Snapshots Episode 06 – Keith Anderson

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LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Applied Aviation Science Keith Anderson (‘83 LETU alumnus) grew up a missionary kid who wanted to study missionary aviation. Today he seeks to help LETU students develop a biblical worldview consistent with the Scriptures.

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(lively music) – My journey here to
LeTourneau, just like anyone's, has been very unique. And I think that's part
of what I enjoy about it, is that all the students have
a very unique story as well, and I enjoy getting to hear
some of the students' stories. I grew up as a missionary kid, and so, I always have
had a heart for aviation, for seeing what God
does in people's lives. My parents worked around
lots of missionaries and so, we had missionaries
in our home all the time. And enjoyed being able to see what God is doing in their lives, sometimes, through my parents as well and their interaction with them. So, I was only about eight years old when I told Lord that unless
He had something different, I would go into mission aviation. And He opened those doors and continued to guide me down that path. And so, my wife and I ended up overseas with mission aviation fellowship
in Venezuela and Guatemala, and after that, ended up
back here at LeTourneau for a short time, before going back
overseas again to Uganda. And ended up with Quest Aircraft Company, with some very unique opportunities there. And so, it's just been
so amazing to look back and see God walking
right there along with us every step of the way, and just kinda seing what He has done to open and close doors. And so, LeTourneau's always
been near and dear to my heart. I went to school here, graduated back in 1983 in
electrical engineering technology with the aviation option. And God has used both
sides of that degree, both the engineering and the aviation to open doors along the way. And that's part of the
reason why I'm excited to be back here and working
with students again. He definitely orchestrated
it for me to be here in some very unique ways. Have a very interesting background in a lot of different areas, both the engineering and aviation, but God really closed doors behind me to open this door here, and so, it's good to be
back with the students. And it's been a very interesting semester. We have students from all over the world and a lot of different countries. And I think my background of having lived in other
countries and other cultures has helped me gain some insights into some of the struggles
that they're going through too. And one of my biggest
desires in the classroom is that not only do we maintain
a high standard of quality for the education side of things, but I think it's very
important for students to develop a biblical worldview that is consistent with Scriptures. There's a lot of
worldviews out there today, and even in the church as a whole, a lot of the, I shouldn't say a lot, but some of the worldviews
are starting to stray from what Scripture actually says. And so, I think helping students think through some of those questions, what is truth, how do I know truth and how do I apply that to my life, is just as important as some
of the technical content of some of the classes themselves that we work hard to make sure that they are gaining that good foundation that will help them in the workplace. I've worked in a lot of places where LeTourneau graduates have been. I've been thankful for that. I've been able to see the
background that they have, and as important, the integrity as well that goes right along with that. So, it's always good to
see that combination. And I think that's very important, not only in the workplace
but just in life as general. So, that's been very exciting for me to see the students develop
along some of those same paths. There have been some challenges with some of the foreign students, but a lot of that is just language. And some of them are
working on their English and we work through some of those things, and sometimes, it's explaining concepts that aren't necessarily new to them but their new to them in English. And so, that has been kind
of fun to work through them and to get to build some
of those relationships, just on a day-to-day basis,
you get them in class, on a regular basis. So, as I've come back to school here, being able to develop those relationships and just kind of work through what my background
has been with them, to see where I've come
from in the work place has been an exciting place to be and something I've
definitely enjoyed very much. It's been a very interesting journey, if I back up to where God
has brought me through. It's been very interesting
on the mission side of things to use what I learned at LeTourneau, both on the aviation and the engineering. I've always had a deep
passion for aviation, which is why I went into
it in the first place, having grown up around airplanes. But just to see God open
doors one step at a time into positions that I never
thought I would be doing. After mission aviation and
spending year overseas, to be able to step into
some engineering positions that I didn't feel that I was
ready for or qualified for, and to be able to see God work through me, when I've been able to give
up control, so to speak, and say, "Okay, God, I can't do this. "You're gonna have to do it through me," and to see how He opens those doors and gives you the wisdom to
be able to take some of those just one day at a time sometime and go, "Okay, God, I'm not prepared. "You're gonna have to help me," and just to see Him kind of
grow you through that process, not only the process of learning things like managing people, but just to rely on Him
at the same time and go, "God, I need your help,
I need your wisdom," and so, being able to walk that through and sometimes, it's been into
expanding responsibilities that you go, "No, that's not for me. "That's way beyond what I'm capable of," but then, to see Him
take you through that, one step at a time. Sometimes, all He wants you to do is, "Okay, I want you to
be willing to do this." And you go, "Okay, I'm not sure
that you really want me to," but to make that step and go, "Okay, God. "We'll do this first little bit "and see where it goes from there." And then, to not only gain some confidence and relying on him, but just as He grows you and stretches you in some of those areas
has been very exciting. And so, I've been able
to take that experience and go into some engineering
responsibility positions that I never thought
that would be something that I would be even interested
in or capable of doing and just to have Him walk
me through those steps. And it has required, sometimes, taking steps that are obviously
outside of my comfort zone and sometimes, from one
company to the next. As He closes doors
sometimes and opens others, I've always tried to be very sensitive to when God is saying,
"Okay, it's time to move on," to not get too comfortable
in one place, and just say, "Okay, Lord, whatever you
have for me I'm open for, "whether that's staying where I'm at, "and I'll stay here as long as you want, "but when it's time to move on, "I want you to show that to me," and just make it very clear that if it's time for me to move on that I'm trying to listen to Him and say, "Okay, is this the next step? "You want me to stay or
move on to the next one?" And so, it's been that process
of one position to the next, and then, most recently,
coming back here to LeTourneau. It was a very obvious, "Okay, Keith, "it's time to move one, it's
time to take that next step." And so, it's been very exciting
to be back at the school. This is my first semester
back teaching here again. So, it's been exciting. It's been a challenge, but at the same time, it's
been a very good opportunity, I feel like, and God just saying, "Okay,
this is the next step for you," to be able to invest back into
some of the student lives, something that I've definitely
been enjoying doing, and look forward to doing more. (lively music)

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