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Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the airline of Switzerland, serving more than 100 destinations from Zurich and Geneva and carrying more than 16 million passengers a year. Its origins commit it to the highest product and service quality. And because its size is manageable, SWISS is able to be closer to its guests and provide them with more individual care. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group, and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline grouping.

SWISS – Made of Switzerland

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41 thoughts on “SWISS Cabin Crew | SWISS”

  1. Swiss…wenn immer möglich – nein danke. Business von LIS nach Zrh…-, sorry kann es nicht anders sagen, 2 abgehalfterte Schnäpfen als Stewardessen..Einbildung hoch, Service unterstes Niveau…. wenn man 3x nach etwas zum trinken betteln muss, da sich die Damen lieber privat unterhalten, dann ist das ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art…. seit LH Uebernahme unteres Niveau….sollen sich mal in Middle Eastoder Asien Schulen lassen und min 30% des Kabinenpersonals austauschen

  2. Is this the same Airline that allocated my wife and I different seats at the gate,other than the ones we had booked, without telling us? They asked us for our boarding cards at the gate and gave us different seats and said nothing. When we boarded, we saw other passengers in our seats. We tried to explain that they were sitting in our seats but they were adamant that they were not. This led to a lot of confusion and hassle on our part especially when we were in the way of other passengers trying to board. We had our bags stowed at or around our booked seats but my wife remembered the pieces of paper that we had been given at the gate. It showed that we had been moved to the rear of the plane. We were not happy with Swissair. We don't mind being moved as long as we are told. I emailed Swissair when I got home and all I got was bullshit and Corporate speak. They wouldn't even admit that passengers SHOULD be told of a change before they board! First time it ever happened to us with any Airline. How come the system left us book two seats that obviously weren't available? Disappointed with Swissair.

  3. I love the music very relaxing and the plane airbus A340, it's very rare nowadays that airline used a340 for commercial. The blend of modernity and old-school are well alive in this clip.

  4. I wanna become a pilot for swiss soon but how many languages do you have to speak and which? I can speak French Dutch English is that good or do i have to teach more languages to become a pilot for swiss?

  5. I really enjoyed this video. I think Swiss is showing a very professional outlook. People say the crew doesn’t smile enough in the video. Maybe so but I don’t think it’s meant to be like that it is showing how focused and serious they are to making sure you have a nice flight

  6. Wow your on the ball !! you say there all Swiss, ok, German, French, Italian, Romansh, ? America got everything, all shape and sizes, and who dominates Swiss food? America has mostly sandwiches and peanuts and Americans say nothing everything is alright, just happy to get to there destination

  7. This video looks totally cold and doesn't make me want fly with Swiss air. It's just totally running out of warmness and it almost feels like it was rolled in an hospital. Not suitable for an advertising I think.

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