Singapore Airlines 787-10 Inaugural Flight – NEW regional Business Class

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I was very lucky to score an invite on the inaugural 787-10 flight out of Australia with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines is the global launch customer for the brand new Boeing 787-10 and they are using it to launch their new regional business class cabin.

This flight review covers the new Singapore Airlines regional Business Class and it is very good indeed with every seat having direct aisle access and a full lie flat bed. This business class review covers check-in, the gate launch party, the SQ SilverKris Lounge, boarding, take off and the Singapore Airlines onboard service including the wonderful Singapore Girl cabin crew.

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Route: Perth, Australia (PER) to Singapore (SIN)
Length: 2,433 miles, 4:54 hrs
Flight: SQ214
When: 7 May 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Registration 9V-SCA – delivered 28 March 2018
Seat: 18A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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this is going to be good one I'm really looking forward to this I managed to get an invite on Singapore Airlines inaugural 787 10 flight from Perth through to Singapore it's a brand new product brand-new playing there the launch customer for the 787 10 and it features their brand new regional business class this will eventually be the standard business pass for them on all flights under about 8 hours so I'm really lucky that I get to try it out so join me and we'll we'll go and see what it's like I reckon you'll be good it I reckon it'll be pretty good this being the inaugural flight there was quite a festive feeling at check-in complete with balloons and music provided by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra upon check-in I was presented with a couple of small gifts and an invitation to the gate party yeah good thank you say there was more music in the lounge as well as some really nice food in the lounge I also took the opportunity to catch up with the latest videos from two of my favorite flight reviewers the to Paul's first this fellow Ozzie Paul Stewart and then there's Paul's trip reports from the UK who manages to travel more than the rest of us combined if you haven't done so check them both out and the links are below in the description it was then time to head to the gate to join the party which of course meant more food and music no party is complete however without some speeches soon it was time to board and it is time for more gifts then waiting at our seat was a special 7 8 7 10 cupcake I could get used to this sort of special treatment welcome aboard which is a stoker right one there is one main business class cabin on the Singapore Airlines 787 with nine rows seats are laid out in a one-to-one configuration with a total of 36 seats all seats have direct aisle access each seat is offset from the one in front making some of the seats in the middle or suitable for couples and some more suitable for single travelers all couples that don't get on as we were boarding I also went to check out the economy class cabin the 787 10 is the longest version of the 787 and there are two economy class cabins with a total of 301 seats these are laid out in a 3 3 3 configuration and feature fully adjustable headrests the latest Chris world entertainment system and on this flight special edition cupcakes I was really impressed with these new regional business class seats they are a massive improvement on the older product on the a330 the seat itself is very comfortable to sit in with good support and adjustable arm rests there is also good amount of legroom a wrap around walls of the seat give a great sense of privacy and the warm brown color palette of the cabin gives it a refined relaxed feel the seats have been clearly designed with practicality in mind with well placed power and USB ports individual lighting and good storage there is even a mirror in case you have an urgent need to look at yourself the seat controls are easy to use but unfortunately I forgot to press record so I can't show them at your feet there's a magazine holder with all sorts of stuff to read the tray table slides out from under the entertainment screen it's strong and sturdy and proved to be a good work surface and because the armrest retracts you can get out of your seat while the tray table is in use the feature that I love the most on the 787 is the larger windows and the electronic shading system at the touch of a button you can put sunglasses on your window and still see out it's great coming out of Perth we've got to enjoy some really good views of the sunset soon after takeoff the drink was served from the bar I was in a single malt type of mood and the Highland Park hit the spot on Singapore Airlines the walnuts that crashed cooked and drizzled over chicken and beef after the sour taste it was time for dinner the starter was beautifully presented Parma ham with bocconcini tomatoes and artichoke it was delicious I accompanied this with a lovely glass of Shiraz and the best tasting garlic bread I've had in the sky for the main course are used Singapore Airlines excellent book the cook service this allows you to choose from a large range of dishes a couple of days before departure via the Singapore Airlines website I went with the lobster thermidor it was lovely for dessert I couldn't go past the honey I'm a new girl I scream as expected it tasted delicious but the best bit is that it was served at the absolute best temperature nice and soft normally ice cream served on flights is rock-hard and super cold but not on this one it turns out that the crew on this flight had taken the ice cream out of the chiller whilst the mains were being served it's a small thing but this attention to detail is brilliant then purely for filming purposes I finished the meal with some cheese in an espresso oh yes and a chocolate the seven eight seven ten features the latest upgraded version of the Singapore Airlines Chris world entertainment system an eighteen inch high-definition screen ensures a clear bright picture and the system is easily controlled via the remote or the responsive touchscreen the new system is excellent and has some really cool features allowing you to save your preferences and watch them on your next flight there were plenty of choices of music TV shows and the latest blockbuster movies I decided to try one of Singapore Airlines playlists and have myself a retro party the route map was pretty good but a fortune Singapore Airlines does not feature any external cameras on their aircraft I don't know the reason but it's a real shame because I think they really enhance a flight the 7 8 10 is fully Wi-Fi enabled a business class passengers receive 30 Meg free after that you have to pay and it is a bit pricey I'm not sure if it was the remoteness of the route but the Wi-Fi on this flight was a bit slow the 30 Meg allowed me to post some pics on Instagram and check out the stories of a couple of Adelaide based aviation buffs high-flyer ADL and shredded mozzarella who happened to be featuring my Qantas first class video on his Instagram story I thought it was pretty cool that I got to see that while fly upon boarding each seat comes with a large comfortable pillow and blanket soon after slippers socks and a nice shade are provided I would love to show the amenities kit but Singapore Airlines don't believe in them in business class sadly there's also no PJs on Singapore Airlines business eventually it was time to try the live flatbed feature on these new seats the bed is fully flat and just over six foot in length the foot room is reasonable but it's definitely better on the bulkhead seats a friend let me film his feet to demonstrate thanks Brian to help soften the noise the seat walls are lined to be padded material I found the bed the most comfortable lying on my side I did have a little bit of trouble falling asleep though knowing that you guys are watching there now here in the Ford galleries rule the magic happens tonight's meal sensation we ice cream the first time I've ever had soft ice cream on board a flight fantastic and Amanda of the team thank you thank you so much mr. Bursch I can honestly say I've never ever had a bad su true yes cube to a port always fantastic the flight from Perth was only about four and a half hours long so there was just enough time for one more hot towel before we started our descent into Singapore [Applause] so we were insignificant to Singapore that was an episode of Li fantastic that was really really good massive improvement on the old regional business class can't wait for them to introduce this to to Adelaide and all the other cities were the old product is still fly now this is the thing that I'll absolutely love the most about Singapore Changi Airport you come off the plane you're straight into the terminal you're not covered you're not treated like a sheep and have to go through security it's fantastic yes thanks for watching if you liked that video give it a thumbs up leave a comment and then if you haven't done so please check out my channel where you'll find a whole lot of other reviews and more on the way in the meantime as always happy travels [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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  1. I believe its one of the best Airlines to fly with that's my opinion I'm not saying Qantas ; Thai and Emirates are not I just prefer Singapore Airlines ;
    I just have a love of flying

  2. Your videos have always been honest (but I'm not sure about this one because you are starting to appear like the other paid fraudsters who post fake reviews like sam chui, etc.)

  3. U flew from Osaka on NH points and was great and best regional class around even if full flight. Well done on your reports and the honourable mention to the other reporters as they are also very good. Safe travels always.

  4. God damn, that's the new regional business class for SQ? It looks like a mini version of their long haul product. In fact, it looks better than the long haul business class of some airlines. Beautiful.

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