Senate panel hearing on aviation safety after fatal crashes

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The Senate Commerce subcommittee on aviation and space conducts hearing on aviation safety after two fatal Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft crashes since October. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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9 thoughts on “Senate panel hearing on aviation safety after fatal crashes”

  1. You would think the specialist giving evidence would have researched the Boeing B737 MAX manuals, particularly the abnormal/emergency procedures, prior to appearing!

  2. When and who determines if an amended type certificate process is appropriate or if a new type certificate and certification process should be conducted?

  3. Why arent planes designed in Ethiopia and Indonesia? Exactly. This is the latest example of what happens when you let the mob belch their paranoia. If you DONT bother to LEARN the machine…whitey

    ISNT gonna make buttons that solve EVERYTHING. Mkay.. Lets all let go of the paternalism. THYE FAILED to LEARN the machine. Notice no one else crashed. Yeh, tells you everything.

  4. @1:47:25 What a prick, this FAA chairman is a sleeze bag. "I can't believe airlines put their passengers at risk by opting not to take a safety feature" That is what he said. Why did the FAA allow a less safe plane than possible be certified. A less safe plane than possible ! Safety features must not ever be allowed to be presented as optional.

  5. ISMH do we have the INFO from overseas yet, NO! to learn why things happened overseas? Taking so long than here in the United Stated and FAA. Not Boeing faults anyway.. Piolets overseas issues and airlines…

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