SouthWest Flight Attendant, He's still a SUPERSTAR !

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have a good habitat and sherry diet and Robert it is an absolute pleasure to a certainty any captain is Captain Walker and he's assisted by first officer Christopher justify the distinct me play step back relax and enjoy your flight two hours of 17 minutes shall be your flight time you try men aboard on flight Boeing 737-800 series aircraft and at this time I'm going to ask you to direct your attention to my three ex-wives here in the center aisle and they're going to point out the safety features of this aircraft now folks in the event that you have not been in an automobile since 1942 these qualified ladies have to show you how to fasten a seat belt is extremely difficult to watch closely to unfasten it do that let's leave that needs to be low and tight across your hips just like the hot bingo I'm gonna be wearing when the four of us get to though there aren't dumb now folks you don't like the jokes through the service tonight there's eight ways out of this airplane you feel free to use them that shall be Teufel when it's the doors for over wing window exit two to rear exit doors those signs on the ceiling and the disco lights on the floor shall lead you to be sensitive and in that big back pocket in front of you to take the information card and outlines the safety features of this aircraft as well as our evacuation processes please take a moment to look it over and read it before you need it now in the unlikely event that have to want to decide to turn the love Airlines into a cruise this evening somewhere between here and San Juan we shall instruct you how to remove this life vest from beneath the sea ladies and gentlemen this is a lunch fest it is not the toilet seat cover it like this over your head you bring the black strap around your tiny little ways to give nap it in front difficult to tighten conflate the life vest after you exit the attract you pull down on the red tab and for those of you that have to do absolutely everything the most difficult way will you blow into that red to be located at the shoulder there's a recess to luck to you with all that but they keep a token cuddle over to the shore this cabin crew will be behind you shortly you're going to be able to recognize us and we want to be the ones carrying that liquor kit and the world-famous fresh being now the ladies the practically the cabinet this time to make sure that your shoes and socks that handbags match yeah folks I had to share what I noticed in this parade of already there's so many of you they need a little fashion consultation but kick it and cram it and shove it all the way beneath the sea that looks it's a non-smoking flight for the next two hours in 17 minutes but for those of you that need a surgery they're just really do seasoning we have two entertainment launches for you once out there net left wing the other one right across the hallway on the right wing you think you're talented enough to light it or you can certainly try to smoke it but the rest of us were going to enjoy two feature films this evening Gone with the Wind and Bye Bye Birdie ladies the jam the message very clear very simple don't be naughty and the Hani's leave the webcam alone in there you end up on YouTube next week now folks it's $2,200 projectory with detecting an aircraft lavatory and you know again $2,200 you be on American Airlines in first class down there now the cabin staff and I we certainly wouldn't show that for work tonight if we had anticipated in decompression but in the event of a decompression or sand run yellow buttercup math designed by Gucci and Martha Stewart where they're going to drop from that compartment overhead and to start the flow of oxygen you have to first stop screaming you have to let go of the person next to you you reach up grab the mask full extending their plastic tubing place it over your big nose and mouth and teaching you wearing that mask until otherwise notified by one of your four fabulously press flight attendants and the flight attendants that your MC tonight running about the cabin absolutely naked well ladies and gentleman those ladies just cannot be trusted now ladies for those of you that are traveling with someone that's going to need your assistance ladies you know exactly who I'm talking about yes ladies that there's your husband here darling with the mass fog you might want to take my advice diamond diamond for those of you traveling with your children why and for those of you that are dropping we do a few children one the world were you thinking this evening but when those masks fall with the mask on the bright when that one's going to contribute to your retirement most successfully ladies agenda thank you for joining us we can do us a favor sit back relax enjoy our in-flight hospitality or you can set up a few tents that choice is yours the pleasure will serve you this evening it is certainly ours now we have one final message for you before we depart we love you you love art we're much faster than but we hope you enjoy our hospitality marry one of us and you'd fly free folks over two hours to think about wedding photos you need to know one of us is a little higher maintenance and the other three

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  1. I don't like the emergency life vest its a waste of time in the event of an emergency blowing through that stupid red tube is time consuming also it can cause trauma to those who have breathing issues their needs to be a quicker more efficient method of inflating that life vest w-out causing trauma to those who have breathing issues swa needs to invest in such life vest who has a quicker more efficient inflation system rather than blowing through a stupid red tube

  2. I got a kick out of when he said ladies & gentlemen this is a life vest, it is not a toilet seat cover. Also talking about fashion consultation. I relate to the song at the end of the P.A I do live with a flight attendant I get passes for life.

  3. Having taken thousands of passenger flight hours and having been told the drill so many times I usually switch of, often don't look at the safety card if it's a route and plane ive flown before. Im guessing like most of us if we are honest to admit it. But these guys make you listen by being entertaining. It's proven that knowledge learnt through enjoyment is better remembered. I think they've got it right, everyone listens and all remember better than they would from the usual dry delivery. I hope they veary it a bit for the frequent flyers… Or even get them to deliver the briefing… That would be so funny.

  4. OK, mate. I will try to remember all this massive amount of information… Think I need a computer to deal with it all… But, what if it crashes? The plane, that is, stuff the computer… And I run out of time and I can't remember it all and my computer crashes, too, before I do, from lack of sleep, caused by such major flight attendant induced anxiety? Oh hell, I need pills to quell it, but they wouldn't allow them on board… Think I will stay safe. Feet firmly on the ground.

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