Shake Shack Opens in Singapore! (Jewel Changi Airport) – Hype Hunt: EP38

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Singapore finally opens its first-ever Shake Shack outlet at the new Jewel Changi Airport! Jem and Roz check out the hugely popular US burger joint to see if it’s worth the hype.

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you guys miss us because we definitely miss you yep and a lot has happened since a lots happened episode I got married after 16 years finally and I also finished to drama one of which is a holic Network it's called globe and portal ban so don't forget to check it out the series is out now and one that's it okay anyway we are here today to check out a hype that actually started all the way from the u.s. Shake Shack yeah it's been around for a long time but still super popular and it consistently draws really long cute I've actually seen those cues but have you tried shake change I have honestly I wasn't super impress but I'm excited to see how it compares to the one in Singapore okay great because Singapore has opened its first ever Shake Shack out live right here in Joe Changi Airport and we are here to check it out okay so it's opening day today and oqs already forum so let's go check it out and see if it's worth the hype before we join the queue gonna ask some of the people lining out why they're here what time they're here we're gonna ask them some questions let's go it's already being interview I think the buses are super I like to use some publications so what's up you get here today kanta p.m. in the morning today again you got your formulas and won't anybody else there's a security guards anybody else okay so you are the only one coming 4:30 nobody in their right mind game except you say so yes what time do the second person cup New York a miracle Cape Royds if you were standing here for four hours before the next set of people came have you tried it before bingo okay what makes you want to try to buy some did you see and I say okay let's go for this I'm so excited for you to get it thank you so they're actually two sets of keys cut it out from the second set and we moved into the bus I'm pretty quickly there's a long queue menu we're gonna order some of the casting it's really popular to go with your own option again then I go dog of death on a putt and actually sprite we're gonna order like the pant leg shape the jewel of Malacca which is again a very funny pun wise it's very spacious there's a lot of space in between every table so if you have trees and you have to walk through no problem you wouldn't be back in city but it's so proud of but still you know I haven't been shown this or anyone yet but like the fact that it's also like integrating the champion for design so it's been 25 minutes since we ordered and we still don't have a food so actually the waiting for the full time is longer than the actual queuing up I'm today the price is not what their expensive price – it was like pipeline you go to order youichi so the cheese that they use they like natto and this is lighter so it's not such about adding you to keep dipping anyway okay I wouldn't realize too much they are very okay parts yeah this is my average they looked good then when you find to it inside like a bit soggy yeah don't ever be on other farms it's especially because when you first what do we order because y'all we're gonna try the Czech burger look at that okay so I like that slightly pink don't know you're super well done burgers so this is good thing the patty is really really good as you can see the bun has a bit of like oil in there which I kind of like because I don't like like the penny being so juicy then the bun is kind of dry it's like a more cohesive taste when you bite into it it's really a mess okay I must say the is better no one ever sees because the one I know but needs a little bit but this is really good I changed my mind about Shake Shack I mean when you go through like a fast food chain and you eat a burger a lot of times the Patty's gonna like dry it was right thin but no this is a double-double okay well it's a very generous serving of like Peggy's and we like in this burger I think the flavors are great I just yeah I think it's pretty good wait but we have a lot of rice here it is a it is not a Muir it's 270 for a burger it's not very big and it's all sides yeah and I guess if you went to like a restaurant a burger would cost about 18 19 20 but that becomes a science I still think it's a pretty good fast-food burger obviously it's not like a burger joint wag you know I can go every day to buy like a pretty much like a $13 burger on its own but yeah I think once in a while when I'm craving it I would definitely drop 12:17 for this so now we're gonna try the shroom burger it's a basically meat cream just patties basically a giant portobello mushroom 35 Wow there's cheese in the middle of the portobello mushroom that looks amazing the muffled egg is so strong voice from the because I don't mushroom I do think that the cheek it's a little bit overwhelming I don't like the texture much suppose I feels a bit chewy and it which is also chew it and it's just like a bit odd good it's very delicious very flavorful I can definitely taste part of the mushroom and I think it pairs very well with the cheese is really well seasoned because you know when you order like a meat-free burger or like you just expect it to taste very light very bland but this one's got enough punch I like it so price $10 anything for a giant mushroom okay I know you wouldn't pay for it because you don't like mushrooms but this is very strange I would sleep late and not as a defense its portobello mushroom those headlines have been I've sent it in normal mushrooms would I be able to find like a portobello mushroom that tastes like that for this price probably not if you're gonna go to like a restaurant that serves to be more than that I actually think it's kind of a deal for me anyway okay okay so this is the Chicago dog and I mean yeah this whole bunch of stuff here so this is a beef a dog there is like an onion tomorrow because I'm sure there's other things that okay so taste ass because when I looked at the hotdog I know it looked like this a lot of things that I'll be where it got a little bit dry but is it really really good so really really strong flavor and all the flavors a lot of umami and you put together quite well anything that would be I really enjoy it so basically when I took the first bite to relish the pickles and all that kind of like overpower the sausage I couldn't really taste the sausage and that kind of made me feel like meat is like a cheap sausage to the concealer flavor I want to take one more bite on this side they are mean on the window a little bit dry actually dry and very salty I will expect them to use a better sausage there is supermarket sausage I don't know if they're using such a salty sausage because of all the typical and we can come back and they using this sausage because they want to put this snap or are they using all the stuff to mask the saltiness of the sausage you know I mean it doesn't make any cigarette light it's a messy dish but it's also like a good option if you are like not that hungry you can get your prayers because honestly it's half the price of God I need it's enough for me I definitely wouldn't order a baby for me it's an option so we can try the jewel monocular right now which is exclusive to Singapore thankfully like custard or shortbread gula melaka bits and taken up shaving there's obvious thatr salted caramel yeah coconut sauce the camera I'm just gonna try it sounds really amazing I love it Wow what's the flavors in your mouth gula melaka sounds like it's very like July July like decadent but I think it's really nice like you could eat the whole bowl and you wouldn't realize like too much the balance is I really good salty and sweet overwhelming overriding a taste of flavors whatever combination of all the ingredients in that is is really nice can go try to shop right now with vanilla yeah but usually when you put anything like this or brick get really soggy but not sorry at all and I like the flavor to me it felt like a palate cleanser Visigothic the vanilla custard we've got the chocolate bear that gula melaka flavor salt the caramel and then that's the short britt it's kind of like how do you reach that your whole and he's gone again I think name our craving something sweet this'll be my favorite my top choice it's almost like cake ice cream Froyo this is like delicious it's really good okay so this is actually a pandan shape it's vanilla frozen custard and it's in blender with Panda and less like Google complete and I guess this is a shortbread again Wow I'm going solo I don't think this is the right straw for history why it's very happy drink is it I'm like struggling is when I got dragged it across your shop so this is almost like a shortbread wafer this way the Ritz cracker right there my piggies I think the flavor this is really good but I think for me I generally don't really drink shakes I would love to try someone shake but I don't think I could finish the whole thing this one won't feel like fried you're like where's the dessert I like to just keep going I'm gone forever wow it's really gone down by this much I will say I was not all of it but I might if I get me the girl by 5 we might all go to show yes yes Shake Shack burger she was burger I think the way to get it wasn't long at all and then once we got to the auto cure pretty fast waiting for the food they take a long time but honestly I'm usually okay to wait for food once an seater sofa standing no but like I've really ordered my food I know it's coming and they did tell the other customers like how long they agree it's really like it's a cupola and this is really good fighter on the way by the way and I think I just don't think I would like come unless it's like a whole girlfriend's all want to come everything off of a cute boys no I think it's good but no of the hi okay I saw you today don't forget to subscribe to us on YouTube and keep the bow so you get notifications for whenever a video comes out right or even though the think of our app so that you know what review is frightening about even before they're on YouTube and if you want to follow our adventures on Instagram or find us here

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  1. So the first guy came in at 4.30 am while the second group came in after 8 am. I don't know about the first guy but I think he looks so stupid for coming in so early.

  2. I miss you both so much! This series is one of my favourite. I was wondering are you /when you gonna come back to the show. I hope from now on this series gonna be more regular. Big Congrats to Roz and her husband 😉

  3. you should try Blacktap crazy burgers and crazy shake but its a very big quantity and abit jalat if u eat alone good for sharing! Its at Marina bay sands shoppes

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