Rotalk News – Rotax Powered Sling Aircraft

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This segment of Rotalk News features our very own Rotax powered Sling Aircraft!

Video credit: Rotax-Owner

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sling aircraft that was manufactured by the airplane factory was built for heroic adventure designed by pilots and built by pilots extraordinary lengths have been taken to build an aircraft that is safe reliable and durable her 2009 maiden voyage flew the founders Mike Blythe and James Pitman around the world a 40-day 45,000 kilometer journey that included 22 hour legs in the severus of weather conditions this was followed by her second around the world feat in 2011 and her third in 2015 following the worldwide success of the Rotax powered sling to the airplane factory developed a sling for sling tail dragger and recently released sling TSI with 141 horsepower Rotax 9/15 is turbocharged engine which marks the airplanes factories most modern and efficient single-engine aircraft to date the wide cockpit excellent all-round view and spacious luggage capacity makes the sling a comfortable and versatile aircraft but with a sleek design throw in best-in-class control handling maneuverability and you have yourself an aircraft that continues to make its mark in the history of South African aviation the airplane factory is situated at tender field Air Park Johannesburg in South Africa where slings are designed and manufactured however TAF have a fairly good global support network with 17 distributors and 13 dealers the airplane Factory has been an intrinsic part of South Africa and a long-standing pillar in the community sling aircraft has been actively involved in several community outreach programs such as children's flight race for rhinos multiple sponsorship efforts for both local and international pilots in training educational tours for local scholars as well as family day flights and festivities for staff and family members if you wish to learn more about the airplane factory and the sling aircraft you can visit them at sling aircraft comm

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