Sun 'N Fun 2019 Arrival – Flying to an airshow in a small airplane.

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The most exciting flight since I became a pilot. I flew to Sun N Fun, one of the largest aviation events in the world, and definitely the most fun

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Landing at a private airport

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This video is not sponsored and is made for entertainment purpose only. It is not a flight lesson. This flight complies with all FAA regulations and safety requirements.

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28 thoughts on “Sun 'N Fun 2019 Arrival – Flying to an airshow in a small airplane.”

  1. Bro… So much going on at once and your faces. How cool to actually enjoy it man. The challenge, on take it on and knowing is chaos. Maybe when I grow up definely pushing this on.

  2. great video, friend lives mile for the airport and I don't think he ever has been to Sun 'N Fun. Also as a Vietnam Vet, that like helicopter clip and music had my hair standing!

  3. Brave to fly in on your own. Your right seat empty I would have joined you to be another swivel head. I missed sun n fun this year πŸ˜’ good job and love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

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