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I join Supercar Driver and 150 of the worlds best supercars at RAF Scampton for a day i’ll never forget!

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all right we'll just arrived the super car driver event here at RAF Gamson I'm here with none other than Adam Thor be the founder of supercar driver brought a great event first of all we are currently walk 50 feet above the ground in this cherry picker and behind us we've got to line up 100 cars supercars tell me about this event I missed it last year stupidly it was here last year was our first event this year we have stepped it up a bit we've learned a lot of lessons for the last time this is hosted by the red arrows yeah I saw come down here so it's pretty cool great event it's funny normally I'll turn up to these events and go straight over to the best car this time I've turned up and go straight to a red arrow which is amazing matters is so good so what's the format of the day the day today we have doing starting with this epic group photo yep and then there are various parades the cars are splinter group 220 there's a paper car parade going at first they won't have two or three laps on the track and then we've worked through the groups obviously it's worth saying as well when you turned up we took a donation offer you all right and what's the charity it's John egging Trust which is the pilot as for those his charity and then percentage of that small percentage also yeah it's good it's cool because we can use these cars for a good thing for good yeah drivers have an awesome day we give money to charity everyone wins when where and so as well as me filming today you guys have noticed your crew down yeah no crew so after this video be sure to go and check out super car drivers channel they've got much fancier cameras that I have so I'm expecting big things brother Nathan today's presenting it so fun the wines we've got to face and yeah yeah a bit behind the scenes I think so fantastic okay we have arrived at RAF scamp tton and behind me is an airfield of a hundred and fifty of the world's best super cars we've all got the cars lined up perfectly for what its gonna be a phenomenal photo shoot again the words aren't gonna quite do it justice so after this segment I'm gonna take you along for a more beautiful ride but some of the cars here are absolutely insane we've got a road-legal FXX 918 several super veloce Aventadors the list goes on and on and on yeah without further ado let's chat here with a familiar face again last time I was speaking to you is about your winning but now you're telling me that this f430 that you've modified quite a lot we're gonna be the original car yeah this was going to be the original race car James and we had I had a cold driver that was going to join me and he got really pretty ill and we decided to change the car to do the race in the five nine nine but when we when we started the build on this car we were trying to make what we considered would be the ultimate Mille Miglia car so we wanted to have really really capable on the road yeah but also not to sort of focus that it would be unstable yeah so yes so we managed to take what Ferrari had started with and yeah and make some modifications it sounds like you've given it the Scuderia treatment and then some yeah well we're we're now lighter than a scuderia and it's interesting to come true I'm an engineer by trade so it's interesting to contrast Ferraris approach of course a losing water losing way and an hour approach so the first thing here is the carbon oh yeah from a guide which is which on the stock car is what call it but it's also amazingly heavy then the next thing that we did moving backwards was we upgraded the car to the to the carbon brakes which was running on Steel Brakes originally okay and we also put the challenge wheels with titanium titanium bolts so those those titanium bolts will save one and a half kilos what we did was we changed the geometry a little bit to to make sure that the car you know would handle really well but we've kept the suspension travel because one of the things about road race in it that the roads are not perfect so unlike a track focused car like this good area yeah you know you've got to be able to soak up those potholes and those occasion and which directly there are there are quite a lot let's just say Italy Italy's words are very very some big changes because in period that the car was available with carbon trim but most fall thirties have got like an aluminium look to them if it's one of the single biggest weight savings seats was these race seats these carbon bat rear seats they are they are a Ferrari item and I think up until the fall five eight option came out these are where the lightest fully trimmed leather carbon seats you can get but as you can see everything carbon inside we took the stock manifolds out and you probably can't see them but buried in there yeah some stainless steel replacement manifolds so you've gone all out of them we've gone all out yeah yeah the the carbon interior here saves a lot of way and these carbon air boxes these are from a Scuderia have adapted them to fit the standard engine did some work on yeah titanium cap here re out serves a few grams and and they exhaust also to get the exhaust free-flowing this is a really weirdly rare Japanese market to be pipes yes I have got another exhaust which is current which I designed and somebody fabricated for me but we're running the stop silencer today Wow and then this piece at the back end here that is this is what this is yeah what they call the challenge back end we have weight on the Weybridge the other day yes and we've taken out 128 kilos over the stock car so we're almost when we change the silencer yeah I think we'll be thirty kilos less than the Scuderia fantast the boxes yeah and the manifolds and a little bit of a Rhema warp to 555 horsepower so together with that the power-to-weight ratios quite jump yeah yeah so if it will great Pisa Q know it will outperform a Scuderia on the road yes as you know James on there I'm a road racer at heart that's tough yeah yeah so yeah it's been a very very rewarding project I mean when we got that we got that number on the scales really fun to us it was in a waste recycling center and you pay 13 quid to get a new car web and we were jumping up and down they said what the hell you know what why are you jumping up and down with it I need to get out in this I think one day we should do a video on it because I actually was a 430 scuderia owner oh right that was really interesting I would have compared them I think that would be exercise yeah all right Chris well there's another hundred and fifty cars here and I'm not gonna do an interview like that on every one of them well you enjoy the rest of the day tunes and I'll see you soon idea now that is we have a parade lap and we're gonna get some awesome photos and footage is that I hope that so I'm on man that's what usually yeah I mind leaving him behind kids decided to do it interview mid runway don't even need to plug this back in he's in he's back he's back had to do a piece to cover what we're gonna do we're gonna remould your face this is the car I just really don't know what to say oh girl that was good is so good don't joke decide this is it just that much power and that much the groceries should be breaking traction and dying it doesn't it's ridiculous honestly my switch craft dizer McLaren they have some magic formula they have really done the job on this car all right we're coming towards the end of the day but behind me is exactly the reason why this event is so fantastic we've cut a road legal FXX my LT act a plane from the red arrow or hints issue for people that just line up and take pictures with when's the next time a picture like that is going to happen it's fantastic anyway we are coming towards the end of the day so I'm gonna hop back in the LT I've got quite a drive home and see you next time ciao

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  1. Fantastic video.
    My grandparents met each other at RAF Scampton in the 50's. So significant base for me, as I might not have existed and been able to enjoy these brilliant videos if that base hasn't existed. 😂

  2. James I don't think I've ever seen a better picture of a car than with a Hawk T1 Red Arrow! 😱😲 it's like a dream come true that photo! I'm definitely going try to get there next year!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. That guy spent a fortune to remove weight from his Ferrari.. he could've saved a shed load more weight if he just went on a diet, along with a lot of money..

  4. Not hating but only 6 grand from all those supercar owners? You could probably find more than that by looking for change under the seat of each car lol

  5. hey james, great video .nice to see that mclaren driven like it was designed for. but supercars and hypercars should come with a health warning as i drove a ferrari 458 italia 2 years ago and never got over it (the style and pure engine noise and power)bearing in mind i have a mk2 focus rs and compaired to that ferrari it is a bag o shit (which it ain't) keep these cool vids coming

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