Summer Plane Spotting at London Heathrow Airport, including BA's first A350

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Finally a decent sunny day came where I could make it down to Heathrow and grab some of the action including my first sighting of British Airways’ brand new Airbus A350-1000 – G-XWBA. She was certainly a beaut. I can’t wait to see Virgin’s A350 up in the flesh very soon.

Video includes: Etihad A380, Emirates A380’s, Virgin Atlantic 787’s, Egyptair 777, El Al 787-9, Qatar A350-1000 and A380, British Airways 787,s 777’s, 747’s (Including BOAC Retro), Air China A330, Air India 777, Air New Zealand All Blacks 777 and much more!

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27 thoughts on “Summer Plane Spotting at London Heathrow Airport, including BA's first A350”

  1. I feel old! The BOAC 747 in retro isn’t retro to me because I saw it when it was delivered to BOAC many, many years ago. Same with the BEA retro airbus, but they still look impressive all these years later.

  2. When I first saw sketches and proposed picture s the BA A350 K, I thought "nah I don't like this" but to actually see it, I must say British Airways made I very nice choice it's nicely done, I said the same thing about the Virgin Atlantic A350 K, now I can't wait for its arrival! Outstanding video mate 😃 nicely done!

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