're gonna go ahead and attach this to the air supply which is all the way down there pipe is all we need we need a straight pipe and we probably need an angle pipe there we go good all right cool make this go in a straight line all the way to the end pretty much there we go how'd it go up and have it go down there we go go there spin around go there spin around we got air supply we've got fuel we've got coolant and we don't have any exhaust right as of right now but we could do that literally just point it out to the sides so we have a little look in here probably go from there there we go angle it sideways and outwards and then put a fluid thing on here one of these actually just shove that right there and voila we have exhaust we have air we have fuel and we have the power to come out at the top bit and work on a rotor which is absolutely fantastic there we go good let's go ahead and give that a normal pipe here as well I like a one of these pipes is what I mean by normal all right cool put that right there fantastic main rotor row tour I don't know what I need a huge rotor question mark maybe just a large large rotor I don't know is a large wrote oblige enough oh my okay it comes with a big square comes with a big bob because of course it does look at that big blob right there doesn't even fit doesn't even fit properly but I'm gonna have a problem with this I'm gonna have a big problem with this it doesn't fit properly it's gonna look out of place it's gonna lay well out of place that's all you're gonna cut that isn't it so if I delete this we'll be able to see the engine I don't want to be able to see the engine gonna have to come up like one more okay hold on if I literally just put this on top of there and then we merge the rest of this to go with it maybe that will look all right but I don't know this is gonna like poopy there's girl I'm very poopy if we don't fix it right all right cool put that there spin it around put it right there beautiful that's that and attach I don't know put that there but this here there we go I feel like that makes it look way better than it did then we're gonna do this okay and of course the connection is on the front and not the back but we'll leave that like that and that looks really strange that looks really strange all right okay delete this put this piece in yes make it go down no make it go that way then make this go this way and then we need a straight pipe to attach those two together and then it should work yeah all right cuz there's our little helicopter so far we're gonna leave it like this for today um tell me what you guys think of it in the comments down below thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in the next one you're back

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