Sully scene "Can we get serious now?" Tom Hanks scene part 5 (FINAL PART)

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46 thoughts on “Sully scene "Can we get serious now?" Tom Hanks scene part 5 (FINAL PART)”

  1. we found bird poop
    on the variable prop
    and a nest inside the turbo coolant.
    the acars data was wrong.
    if we remove the poop .from the equation .. you dont get shit..

    .. do you want to add something
    i would like extra sauce and two more french fries.


    ha ha ha you are so funny
    why do i look like a buny

    no u r sully

  2. My daughter bought the CD months ago for me to watch. It is still in the sealed cellophane wrapper. Tom Hanks has become so political of late that I just stopped watching his works. But, maybe I will finally watch it tonight. I am still not happy with Tom Hanks and doubt I will ever see him as just another Hollywood actor that got too rich and decided to tell the rest of us how to live and what to do. I'm just a simple retired firefighter paramedic of long tenure, no one special.

  3. The one thing that they didnt take into account is that the water could have done the damage to the engine, but the birdstrike still would have done some. If i was a passenger, i would have wanted himm to do exactly what he did.

  4. Oh yeah new York is just so wonderful wahoo what a crock of crap. Oh new Yorkers are such great & wonderful people who always come together yet have one of the high and climbing crime rates particularly violent crime such as but not limited to rape, assault, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, gangbangers stabbed dozens of times and bodies burned yeah New Yorkers are such wonderful people… Chicago is full of supposed wonderful people too as are LA and Detroit & Boston & Cleveland all with soaring gangs soaring violence & crime great people which yes does usually affect the poor & often minority as victims and suspects. Everyone comes together for a plane crash but the woman jogging through central park who gets raped & murdered by an illegal or even a legal no one's there for that though almost on a daily basis.

  5. The fact that a bunch of so called authorities questioned and even chastised an experienced pilot for not wanting to fly an out-of-control aircraft 1000-2000 ft over a heavily populated metro area is kindof troubling…

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