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This video is a review & demo on the new SATAjet Aviator 5000-B RP Digital with the 1.2 setup on it.
The gun has a massive fan and one of the best designs I have ever seen on a Spray Gun, a few people have expressed their concerns of the material consumption of the SATAjet but I did a test where I painted the exact same surface area with my DeVilbiss Pro lite and they used the exact same amount of paint and I was able to achieve the exact same finish also.
Just be careful when buying any SATAjet that you do a bit of research on the tip sizes, ask around and see what other experts in your area are using.
I say this because I was surprised at the size of the fluid tip because my DeVilbiss 1.3mm is smaller than my SATA 1.2, I have put the question forward to my Instagram and Facebook followers but yet to get a valid response as to what the reason for this is, I can’t see there is anything for them to gain by doing it and must admit I’m a bit baffled as to why they’ve done it. There is a lot of confusion around the matter even from other SATA users.
The first time I bought a SATAjet 5000-B RP I got it in a 1.3 setup because it’s what i was used to, not realising it measured 1.47mm which is larger than I would ever recommend for clear or even base, the first time I used it I got massive runs all over the panels I was painting costing me time and money which left me a bit jaded especially after paying so much for the gun, at that point I took them on face value that I was using a 1.3mm gun so it took me off guard, sometimes less is better in this trade and having control is key.
This is why you must get the setup right on this gun or you may end up not liking it or going through excessive material, being left with bad orange peel or have big runs.

My current settings for clear with the RP 1.2 have been
Fluid: 2 turns out
Fan: Full
Pressure: 2 Bar/29 Psi

The gun is an amazing piece of German engineering and boasts a massive fan but for myself coming from a DeVilbiss background there are a few features that I don’t really like about it.
There is a swivel between the air fitting and the gun itself which is why I recommend getting the digital version, if you didn’t and wanted to use a cheater valve (gun regulator) then it is prone to spinning around as you paint which is a real distraction. There is an option of getting the SATA Adam which is just a digital pod but it is expensive where there are inexpensive cheater valves like the ANI that are still good quality that can be fitted to most guns as they have no swivel between the gun & fitting.
Another thing I’m not overly impressed with is the fan adjustment, it’s positioned on the side of the gun and if I set it to anything other than full fan I find myself bumping it with my thumb while painting which is also a distraction and can lead to an uneven finish.
I have also found the pressure adjustment knob is a little too sensitive so I will go from low to high pressure and miss the exact setting I want, it’s not a massive deal but there is a longer thread and more gradual pressure adjustment on my DeVilbiss, making it simple and quick to get the exact pressure I want.
I mean no offence to any SATA lovers or SATA themselves but the above article is based solely on my own opinion as a Spray Painter.

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how do you tube and welcome to this episode of the gunman so this video here is a bit of a review and demonstration on the new Sade jet aviator so basically the aviator is just a new design that's on the gun the gun itself is just a sighted at 5,000 B RP I've got it in a 1.2 I don't know 1.2 that's what it says on the side of the gun don't know if that's millimeters or what we'll go through that a little bit later let's get into the box so as you can see it's pretty sexy looking gun it's got the 1960s sort of style aircraft hostess type thing on there and yeah really nice blues on it as well so I'd have to say it's one of the best designs I've ever seen on a started yet they have done a few other special limited edition guns but this one really did take my eye so you may have also noticed that I got the digital version as well so it's got the digital nano meter on the handle of the gun I do recommend getting the digital version because if you don't then you'll probably be regretting it later on you know you'll just be kicking yourself oh why didn't I spend that extra hundred or so dollars on it to get the digital version so one feature that these guns have which I actually find more of a hindrance than a help is the swivel on the bottom of the air fitting right down the bottom where you plug your air fitting and it's got a swivel on it now most air lines or air fittings themselves you actually plug the gun into will be able to swivel itself anyways so having that extra swivel there it makes it so that it's really not easy to actually get a cheetah bulb or regulator down onto the bottom of that gun so it's another reason I actually do recommend getting the digital version I mean you could go and get yourself a hose clamp and stop that from spinning around and then you'll be able to get your cheetah valve down on the bottom of it but when you're buying a gun that looks that good you really don't want dirty hose clamps sitting on the bottom of it really do you so that you have to go get the digital version if you are to get one of these guns I'll go through the settings for you guys quickly also so I've used this for a week I think I may have been before and I've just about got the thing dialed in this thing really does pump a lot of fluid out so I've found – turns out is all you really need for clearcoat full fan and to buy pressure I can go down as low as 1.4 and still spray okay but yeah I've found that to buy pressure it allows you to move that little bit faster and a little bit less orange peel you're going to get less material on this you're going to get a bit of a finer orange peel on it another feature of the cited Jets is the fan control knob and that's right on the side of the gun that's the one where you see my thumb it's just above my thumb now as I'm painting iPhone you can see my fingers actually just moving around and it sort of wants to play around with that fan control knob so I really don't recommend winding it back in at all on the developers we try to commonly use the clear coats and base coats it's actually on the back of the gun it's at the place where the pressure adjustment knob is on the slider jet so once you set that film on the developers you will not be playing with it there is no way you could actually go and change that when your painting had an apprentice of mine Moses who you guys would probably most likely be familiar with he said I use the solder I don't like them because when I was at trade school I used it and I accidentally changed the fan setting while I was painting and it stuffed him up it made him get runs he may for you it may be like oh that's just a rookie area you know but these things matter and I believe that when doing a review I've got to cover these kinds of things I've also got to cover the negatives and the positive look the truth is I've actually got more to lose by pointing out some of these flaws in the site adjust and what I have to gain I know there's actually quite a few YouTube channels out there especially in this industry who just go out there and tell you that this is the best they won't point out any negatives on a product they get something for free or they get some sort of endorsements from the companies that send them the products and they just sell their soul basically that's not me I don't care if they have never send me another side of thing again I'd rather stay true to myself and my viewers than sell out for the sake of a free spray gun or whatever it may be they do have some awesome products and that's not to say that the sardor jet itself isn't great I do find they put a little bit more fluid on than the competition though so this is a one-point so as I said at the start and it sprays like a 1.35 or a 1.4 which is look honestly more than what is even necessary for the jobs that I'm painting some people just say oh just turn the fluid in that mate you know don't be a I'm like well I could turn the fluid in on my 1.8 norm primary gun so if I want it okay yeah I can get good finishes with it but sometimes less is better especially in this industry when we're not looking at making every car look like a Mercedes Benz or a BMW they do have a very thick orange peel and look at the end of the day it's a German made spray gun it's only really going to make sense that they replicate the German finishes it's going to be harder to get those Japanese finishes if if one of those masters comes in those very fine orange peels on it there's no way would be grabbing this gun I've got no doubt that I would be able to especially after a little bit more time at the gun replicate those finishes it's not that I won't be able to it's just going to be a lot easier to get with even a 1.2 t110 on my GTI pro life lots of you guys will remember when I got my first started yet 5000 be RP I've got it in a 1.3 expecting it was going to be a 1.3 I found out later on through one of my followers always believed it was through Instagram I really can't remember now though they said you know that that actually measures to a 1.47 so that's a nearly a 1.5 mil I would never buy a 1.5 mil to spray clear or base coat with maybe primers yes but I would never actually bought that gun for clear coat how do I have known the true size of it I've got no idea why they do it I can't see they have anything to gain now if you look at the back of the box which I'll be showing you in a couple of minutes it clearly says nozzle 1.2 it doesn't say millimeter now if they're saying that this doesn't refer to millimeters what does it refer to then the industry standard is to measure in lemaitre's now if it was a 1.2 mil and it came out as a 1.25 or something like that like a bit of a small difference I'd be like it's close you know but it is big like have a look at this you may not be able to see in the video footage that's next to the nebula which one is bigger so the 1.2 is actually larger than the 1.3 and the developers when I go into a retailer's website and go and try to buy one of these it says in black and white one point two millimeters 1.3 1.4 millimeters and so on I can't get anything smaller than 1.2 and as you can see there at one point – it's still larger than a 1.3 so I actually kind of really can't even get the gun that I want in esada one of the actual best responses I had will it did turn out to be inaccurate but one of the best replies I've got was it doesn't actually stand for millimeters and I thought well it can't can it because it's obviously that it's not right they said it's a 1 comma 2 instead of a 1.2 and that they were gonna identifiers and didn't actually stand for the size of the tip it ended up not being true because when you look at the back of the box when it's written in German it says 1 comma 2 nozzle and then when it's written in English it says 1.2 so you can see I've circled the part where it's in English if you look directly above that it's in German and it says 1 comma 2 so the only real conclusion that would lead you to coming up with is that in German they don't use a decimal point they use a comma instead there is obviously a lot of confusion around this topic I'm yet to get a solid answer to make me say ok I was wrong you're right I still don't fully understand what I've done it the only thing I can think of that the reason they would have done it is that when you get your new sorry they want you to be like wow that thing really pumps it on you know but from my experience as I was saying before sometimes less is better they are a great gun don't get me wrong but as I said the first time I bought one especially after realizing that the fluid setup the fluid tip setup wasn't what I purchased and what I thought I was purchasing you've got every right to be pissed off at that I mean this is the most expensive gun on the market you can't get a more expensive gun than sighted jets I've actually noticed that the pressure adjustment valve on my starter compared to my developers is a little bit stiffer and harder to get the exact setting that I like so it'll go from two point two by two one point four bar and it's a little bit stiff to actually get the exact one point nine or two by one point seven whatever it be it's a little bit harder to get on this gun as well so yep I have pointed out a lot of negative things about this gun I don't mean to offend anybody solder included it is an amazing gun posada air fed respirator that I use every single day is totally awesome and I haven't got a bad thing to say about it so to do make some of the best products on the market well I am left a little perplexed as to why they have done that with their fluid tip sizes if you went and bought yourself a car and it was advertised as a three liter turbo diesel then when you end up getting in it after you've paid up for it and everything gets delivered to your house you find out it's a 4.7 liter supercharged petrol engine you'd be pretty pissed off wouldn't you you know the main reason I've got this gun was because I had wind of some people supposedly going around calling me developers commercial so I just wanted to prove them wrong I wanted to say hey you know what I like ciders as well and I do love this gun it's an amazing gun it really is I don't think I'm going to be using on absolutely every job I'm still in the early days and I've only been using it for one week as I mentioned before we'll see how it stands the test of time and see if I do end up going back to my developers I was talking to this other painter that I work with he's probably about 55 years old so he's been in the industry for quite some time and he said look I don't like the started gets off on that they just go through too much material and they're just not his cup of tea he runs his – I what a supernovas totally loves them he said I think that the starters just go through a little bit too much fluid so I thought I'll this will be a good test to do I did a job it was a Commodore and I did a two guards or two fenders and a hood or a bonnet and I used the solder for one side I used my pro light to the other side they went through exactly the same our panels ever get exactly the same finish out of two different guns at the end of the day the gun is only going to be as good as the person behind it I've actually had an idea for a really really budget grey gun review and I'll be doing that soon for like a literally a twenty dollar spray gun and do a review on that see how that stacks up to one of these ciders hope y'all enjoyed watching this video and hopefully you don't take any of my criticism to heart all of you start a jet lovers if you do have any more info to add to this topic make sure you let us all know in the comment section down below now you've seen this video get out there and paint some thanks for watching and this has been another gummin production goodbye

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  1. Is the measurement done at the face or at the back of the orifice…is the hole tapered or the same size drilled all the way thru? Precision guns at premium prices would never be drilled "willy-nilly".

  2. I agree, sata is a very hard gun to use and its very easy to get runs, I have a 1.3 that I converted to a 1.2 and it still is a much harder gun to use than my prolite. I would like for sata to make a 1.0 nozzle for their guns that might cure the problems with them.

  3. Yeah do lots of cheap gun reviews please! I'm a panel beater I do restos at home I'm always interested in a good budget gun because I have poor health I can't work much and don't have any money.

  4. I've been custom painting for over 30 years and not once has anybody ever sent me an expensive spraygun to review, the odd airbrush but never a spraygun, I think I may have to learn to make these videos lol.

  5. hey Gunman, just a quick question, do you need an actual SATA quick hose nipple for the SATA JET 5000,or can any 1/4" air hose nipple be fitted onto the satajet, i noticed it doesnt come with a supplied air hose nipple, cheers

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