'Sheikh'd Lightning' – Lightning Engine Run – Gatwick Aviation Museum

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Gatwick Aviation Museum held their first engine runs of the year, with their ex Royal Saudi Air Force BAC Lightning F.53 and Avro Shackleton MR3, on Saturday 24th March 2018. Shown here is the Lightning F.53 Engine Run and its hangaring at the end of the day. The titles, opening sequence and music are a parody of the 1962 Central Office of Information & Ministry of Defence RAF Recruitment film called ‘Streaked Lightning’.

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15 thoughts on “'Sheikh'd Lightning' – Lightning Engine Run – Gatwick Aviation Museum”

  1. If it's right what you say about it being in store near Portsmouth I remember seeing a couple of Lightning's in a scrap yard near Hilsea. The yard was right near the railway at Farlington jcn, be nice to know if this was one of those ?

  2. What a sight, and sound! Fantastic video, of this iconic jet fighter. I never saw a Saudi Lightning before. Wish they would also fly at RIAT. But then with RAF markings of course. 😉 Thanks for upload! Great filming job!

  3. Excellent, Thank you very much for posting this, some interesting shots of the ground handling as well, I wondered why they were putting in in the hanger front first, I can see why now ! Nice to see the engines still run well, you would think Solvo-Autosol would sponsor a polish up of the airframe.  Chris B.

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