SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch

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Falcon Heavy, SpaceX’s powerful rocket, successfully launches on its maiden voyage.

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gasps loads are complete even if you'll be complete and when DEA agent chill is complete he had to drink for long [Applause] chosen stone [Applause] Stage two you basically do you – 30 seconds launch director our countdown 1 SpaceX heavy you go for launch Falcon Heavy is configured for flight in -15 stand by for terminal count and nine eight seven – six [Applause] cheering sir [Applause] you've heard the call-out vehicle is supersonic side boosters are now their past max-q the period of maximum loads on the vehicle next up will be waiting for the side boosters to begin to throttle down prior to booster engine cutoff at separation two and a half minutes into flight CNC trajectory looks good on the heavy [Applause] reports show that the m1b engine performance is nominal let's be done slide boosters have began to throttle down in preparation for the upcoming shutdown in 20 seconds [Applause] major event coming at set-aside foods to shut down at separation shut down side boosters the tool – Shirley's golf so successful separation we're coming up on c4 occupation students of decision don't start Centocor beside engines pilot also look good [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] mr. agos [Applause] Wow Wow did you guys see that that was awesome that's the other thing I can man recapping all the great things that you just saw their successful liftoff from the pad successful stage separation but before that successful booster separation you can see stage one the tube side boosters parting that you can see the center core and you can see impact lit up oh my gosh then the beautiful shots of star man chilling in the Tesla Roadster on your screen at the moment you've got a few things happening on the upper right you've got em back D continuing it's burn on the upper left you have the central core headed back towards the autonomous spaceport drone ship and in the two bottom screens you've got the side boosters headed back towards Cape Canaveral Air Force Station landing zones 1 & 2 [Applause] the next step coming up for these sign boosters and the center booster is the re-entry burn that's going to slow it down from or slow all the boosters down from way faster than the speed of sound to just faster than the speed of sound in order to reduce some of those aerodynamic forces and heating that occurs when you're moving that quickly through the atmosphere and as you can see on your screen that reassures [Applause] so the core which to central core and the upper left of your screen performing a chaiienge you can see the the edge of Cape Canaveral in both of the side booster cameras as those who coming it'll be white and Center core and Sherbourne shut down and even though very similar those two boosters views those are actually representing different boosters burns then in Bern mostarda future the unexpected [Applause] checking your screen some loose pitch goes out when it approaches the drone ship and the heavy vibrations may get lose signal crossing our fingers that's not the case right now [Applause]