Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Snagged the "Peloton Wife" for Aviation Gin

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Ryan Reynolds talks about how he capitalized on the backlash of a Peloton ad and calls out Joe Keery from Stranger Things for saving his drink over fans during a barricade collapse at Brazil’s Comic-Con.

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Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Snagged the “Peloton Wife” for Aviation Gin


-The last time
we talked in this program… -Yeah.
-It was — we were talking about "Detective Pikachu."
-Yeah. -And I said to you, I go,
"Oh, my gosh." I go, "Ryan, what's up, man?
What's going on?" And you said to me, "Not much."
-Not much, no. -Not much. Yeah, it was great.
We had a fun talk. Yeah.
-It was really fun. And after that, you went
right to the premiere. -Yep.
-And I get a Google Alert saying that Blake is pregnant.
-Oh. -And…
[ Cheers and applause ] On the red carpet. -Nobody was more surprised
than me, Jimmy. I got to tell you.
[ Laughter ] -But I said, "what's up?"
Like, "What's going on in your life?"
You said, "Not much." -I was like, "Not much."
I know. -Well, kids —
-I thought — I thought the fact that I was wearing
a denim vest would be all the rage.
[ Laughter ] That would be
all over the news. -[ Laughing ]
Gonna be the news there. -But then Blake shows up,
uninvited, I might add. -Oh, my goodness.
That is unbelievable. -I thought she's
just been pounding beer. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God. -And it turns out
that she's, like — She's six months pregnant
or something. You know?
-Yeah. -I got to get way more hands-on
at home. -You thought — Yeah.
[ Laughter ] You thought it was gonna be
the denim vest. It wasn't at all.
-No, I thought that was gonna be
the lead story, that that was gonna be
the big Google Alert. -I will tell you now, 'cause
I thought you were — I thought you were trying to–
there was no love for me. But I tell you who does have
love for me. your beautiful daughter James…
-She obsessed with you. -…who I love so much.
-My God. -She's the cutest girl. -Jimmy Fallon is Shawn Mendes
to my daughter. [ Laughter ]
Like, legitimately. -She gave me this drawing
last time. -She made that drawing.
-And I kept it. Yeah, I hang it in my office. -She made that drawing
just for you. When you walk in, though,
she can't even look at you. She, like, hides in a corner,
and that's it. It's hilarious.
-She gets shy? -Oh, she loses her mind.
-But how does she know me? -I don't know, Jimmy.
You tell me. -I don't know.
I don't know anything. -She's up late at night,
watching the damn show. She's, like, obsessed
with you, though. -But she's —
I love her so much. James, if you're watching,
go to bed. -Yes.
-It's almost midnight now. Go to sleep.
-Yeah. -She's actually — Is she 5?
-She is almost 5, yeah. -Almost 5. She's so cute.
But I heard that she said to you the words that no actor
wants to hear his kid say. She said she wants
to get into acting? -She wants to be an actor, yep.
-Oh, my gosh. No, no, no. -And I — No,
I mean, like, it's — I'm fine if she'd want
to be an actor. Like, go ahead.
Like, you know, in school, do, like, after-school stuff.
Like, that's all fine. And right now, it's every day
is, like, a recital. She's singing songs. She's doing little plays
at home, all that stuff. But, like, being a child actor
in, like, movies and stuff? That's a whole other
ball of wax. I try to — I explained to her.
I was like, "Look, you know, that's a huge burden
on your nervous system. I mean, having to, you know, process all of that attention
and information. And also you would develop
all of these, like, unhealthy coping mechanisms."
And she just looked at me like she didn't know what the
[bleep] I was talking about. [ Laughter ] And I was like,
"You know what? Here's what's cheaper and easier
is like, let's just skip showbiz and enroll you
right into cocaine." -No, no, no, no.
That's bad advice. -Because showbiz
is not good for kids. -It's not. No, it's not. -I feel like we should
know this by now, right? -Yes, we should know this.
-But parents everywhere are like, "Yeah, let's just put
them in a movie, unsupervised." -"Yeah, don't wait.
-"Yeah, it's great. -I will say, the business can get dangerous and edgy because
— I have an example of something
you recently did. You were in Brazil?
-Yeah. Oh, yeah, like,
a couple days ago, yeah. -You got some fans
in Brazil, man. Oh, my goodness.
-Yeah, a barricade came down. I was kind of buried.
-Was that at Comic Con? Where was it?
-It was at the Brazil Comic Con. Yeah, the CCXP Comic Con.
It was an amazing Comic Con. But, yeah.
-We actually have a clip. Can I just show everyone
what happened? Here's the moment
the barricades collapsed. Watch this. [ Crowd cheers ] I mean, wow.
No one got hurt. No one was hurt.
-Oh, man. -You jumped up. No one got —
Dude, that was fast reflexes. -I was not drunk.
[ Laughter ] -You were —
I mean, you jumped backwards. -Wow. Yeah, I know.
It felt like slow motion, though, 'cause you see
that they're falling. You're thinking, "Oh, my God.
Is someone gonna get hurt?" And you can see they're all
kind of falling evenly, like they're gonna go down.
They're gonna be okay. And then it was like, "My legs
are not gonna be okay." So I jumped back
and landed on the thing. -Wow.
-It all happened really fast. -Is that Steve
from "Stranger Things?" -That was Joe Keery from
"Stranger Things," right behind me,
who's in my movie "Free Guy" that we were there for.
-Did he save you? -Well, no, if you can see him,
you should look at this back. You can see him
saving his beverage. He's not worried about —
Watch, watch, watch, watch. [ Laughter ]
Yep. -He just what?
-Out of the way. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. He's more concerned about his…
-Yeah. That guy's uncomfortable
with the word "hero." [ Laughter ]
Yeah. He was just — He was
like "The Big Lebowski." "I got a beverage, man!"
-Yeah. -Like, getting out of the way,
and, yeah, no. -I got to talk to you about it,
because I love what you're doing
with your gin. If you haven't tried
this Aviation gin, it is unbelievably
tasty and delicious. -Pretty damn good.
-I do love it. It's great, but the ads
and the commercials that you put on the Internet —
-They're pretty good. -You know what
I'm talking about. They are fantastic.
[ Cheers and applause ] Every one of them,
a knockout home run. Every one, I look forward.
-Thank you. -But this was
the gift of all gifts. You got the Peloton girl…
-Yeah. -…like, the next day,
to be in your ad. -Yeah, within
a few hours of her ad. -How did you pull this off,
and why did you do this? -Well, like, you know,
I've been there in that position as an actor, where you do something
that doesn't quite work. And I really wish somebody
from a gin company called me right after
"Green Lantern" and was, like, "Hey."
[ Laughter ] Like, "I got something funny you
can do as an answer to that." So, yeah,
we got ahold of her. It was really difficult
'cause nobody wanted — nobody knew
how to get ahold of her. Obviously, the people at Peloton didn't want us
to get ahold of her. But we got ahold of her,
and within 36 hours, we had shot and
put out this commercial. -What is her name, again?
-Monica Ruiz. -Monica Ruiz.
-She's super funny. She's great. -I've seen her on talk shows now
because of what you did. And I hope she gets hired more. Monica Ruiz, you are awesome,
and I think she was great. [ Cheers and applause ] Let's talk about your movie.
It's on Netflix. "6 Underground" this Friday.
This is the — I mean, you guys
know Michael bay. He does all those giant movies
with a lot of explosions. -Yeah, and this was just
one of his home videos. [ Laughter ]
Home movie. -This — We were talking.
You said, "This is the Michael Bay-est of
all Michael Bay movies." -It's the most Michael Bay movie
in the history of Michael Bay. -This is the Michael Bay-est
movie ever made. -Yeah, the bay-est. -[ Foreign accent ] This is the
Bay-est I've ever seen. -It's absolute Bay-hem.
I could go all day. [ Laughter ]
I could go all day, Fallon. -It is — The first —
I will say, the first 30 seconds of the movie,
probably 20 cars explode. -Yeah.
-Like nice cars, like Maseratis. -Oh, yeah.
Like, really nice cars. -You're racing through Italy,
and it's really Italy. It's not CGI.
-No. No CGI. We spent a month doing one
car chase in Florence, Italy. -That opening car chase
was unbelievable. -It's crazy. Yeah. -Well, I want to show everyone
just a little taste of the car chase you'll see from
the beginning of this movie. You'll never see a car chase
like this, ever. -Probably not.
-Here's a clip from "6 Underground."
Take a look. [ Tires screech ] -You said,
whatever I need to do, right? So I'm just gonna do it. -We're definitely gonna be
on the news. -Hang on.
[ Engine revving ] [ Up-tempo music plays ] [ Tires screeching ] ♪♪ -No, no, no, no! -You were supposed to
have faith. ♪♪ -Do you see any choppers?
I don't see any choppers. -We lost the chopper. Not the David.
No, no, not the David. Not the David.
Not the… -You want to
get out and compare, or should we maybe
think about going? -Nah, I'm good.
-Yep, let's go. Go! [ Cheers and applause ]
-Ryan Reynolds, everybody! "6 Underground" is available
on Netflix, Friday!

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  1. I’m kinda done with him complaining about Green Lantern, I mean, it sure destroyed his career. You know, because he was nobody before then. Still, I’ve actually come around on him after years of irrational hatred (that smug grin I think …) after Detective Pikachu, I just can’t resist him anymore.

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